My family and I love to travel around the world. This is our chance to spend quality time with each other without any interruptions from today’s technological advances such as cell phones, computers, and the everyday phone calls from friends wanting to come over. As families venture off heading for places across the globe, to ensure their safety during travel, every precaution should be taken. While in the midst of all the chaos one has to endure during the pre-flight check-in procedures, this is something that should become a norm and not something one would call an inconvenience.

It is difficult to complain about procedures that can ultimately affect safety during travel. Safety is very important to myself as well as other families during the traveling season. I would rather give up a few minutes of my time rather than have to endure the latter of being unsafe during air travel, especially with my family. Terror threats are always prevalent when leaving the comfort of one’s own home. Relying on the enforcement of strict security measures to ensure the safety of passengers during air travel as threats of terror attacks are always present.Ever since the terrorist attacks against the United States on September 11, 2001, airport security across America and much of the world had undergone many changes to their normal routines of simply checking their baggage prior to boarding the plane. There are now many other extra steps in place before getting anywhere even close to the gate. Travelers should be aware of the lengthy wait times, more scrutinizing of passenger passports, documentation, and luggage.

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For the frequent air travelers, this became an intense issue. Many travelers were complaining about the lengthy wait times and airport security checking and re-checking of luggage which became a normal part of their jobs. After 9/11, much of the nation demanded the use of stricter security measures than those that were in place. This was when the attacks were fresh and people had no complaints as long as the government was doing everything they could to keep passengers as safe as possible.The need for tighter security meant the higher demand of the use of more advanced technologies and receiving a much needed makeover of the procedures in security training that was in place even prior to 9/11.

The moment passengers felt at ease again, the more the complaints started rolling in about wait times and luggage searches. But, if something was to go wrong, and their comfort is once again compromised, that is when passengers will not mind having to wait a little bit of extra time as security assures our safety once again. Advances in technology had led the United States in implementing new and stricter security measures.The use of Advanced Imaging Technology machines (Seaney, 2010), also known as Full Body Scanners offer airline security personnel a way to get a clearer view on what people are carrying on their person.

This body scanner procedure involves one walking in, raising their hands, waiting 10 seconds, and they are done, it is that painless. Those worrying about the radiation exposure from these scanners have nothing to worry about. In 17 minutes of one’s ordinary day, you get more exposure to radiation from the environment that one would from a single body scan. Department of Homeland Security, 2005). The Transportation Security Administration have alternatives to the full body scanners. They offer passengers a choice on whether or not to partake in the body scanners or go with the traditional pat downs in which security personnel will perform. Pat downs are performed by the same gender person and can be done privately, if requested with the presence of someone of the passenger’s choice to witness the procedure (Department of Homeland Security, 2005).

No matter what the concerns may be, you would be making a choice between technology or tradition.Although polls suggest that four out of five Americans favor the use of body scanners, (Condon, 2010), there will always be someone against the use of advanced technology no matter what type or subject matter it is used for. “I understand people’s frustrations with it but I also know that if there was an explosion in the air that killed a couple of hundred people …

and it turned out that we could have prevented it possibly … that would be something that would be pretty upsetting to most of us — including me” (President Obama, 2010 Reuters. com).Even with the advancement of technology, there is still an active threat of terrorism against the United States. The most recent threat to the United States involved our packaging company, United Parcel Service, (UPS), when one of two packages on a UPS cargo plane originating from Yemen to Chicago, U.

S. intercepted by Britain, the other package in a FedEx facility was intercepted by Dubai, contained explosive materials (Reuters, 2010). These actions re-assured our government that there are still threats to our nation’s security and that these were credible threats.

These types of threats against the United States bring our threat level warnings up and keep our security forces on a much higher alert than normal. The United States government would not want a repeat of the terrorist attacks of September 11 that devastated this country and is still recovering from the tragedy of that morning. Terrorist attacks affected many lives that morning of 9/11. The attacks will unlikely ever be forgotten by the families and people all around the country that dropped what they were doing that very moment as everyone gasped while watching what looked like a movie on the news.Enforcement of the United States’ security standards overseas helped thwart terrorist attacks against the United States and re-assures the safety of all passengers traveling via air.

The importance of having an entity that deals with air travel security becomes crucial when things can go wrong during travels and exploits outside of our borders. The agencies that help with keeping us safe within and out of our borders are important in everyone’s safety.Our Transportation and Security Administration (TSA) help conduct security assessments and indicate security risks at more than 300 airports worldwide (Department of Homeland Security, 2005). They help to ensure our passenger’s safety whether or not they are traveling within the United States or traveling abroad to other countries. The TSA shares with its partners worldwide the necessary forefront technology in detecting explosive devices and they also can learn from other countries policies regarding air travel security. The United States not only have to worry about air travel security but security measures within our borders.The protection of our infrastructure is a huge responsibility that comprise of our highway systems, subways, trains, cargo ships, including anything that would travel within or heading to our borders. Overlooking so many travel means can be a daunting task that can be overwhelming to a single department.

The government agency responsible for the protection of our infrastructure is The Department of Homeland Security. This agency protects our communications system along with our transportation system. The Federal Air Marshals, also known as Flying Air Marshals, fly with passengers aboard airplanes (Department of Homeland Security, 2005).Air Marshals are undercover and passengers would not know who they are or even which plane they decide to sit in on, which further ensures the safety of our air travelers. They have to be very well trained in working independently without backup by other supporting officers while in flight. The presence of security in any sense can be a relief amongst air travelers.

They can help put at ease the apprehensions travelers may face when questioning their safety as they make their way to their final destinations.A variety of security measures already in place help keep us all safe during air travel. These measures have become a normal procedure for air travel as well as travel by other means. The knowledge that the United States is doing everything in their power to keep all of us safe from terrorist acts and other forms of danger is a relief for travelers and makes them more at ease about their safety.

We, as travelers, welcome the enforcement of stricter security measures to keep us and our families safe at all times.