The made-up word “smells” is he combination of “smell” and “self”, and the saying plays off of the popular phrase, “Believe in your self”.

Through this saying, Old Spice implies that their body products will make you smell good, and that by smelling good you will be able to believe in your self. Then because you are able to “believe in your self”, you can do and accomplish anything (including running faster than horses in a race). The other big “eye catcher” is the man running down a track. Not only he is running down a track, but he is doing so with a horse Jockey on his back.

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The serious faces on both people s the man runs on foot in a horse race gives somewhat of a humorous feel to the ad. The thought of a man running around with a man on his back in a horse derby, and winning, is completely absurd. Yet Old Spice insists that it is possible…

If you use their products. In the corner of the ad, Old Spice has their products displayed as what appears to be a trophy. The products are standing on gold platforms mounted onto a polished wood base. On the side Old Spice is displayed in gold lettering. Old Spice is saying that their products are a trophy, and are valuable, hence the gold.They are displaying their product as better over the competition. Old Spice is also suggesting that their product is similar to a “performance-enhancer”.

If you use this product, you gain the power to do anything you believe. In today’s society, there’s a lot of pressure to be your best. Almost every guy wants to look good and have a built physique. Athletic guys are more attractive to females and unfortunately a lot of things these days are based on looks. Advertisers specifically target the average guy who’s looking to boost his self-confidence and be more attractive to females.Old Spice plays off of these elements with this ad. Old Spice suggests to this audience that by using their products, you can boost your self-confidence and have greater sex appeal. You can grow big muscles and you can run faster than horses.

This ad connects to the audience by saying, “Wow, look at that guy. He’s running faster than some horses. ” It seems so odd, yet it sells the product. It draws in the audience with the guy, the phrase, and the products displayed as a trophy.

The ad displays a stereotypical “hunk”, and implies that you can be like him by using Old Spice.The rodents will unlock your true potential and your inner self and allow you to become and do anything. This is very appealing to Just about anyone and although these guys know it’s not true, this ad puts a little voice in the back of their head that makes them think, “but what if I bought it and it did work”. Unlocking your inner self and true potential to achieve anything, lies right within your reach.

The key to this power is Old Spice’s products. From running faster than horses, to building big muscles, Old Spice can help you achieve those goals. Old Spice makes you smell good, which lets you believe in your sell, and accomplish anything