Last updated: July 26, 2019
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Advertisements are a huge part of our everyday lives. We see different types of ads everywhere we look; while watching television, listening to the radio, riding on the bus and even walking around your school campus. It seems like the whole world is being flooded by advertisements. Advertising techniques have changed and along with it, the impact they have on each individual’s mind. While there are some similarities between the different kinds of advertisements we see today, there are also many differences.

Advertising has also become more unethical than it was in, let’s say, the 50s. Not all advertisements are brainless; there are a few that are even creative and fun and just pull the target audience in by entertaining them while selling them a product. Too much advertising is a significant problem nowadays. We can see and hear advertising everywhere: in store windows,on the billboards,through the radio,on the television,the internet, in our mail-box etc… and even in a video game! Its situation is becoming more and more important.

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Advertising helps customer to choose which product is best,or better than other product of the same kind. It also provides the customers information about their products,the cost,the version,the qualities,etc… Instead of going out to the machine,where the products are made,people only have to stay at home, turn on the tv or radio or connect to the internet by their personal computer and take a look at the advertising channel or the website of the producer. In a look of a company,especially,a new company,advertising is a very important factor to sell their products.

Nobody can deny advertising ‘s importance because the more avertisements appear,the more goods are sold. In general,not only the new company or corporation but also the famous corporations,such as Nike,Microsoft,Nesle,Coca cola… still improve their trademark. (Just as a little information: in the first year in Vietnam,Coca cola used all their money in advertising only,Pepsi used 5 million dollars to hire David Beckham to advertise their drink! )Every year,billions of dollars are spent on advertising.