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Discrimination can be seen in many different ways. One of these ways is between different age groups. Age discrimination is known as ageism. If people should accept others and their differences, they should also accept differences in age as well. The solution to age discrimination is for people to not categorize others personality or characteristics by their age, and to base their opinions on people by getting to know who they actually are. “Discrimination is making a distinction in favor or against, a person or thing based on group, class, or category to which that person or thing belongs” (http://dictionary. eference. com/browse/discrimination) rather than on them as individuals. When people discriminate towards another age group, they apply to a specific age group certain characteristics. Typically people who are older are viewed as being more mature while people who are younger are viewed as being comparatively immature. People usually make this generalization because of the point that since someone is older; they probably have experienced or been through a lot more than someone who is younger.

However, in some cases, someone who is younger could have been through a lot in a short amount of time, which could make them more mature than a lot of their peers and possibly make them more mature than some people who are older than them. Age discrimination can greatly be seen in the workplace towards both younger and older people. Younger people are discriminated against because a lot of managers want employees with a good amount of necessary working experience that more older people would probably have in comparison to younger people.

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Although young people are discriminated against when they don’t have a lot of work experience, they are highly favored when they do have the necessary work experience in comparison to someone who is older. An employer might feel as though since the younger person is equally qualified with the older person for a job, the younger person would be working at the job longer and since they are younger, they would have more energy and/or strength to do tasks that would seem more difficult for an older person to do.

One could argue that age discrimination is necessary in the workplace because you need the best worker’s to contribute to the company. But you never know what someone is capable of doing based off of their age. If someone older has more working experience than someone who is younger, that doesn’t always mean that the older person can do the job better or more efficiently than the younger person. If someone both older and younger are trying to get a highly energy demanding job, that doesn’t always mean that the younger person is better suited for the job.

For the most part higher positions in the workplace are usually given to older people. When a younger person is put in that same position they usually won’t receive the same respect as an older person. The lack of respect is sometimes shown between both younger and older employees. Younger employees could have a lack of respect for the fact that they are not use to taking demands from a person in a higher position that is so close in age with them. Older employees could have a lack of respect because they possibly could feel that they are more deserving of the position just because they are older.

This possibly comes from the saying that “seniority rules. ” In life as we are growing up, we see and learn that this saying proves to be true in a way with the older sibling usually having more privileges than the younger siblings. This can also be seen in high schools with upper classmen, mostly seniors, having more privileges than lower classes. In most high schools they offer a senior trip to all senior students that are not offered to any lower classes. Also, in high school sports, a lot of times upper classmen get first choice with a lot of things and the lower classmen have to defer to them.

When I played basketball in my high school, seniors had the first pick for their jersey numbers and freshmen got the last pick. Freshmen would also have to get all of the equipment for practices, put up the courts before practice, and then take them down afterwards. This type of treatment towards younger players can also be seen in professional sports with incoming rookies. One can say that this builds camaraderie with the younger and older players, but it is an ongoing display of age discrimination. According to Rebecca White, a graduate from Pen State Altoona and the author of an article entitled “Students face discrimination”