Waking up early everyday through sunny or gloomy weathers. Running rapidly to catch the bus, carrying bulky books and dozens of notebooks.

Listening to boring lectures and reading stuffy old books in libraries. Worrying about grades and getting reports ready before deadline. This is how university seems to many students. However, being a university student has three major advantages, which are educational, social, and vocational. First of all, being a university student gives different educational benefits.

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Every major at the university has certain studying hours. In these studying hours, students study their curriculum that feed them approximately with all the needed information. So, the learners graduate with high level of education and knowledge in their study. It isn’t just in their subject, but also in general subjects. The university provides the students with courses in art, science, history, geography, Math…etc. Further, university educates discipline by giving specific schedules and timetables for each scholars.

As a consequence, they have to be on time and organized. After the educational advantages, come the social ones. University exposes the learners to many kinds of people that come from various origins. They have many opportunities to make lots of friends from different cultures in and out of the classroom. Differences in family background and other factors sometimes have a positive effect on the students’ behaviors. It let them know more about others customs, perspectives, and attitudes.So, they will be more flexible in dealing with others, because they already know how to deal with certain characteristics.

For example, they might talk carefully to some students, while talking unconcernedly to others. The most important advantages are the vocational benefits. University students are likely to have good qualifications that increase their career prospects. They have the academic abilities and social skills that allow them to fit in any work environment.So they find the best opportunities for a job. In addition, university learners potentially get more money in jobs. For instance, a learner with at least a bachelor’s degree tends to earn at least two times more money annually than a person with a high school diploma alone. So university then is not an awful experience as it looks for some students.

On the contrary, it can be very helpful and essential for so it has several advantages such as educational, social, and vocational.