Last updated: September 19, 2019
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Dating back some time ago, the African American race was brought into this country for to become slaves and serve the White American race. All of this was established based on the tone of their skin being ugly and seen as being deformed and the white American race were destined to be the superior race overruling African Americans in every aspect giving them basically no rights at all. Although slavery days are long and gone some may say that the White American race still has an upper hand on the African Americans by using the criminal justice system against them.

This topic of racial inequality within the criminal justice system of the United States also known as “the land of the free” has become more and more relevant based upon the rising number of arrests and the highly populated penal institution mostly occupied by African Americans. These rising numbers of African Americans in penal institutions have contributed greatly to the stereotype of a young African American male.

Most African American males today either has family incarcerated or know someone that is and people on the outside looking automatically thinks that that young male will experience life inside of a facility at some part of their life. Almost at every stage of the criminal justice process white Americans have a better chance of getting off than African Americans while they might be accused of committing the same exact crime.

White and African Americans are said to be using the same amount of drugs and narcotics at about the same rate but statistics show that African Americans are . highly outnumbering white Americans inside of penal institutions for nonviolent drug offenses. This paper will go in depth with the more proof such as statistics and facts that African Americans are experiencing racial inequalities within the criminal justice system.