ADELINE’S SPECIAL PLACE      Everything was beautiful.

I couldn’t get enough of the view, the smell after rain. The smell that fill my lungs of freshness, a combination of pine tree and fresh cut grass. Up in the sky, one of the prettiest sunsets my eyes could ever see. Far away, the enormous mountains with little bit of snow on top, many different trees, and the lavender flowers that match the color of the sky, all of that was just magical.

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My father and I contemplate the lake for two hours without even saying a word. I realized why my father always talked about missing this place so much.      “We need to go” My father breaks the silence.     “But. Why can’t we stay longer?” I ask.     “Andeline. We need to get to the port before it gets too dark. But” He pauses, “Tomorrow we can come again?”     “Um.

okay” I look down.     My father is my best friend. My other half.

I love the way he understands me and the way he reads my mind. He gets me in a special way, it’s like our souls are connected. Maybe there are, who knows? All I know is that right know everything is perfect.

And that there’s nowhere i’d rather be.      We spend about twenty minutes to get to the port. As soon as we got there my mother was waiting. She gives my father a kiss and I acted like i didn’t see anything. I always wonder how my parents end up together. My mother an Art teacher from Miami Florida. And my father a Lawyer from Glenbrook Nevada.

Both meet in college in New York. Ever since they got married and I was born they stayed in New York.     We walked to the cabin and my father as usual was making some type of jokes. My mother was holding my father’s hand. We walked next to the bay, where the wakes of the lake could go trough our rain boots. That’s when I knew my parents were perfect for eachother, When my dad looked at my mother with those eyes. And my mother couldn’t stop smiling.

That’s when I knew what real love looks like. We made our way to my grandma cabin. Grandma was waiting there with some good chicken soup, like the one she made in New York when her and Grandpa went over.     This year my dad insisted that we should come to Glenbrook and spend some time at the grandpa cabin in the Tahoe Lake. We never came to visit since my parents had to work and my grandparents could always go over. But this year was different, we had to come visit since my grandparents are getting a little bit too old to travel.

But that’s okay because I know where my heart belongs now.      I went upstairs to the room that used to be a day my father’s. It was an amazing room, and my grandparents didn’t moved a thing since my dad left to college. I went to check the restroom for the first time. In the restroom there was a big mirror that cover the front wall, I look at my reflection and I realize that I needed a haircut. I look around and found a picture of my father, I never realized we looked so alike, the same brunette hair and we both had freckles.

It was just amazing how we had the same factions. My father was really handsome.     “Adeline, dinner’s ready” grandma shout it from the first floor.     “Coming” I said as I observed the young pictures of my father.     As I was looking through the last pictures I could hear my hear someone coming over the stairs. I don’t know why but I panic and start to put the pictures back in the box.

It was my father. The box fell out of my hands and it open as soon as it hit the floor. Spreading them all.     “I see you found my high school memories” My father said observing the disaster.

     “Oh. Yeah. I’m sorry” I could still feel my blood rushing through my face.     “Oh Adi don’t worry about it… but you better hurry or else you’re not getting any sou…” My father stopped as he pick a picture with a young him hugging a strange girl.

“Look adeline, this was my first girlfriend. This is when i was sixteen just like you” I took a look at the picture and I could tell that my father was one of those cool kids every high school had. As soon as we put all the pictures back in the box we hurry down stairs.     Everything in the table was so nice. Everyone had smiles on their faces telling stories of old times before I was even born. It was so amazing to see my all my family happy. That’s when I wished I had a pause button, so in times like this I could pause every good time.

Everything was just fine until something unexpected happened.     My father was coughing up blood. That just happened in an instant.

It all went from happiness to concern. My mother was screaming and running from one place to another and my father couldn’t stop coughing. After everything stop for minute my mother drove my father to the hospital for a check out, later at night they came back saying “It was just a problem with the blood vessels” At night everything went back to normal and I was looking forward to a new day.      After spending days at my grandparents cabin my parents decide it was time to go back to New York.

I was trying to act like a didn’t care but I knew I was gonna missed the different type of soups my grandma made. And the worst part was that I would never look at that sunset. My sunset.

The sunset that stole my heart and the everyday view in the lake. I was going to miss everything about this place. My father decide to rode the boat for a last time and I got the same feelings just like the first time.

I was really going to miss that.      “Someday Adeline, I want you to come back here and think about this. I want you to remember how happy this place makes you feel and I want you to remember this moments” My father says with hope in his eyes.      “I know, I won’t ever forget” I answer with hope.

      “So I guess it’s time to say goodbye”       “I guess so”     When we got to the port I look back and I knew I was coming back. My father put our stuff in the car. Before we left I hugged both of my grandparents and I told them how much I love them. I look around once again and for the last time. We left to the airport and fly to New York. During the plane I notice my father was coughing again, and for sure it was blood even if he tried to hide it. I ask my father if he was feeling good but he told me not to worry about it. Once we got home I rest for a little and then I went to Andy’s to pick up my dog.

     Andy is my neighbor and I asked him to take care of Keru. Keru is my dog and I totally missed him all these days i’ve been gone. Now my life is going back to normal, school, friends, and just normal. For weeks everything just went normal like it should have.      In a regular day in my fourth class. I got a call from the office. I never really get called in to the office I didn’t know why I would really get called. The teacher told me to pick up my stuff and made my way out.

My mother picked me up. A million things came in my mind. Out of all of those things not what I was expecting.      My mom drive to the hospital but I still didn’t know why. I tried to ask her but she just didn’t answer. Nothing. When we got to the hospital she didn’t say a word, but she told the lady she was here for my father.

My heart panic. I didn’t know what to think. Did my father had an accident? after long hours of silence in the hospital they call my mother and I in to a room. And what the doctor say change our lives forever.     My father had lung cancer. That was the reason of coughing blood.

I didn’t know what to think or tell my mother. She wouldn’t stop crying. I felt my face turn red every time I thought of my father. I was shook.

      After many days visiting different doctors and missing school days. I hoped my dad would get better. He looked better. We spend more time together just like that time in the lake. I couldn’t picture my life without him, I couldn’t let him go. The only thing I hoped for was for was for my father to get better and feel better. But things got worse.

     “Adeline, remember I will always be here next to you” My father say looking right into my eyes.     “Please father don’t go”     “I’m so sorry adi” He say with his last breath.     My mother hold his cold body.

Hot tears ran through my cheeks. I couldn’t handle it. I losted my father, my best friend.     Three months later after my father’s death my grandparents left the house to go back to Nevada. I wished nothing had changed ever since the last time at the lake.

I missed my father so much and I didn’t even know what to do. And now I felt like I was on my own. My mother was even more hurted than me, she lost her husband, her love of her life.

I understand that and I knew how she felt.      Things at home changed every day. I only came from school to find my mother drunk. It hurt to see her like that. The first day I thought that was just something she was going through but things change.

My mother would get drunk very often. I thought of calling my grandparents and talked to them about my mother but I was afraid of how she would react.        The days turned into weeks and weeks into months. I missed my mother, I wanted my mother back. It hurt every day to come from school and see my mother drunk. Until one day I decided to talk to her.

        “I think you should stop mother” I told her.       “Adeline you don’t get anything darlin” she reply as she pour more alcohol in her drink. Acting like it was normal.          “I’m telling you because I love you and because it hurts me to see you like this. you are my mother and you need to quit this. What do you think my father would think of you” I shouted getting closer to her.

         “Shut up, don’t you think i’m tired?” She say as she slapped my face.          I couldn’t handle it. I ran away. I knew what my mother was going though but I was going through the same thing. She had to understand that my father died too, and that we both had to do the best we could to go back to normal. I went to a park near my house, I was scare. I missed my mother so much and I knew that I had to help her, the only thing that stopped me from calling my grandparents was her. Because I thought one morning she was just going to wake up and be the same.

I decide to stay in the park for the night, I didn’t wanted to go home and see her.        The park was cold and it was starting to get dark. I was thinking of going back home but i didn’t want to face my mother. I didn’t know what i wanted. I called Andy and told him everything and he let me stay in his house for the night. That was the best thing that happened to me that day.         When I woke I decide I had to go home.

I thanked Andy and his family. As I walked through the door Andy whisper  “You really don’t have to go you know” But I had to I belong with my mother anyways and I had to help her.          When I got home I saw her and she was sleeping on the floor. I knew she was even more drunk. That’s when I knew I had to call my grandparents.

         My Grandparents came two days after the call. My mother was mad. After talking to my mom about what was good for me my mother agree that I was moving with them for the summer. My mother was going to enter a rehabilitation center. My heart broke in million pieces, but I knew that was the best for my mother.           My life in Nevada wasn’t the same but I was getting used to it. I didn’t lived in the cabin, I  live in my grandparents house in the city. I never went to the cabin, I didn’t want to remember the last time I was there.

Not because I didn’t want to remember just because I knew going back there was going to hurt. School was very different, I had to start from the bottom. That was okay.

I missed my friends from New York, but I also wanted to start as someone new. In my new life.          After months of living with my grandparents I was getting used to. Deep in my heart I missed my parents every day. On my seventeenth birthday my grandparents had a “Surprised” and it was the best thing I received in months, It was my mother. She came back from rehabilitation, she was my mother back. Since my mother came back I thought we were going to move back to New York, but I was wrong.

        My grandparents offer her the cabin as our new house. My mother agreed.        My life at the cabin was better. I had my mother and everything i want, but most important I had the memory of my father. Everyday I look at the beautiful sunrise and the beautiful lake. My mother got a job at a school nearby and everything was going great.

Everyday my mother and I ride the boat to look at the sunset. Just like the first day, I get the same feeling. But nothings the same. Being with my mother in the boat makes me feel safe. Deep down I know my father is there with us, and I know that being there in the boat is my place. The boat full of good memories that come back like it was just yesterday.