The stripling. aged 12 to 18 old ages. is in the phase of individuality versus function confusion. Life for teens is complex and the passage from the old phase is enormous. Teenss are expected. and desire.

to get down taking charge of their lives and their hereafters. They make determinations about who they are and how they will suit into the universe. Knowledge and experience as these are related to instruction. wellness. political relations.

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sex. environment. civilization.

household. and societal relationships. all shape the teen’s individuality. If striplings do non successfully voyage this phase. they experience function confusion ( Pantea. 2011 ) .

During the phase of adolescence. kids attempt to self-identify or derive a sense of who they are and their function in life. while confronting the challenges of equal force per unit area and other environmental factors. It is of import to educate adolescence on the importance of keeping self-strength to avoid the influence of the society around them. For us. as pedagogues. this may be one of the greatest challenges because we must seek to associate to an stripling in mention to their age.

gender. socioeconomic position. etc. There are many theories that describe the alterations an stripling may travel through ; a popular theoreticians. Sigmund Freud describes both psychosexual every bit good as personality development throughout childhood.Adolescence is a really of import clip for learning care of healthy wonts. The end being. to transport these healthy wonts into maturity.

Some factors which influence adolescent fleshiness are. limited entree to healthy and low-cost nutrients. environment. nutrient insecurity related to deficiency of money.

hapless eating wonts. an addition in “screen time” such as telecasting. computing machines and video games doing a lessening in activity. and nutrient selling aiming kids and striplings. Adolescents eat more nutrient prepared off from place than in the yesteryear. Eating off from place additions calorie ingestion. and many of the Calories come in the signifier of concentrated fats.

Bottom line. childs are eating more unhealthy nutrients and they are a batch less active. “In 2009. less than 20 per centum of high school pupils engaged in the recommended sum of physical activity of 60 proceedingss every twenty-four hours and over 20 per centum did non acquire exercising on any twenty-four hours. though rates vary by gender and race” ( Schwartz & A ; Peterson.

2010 ) . In 1992 the U. S. Department of Agriculture ( USDA ) created the nutrient usher pyramid. This basic drawing explained the pieces of a healthy diet.The pyramid was widely used in schools.

on nutrient labels. in print media and medical booklets. However this was non based on much scientific grounds and did non make much to promote healthy feeding.

In 2011 the USDA replaced the pyramid with “My Plate” . This new image is a simple manner to remind people to believe about nutrient picks when eating a repast. The World Wide Web. choosemyplate. gov web site is designed to assist people of all ages and backgrounds incorporate better eating wonts.

This site offers meal planning. instruction. games for kids. and besides links to other sites that can heighten your cognition on nutrition ( USDA. 2014 ) .“Epidemiology is the scientific discipline and pattern which describes and explains disease forms in populations and puts this cognition to utilize to better health” ( Bhopal. neodymium ) . or the scientific discipline or survey of epidemic.

It is the scientific survey of disease geographic expedition. Harmonizing to the CDC the 10 stairss used in look intoing an eruption of a disease are: 1 ) Prepare for field work. 2 ) Establish the being of an eruption. 3 ) Verify the diagnosing. 4 ) Define and place instances. 5 ) Describe and orient the informations in footings of clip.

topographic point. and individual. 6 ) Develop hypotheses. 7 ) Evaluate hypotheses.

8 ) Refine hypotheses and carry out extra surveies. 9 ) Implement control and bar steps. 10 ) Communicate findings.

( Centers for Disease Control. 2004 ) . The epidemiologic trigon is a theoretical account that scientist have established for analyzing wellness jobs. The trigon has three corners called vertices.The three vertices of the trigon are the agent. host. and environment.

In relationship to adolescent fleshiness. the primary agent act uponing adolescent fleshiness is high thermal nutrient and its handiness. the host is the adolescent being physically inactive and/or over feeding. and the environment is the absence of handiness to alimentary healthy nutrients. instruction resources and support Epidemiologists prefer two types of surveies for seeking out hazard factors for disease. case-control surveies and cohort surveies.

A cohort survey would be most suited for the research of adolescent fleshiness since it would supply a much better chance to set up a cause-effect relationship as it begins with the exposure. high Calorie nutrient and moves frontward in clip to the disease. adolescent fleshiness. which could be stretched farther into adulthood fleshiness and the diseases related to it.

The three degrees of epidemiological disease bar are. primary. secondary and third. The primary degree focal points on bar methods before the individual gets the disease. So in the instance in adolescent fleshiness the primary degree of bar would be to develop a program that is effectual both at place and in school for forestalling weight addition by advancing healthy feeding and exercising wonts.

Schools possess the chance to give pupils the tools and schemes for them to follow and go on healthy life styles even after they graduate or leave.Guaranting there are schemes in topographic point at schools to advance healthy activities is besides important to reshaping student’s wonts for the better. First. they must construct the foundation for healthy activity and feeding. Schools need to hold a co-ordinated school wellness plan in topographic point as a guideline.

CSHPs provide a systematic attack to advancing Student wellness and acquisition. The theoretical account promoted by CDC consists of eight constituents that can strongly act upon pupil wellness and larning including wellness instruction. physical instruction. and school repasts. which are present in most schools ( CDC.

2013 ) .“Active coordination is needed to prosecute school staff. implement district/school precedence actions assess plans and policies ; make a program based on informations. sound scientific discipline.

and analysis of spreads and redundancies in school wellness scheduling ; set up ends. and evaluate attempts. A well-coordinated school wellness plan consequences in an organized set of classs.

services. policies and intercessions that meet the wellness and safety demands of all students” ( CDC. 2013. pg. 3 ) .So primary bar reduces both the incidence and prevalence of a disease.The secondary degree focal points on after the disease has occurred but before the individual realizes anything is incorrect.

The end of secondary bar is to happen and handle disease early. So. state for case. the stripling is “a small overweight” or “thick but non fat” . by the clip the adolescent is acknowledging and utilizing these footings. they are most likely well on their manner to being classified as corpulent.Finally the third degree is aimed at those people who already have symptoms of the disease. The end of third attention is to forestall the disease from doing any farther wellness related complications and to possibly decelerate down the disease procedure.

There is besides a end of supplying better attention to the patient and possibly even making it good plenty that the disease can be reversed and the patient can be healthy once more. So an corpulent stripling who has been diagnosed as corpulent and is cognizant they are corpulent would fall into this class.In decision. epidemiologists study the striplings and their wellness job of fleshiness and from these surveies they try to happen the conducive factors to the job of adolescent fleshiness. Then the epidemiologist expression for a solution to the job. by possibly researching ways to extinguish the conducive factors. in hopes of forestalling the disease of adolescent fleshiness before it starts.

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