Last updated: April 13, 2019
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The air quality is deteriorated by humans heavily using fossil fuels to power up automobiles, generate electricity, and used for many other purposes. Unfortunately, fossil fuels are nonrenewable resources, and the burning of the fossil fuels releases the pollutants into the air, and forms a mixture of fumes with the air. It is called smog. Smog can block the radiant beams of energy from the Sun from entering and exiting the Earth’s atmosphere. As the effect, the temperature on Earth would increase. This is known as global warming.

Global warming can cause the ice in the North and South Poles to melt and the sea level rises. In some regions, rising oceans would put larger land areas underwater and threaten people living closer to the shore. Air pollution also causes respiratory problems like lung cancer, lung disease, common cold, influenza, and many other severe infections that turn out to be deadly to humans. Problems in your airway can cause you to have a tough time inhaling the oxygen and exhaling the carbon dioxide in order to filter out the air in your lungs.

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Reducing the number of cars on the roads is one of major solutions to fix the quality of the air. Fewer cars are on the roads, fewer amounts of fossil fuels are burned into the air. The air quality would be improved. Instead of driving cars individually, people can take carpooling or use more public transportations. Biking and walking are also alternatives for short distance travels. Governments could encourage people to buy more energy efficient cars, or cars powered by other alternative energy sources.