Aidss And Abstinence Essay, Research PaperStatement of ProblemTurning up as a adolescent in today s society is non every bit easy as it may hold been in coevalss past. Young grownups of today s epoch face many societal and environmental issues that plague them with huge emphasis. For illustration, force among young person and, more specifically, school shots and pack force work stoppage fright among every stripling s head before they face each twenty-four hours at school.

And the force per unit area from equals for utilizing and mistreating illegal drugs is every bit strong as it has of all time been. But today, the young person of America are faced with a crisis unique to the modern epoch ; the surging rate of adolescent AIDS infection.The Human Immunodeficiency Virus, or HIV, causes the terminus Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome. AIDS weakens the organic structure s immune system to a point where any ordinary infection, such as the grippe or common cold, can do decease. Originally thought of as a Gay-Man s disease when AIDS was first prevalent in this state in the early 1880ss, AIDS is now recognized as a major crisis across the state among straight persons, in add-on to the homosexual population of this state ( Mays, Albee, & A ; Schneider, 1989 ) . And in recent old ages, the rate of happening of AIDS among America s young person has increased at an about exponential rate. The statistics are galvanizing.

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Harmonizing to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, of the estimated 40,000 new HIV infections happening each twelvemonth, over 25 per centum of those infections occur among young person under the age of 20. In 1986, 53 striplings were reported with AIDS. One decennary subsequently, the figure climbed to 403. And merely one twelvemonth subsequently, in 1997, the figure of entire instances of adolescent AIDS in the United States reached 2,953 ( Fuentes, 1998 ) . Today, AIDS is recognized as the fifth most common cause of decease among people runing from ages 14-24 old ages ( A Decade of Denial: Teenss and AIDS in America, 1992 ) .Negative ConsequencesOne obvious negative physiological effect of an AIDS patient is that he or she is traveling to decease. This is because there is presently no remedy for AIDS. Once a individual contracts this syndrome, their wellness will non acquire better.

Their immune system is broken down and deteriorated until, eventually, some kind of infection puts the sick person out of his or her wretchedness and causes decease.After being diagnosed with HIV or AIDS, the patient is capable to many psychological conditions that are damaging to his or her physical wellness, excessively. The patient may develop depression after larning of their unwellness. There is no current remedy for AIDS, so person with AIDS knows they will decease shortly. This cognition of cognizing there is no manner out leads to the depression.

The patient may besides develop anxiousness from seeking to forestall any infection from occupying his or her organic structure because the infection may do decease. Another mental status that may develop from unwellness is known as the Health Belief Model. The Health Belief Model refers to the variables that predict behavior including the sensed susceptibleness or exposure to a wellness menace, badness of effects of a disease or wellness menace, effectivity of protective actions, and costs of or barriers to protective actions. It besides refers to prompt to action, such as physician advice or symptoms, and demographic, structural, and social/psychological factors that enable behaviour.

Person with AIDS is effected by the Health Belief Model in a negative manner because they re cognition of their state of affairs causes them to hold a pessimistic mentality on their hereafter ( Mays, 1989 ) .Another psychological status that is a negative effect of AIDS is self-efficacy. Self-efficacy of an AIDS patient refers to their perceptual experience of their inability to execute a behaviour due to their deficiency of ability, attempt, fortune, or the trouble of the state of affairs. AIDS patients view themselves as animals that do non hold the capableness to carry through any undertaking due to their failing physical status. Their energy is drained and therefore they feel lazy feel they don Ts have the ability to transport out a undertaking ( Valdiserri, 1989 ) .One more psychological status that has a negative consequence on an AIDS sick person s mental wellness is helplessness.

Helplessness refers to the patient s perceptual experience of holding small control over their lives. This may be due to the fact that they suffer from an incurable, terminal disease, or it may be the consequence of a low self-pride. Regardless of the cause, weakness is a really large measure in the incorrect way for AIDS s sick persons because they have come to the realisation that they can t aid that they re traveling to decease an therefore, they give up on any hope to maintain combat. Once a patient reaches this phase, they have lost the will to populate, and any kind of addition from life is inaccessible ( Valdiserri, 1989 ) .Previous InterventionsSing the fact that non holding sex can dramatically cut down the hazard of undertaking HIV or AIDS, many abstention plans have been launched in schools to educate kids across the state.

One such plan is the Me, My World, Future Program ( Mays et al. , 1989 ) . This peculiar plan is taught at both the junior and senior high school degrees and has been put into consequence at over 2,500 schools across the state. The junior high degree plan consists of a three to six hebdomad class divided into 18 different category Sessionss.

The lessons are taught by the regular instructors at each several school, and include text editions to help in heightening the educational experience. The junior high plan marks of import issues of early teens such as friendly relationship and relationship edifice accomplishments, equal refusal accomplishments, decision-making, and goal-oriented principle for pre-marital position. The plan besides aims to promote the pupil to value themselves to doing and following through on determinations, and to larn to see themselves as capable alternatively of avoiding negative effects and accomplishing positive resolutenesss in life. The high school degree plan besides consists of a three to six hebdomad class but with 15 category periods instead than eighteen. The high school degree plan is normally put into consequence in the 9th class and is besides taught by instructors from each several school. The class, like the junior high class, besides includes a text edition as an add-on to the in-class acquisition Sessionss. Unlike the junior high class, where more accent was put on learning pupils decision-making accomplishments, the high school degree plan focuses more on sexual activity and stresses the advantages of abstention. This plan places sex in context of committedness, matrimony and household.

It besides stresses the importance of healthy gender in a individual s life and portrays gender as a critical point of individuality tied to our feelings of ego worth and desire for love ( A Decade of Denial: Teenss and AIDS in America, 1992 ) .Another abstention plan that has been put into consequence in schools across the state is Aim for Success ( Mays et al. , 1989 ) . This plan is designed for classs five to seven, and is administered in one-hour presentations.

Presentations are limited to fifty pupils for classs five and six, 75 pupils for classs seven and eight, and one hundred pupils for high school presentations. The focal point of these presentations is to explicate to pupils that abstention is the lone method that is one 100 per centum effectual in bar gestation, sexually transmitted diseases, and emotional injury. It is besides to raise consciousness of how one s dreams and ends are affected by your picks, gestation has no easy solutions, the earnestness of sexually transmitted diseases, the consequence emotional cicatrixs can hold on one s life, the failure rate of preventives, and the costliness of the gift of virginity.

Parent presentations are besides given at the same time with pupil presentations. These ninety minute plans explain to rear how to comfortably talk about sex with their kids, answer inquiries a kid may hold about sex without being embarrassed, and how parents should promote their kids to remain sexually pure. Since the 1993-1994 school twelvemonth, Aim for Success has been presented over 8,546 times to over 208,892 people. Anonymous studies taken by pupils at the decision of pupil presentations revealed 95 per centum of pupils rated the Aim for Success presentation excellent or good. Besides, 77 per centum of the pupils have ne’er had sex, and of those who have had sex, 51 per centum say they are sing abstention and 26 per centum committed to abstinence.

And overall, eight-nine per centum of pupils surveyed sat he presentation gave them something new to see ( Aim for Success: Programs, 1998 ) .Program DescriptionStatisticss have shown that, in the past decennary or so, the figure of AIDS instances among immature grownups has been on a steady ascent. Harmonizing to these statistics, up until now, old intercessions for incorporating and cut downing the prevalence of AIDS have non worked. The thought of advancing abstention and concentrating on the prevalence of AIDS is a good 1. But a new bar plan must come into consequence so there can be a important consequence on the happening of AIDS among America s young person.With those basic rules in head, a new intercession plan should be launched. This plan will run from the 5th class all the manner up to the 9th class. In the fifth class, a clip in a kid s life where they become attracted to the opposite sex, a basic sex-education class should be implemented into the course of study.

The class will be taught as an elected and would merely run into for an hr every hebdomad for 12 hebdomads. This class will give an overview of the sexual nature of human existences and shall put a nice foundation for upcoming stuff to be learned upon. In the 6th class, pupils will take part in three-week class that would run into twice a hebdomad for 45 proceedingss per session, which raises consciousness of the dangers of the effects of unprotected sex with the most accent on sexually transmitted diseases and gestation. Along with learning about the dangers of unprotected sex, the class will besides inform pupils of the usage of protection ( including rubbers, spermatocide, etc. ) during sex.

And in the 7th class, pupils will take part in another six-week class meeting merely twice a hebdomad for an hr per session. The focal point of the first two hebdomads of this class will be to promote single thought and the power to defy peer force per unit area. The following two hebdomads will stress the many advantages of abstention including the riddance of unwanted gestations and undertaking sexually transmitted diseases. And the last two hebdomads will stress the costliness of one s virginity.

Students will be informed that your first sexual experience should be a beautiful experience shared with person you portion a common love for. They shall besides be warned of the permanent feeling emotional cicatrixs leave on a individual and that they had better non make something they would repent.Parents of pupils will besides at the same time enroll in after-school classs that will run into twice during the six or eight hebdomad class of the kid, one time midway into the class and one time at the terminal of the class. These classs will maintain the parents informed on the extent of the kid s cognition of the topic of sex. It will besides function as a preparation session for communicating with their kid.

The parents will larn methods to talk openly and comfortably so they can bridge the communicating spread with their kid so they can cognize precisely what their kid is believing. The parent Sessionss will besides profit the kid because he or she will experience more comfy talking about the topic of sex with their parents, therefore making a healthier atmosphere in the family.Having a bar plan based on the encouragement of abstention is the best type of primary bar to implement in the state of affairs of the decrease of the spreading of AIDS.

If you accomplish the aim of the bar plan by acquiring kids to perpetrate to abstinence, the opportunity of undertaking AIDS drastically reduces because the kids will non be holding sex with legion spouses and sexual transmittal is impossible.MentionsA Decade of Denial: Teenss and AIDS in America. Washington: U.

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