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There is an airsoft team by the name of the Hellfish who rent out my father’s metal stamping factory a few times per year to practice their shooting. Airsoft is a realistic shooting game in which the players use replica firearms to try to shoot their opponents. For this game, I carefully observed the players from the sidelines.

This sport is similar to its more popular cousin, paintball. However, after watching the Hellfish play a few games, I would definitely recommend airsoft instead of paintball to anyone looking for some exercise and a fun roleplaying experience.The factory that the players rent out is fairly large, and they also make use of the yard outside, accessible through a garage door in the back. The players utilize the area and the objects around them to their advantage. There are various crates, tables, and other objects that are scattered throughout the arena for them to take cover with. There are also five large machines, presses to be more specific, inside the factory which the players also use for cover. The Hellfish are a very committed team that put a great deal of time and effort into their games, so they even have a flag that the captain designed which they hang from the ceiling.For some of their games they choose to turn off the lights to make the game more suspenseful.

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For this particular game there were sixteen people who attended from the Hellfish team and two additional players who saw an ad for the event online. The majority of the players were in their late twenties or early thirties, but there were some exceptions. Two of the players appeared to be in their late forties, and there was also a father with his thirteen year old son. (Players under the age of eighteen have to have their parents sign a safety form for them.

) There were no female players. All Quezada 2 f the other players agreed that they have rarely encountered female airlift players. These players were divided into two teams: black and camouflage. The way in which players dress varies drastically. Some people wear only a tee shirt and jeans with sneakers, while others come dressed in head-to-toe military gear.

The team captain explained that, unlike paintball, a fair amount of players get really into their roles and dress the part to an extreme. It is interesting how serious some of the players take this sport, but everyone still has a lot of fun whether they spend a lot on the optional equipment or not.Many different styles of guns can be purchased at sports stores or online. The captain of the Hellfish team prefers to buy his guns online because they are of higher quality that can usually not be found in a store. Outside of playing the actual sport, collecting various different airlift guns can prove to be a hobby in itself. The team captain said that he currently has ten different types of guns, all with many accessories and add-ons. Customizing these guns can also be a hobby.

Internal parts can be taken out and switched for others, depending on what the owners wants.So even when the players are not at a game, they can still practice their hobby in other ways. While playing airsoft, you have to trust the other players to call their hits. In paintball, everyone can tell if someone has been hit because they will be splattered in colorful paint. But as far as airlift goes, people must be honest or the game will be no good. The players that I observed were very honest and did not try to cheat. Once they were hit, they raised their weapon in the air and yelled, “I am hit! ” If a player is clearly cheating, they are not invited to future events.

Airsoft is a great deal more lifelike than paintball is. The military and law enforcement agencies oftentines purchase airsoft guns in order to simulate real life combat. These replicas help Quezada 3 out law enforcement officers and soldiers in their training. The “bullets” are plastic bb’s, but the feet per second speed can range anywhere from 250 to 500. The higher the number is the harder players will usually try because, in the higher numbers, it can be painful to get shot and one could even end up with a nasty bruise.Inexpensive airsoft guns have one set number, usually a low number, but higher quality models often offer the ability to adjust the speed from low to very high. The Hellfish, like most teams, set a limit of 350, which is just enough to let the player know that they have been hit without too much of a sting. (The Hellfish captain informed me that in some arenas that are outdoors and involve sniping that the feet per second speed is allowed to be significantly higher due to the fact that the players are farther apart from one another.

)Admittedly, airsoft is not for everyone. Guns of decent quality can be expensive. It is only worth spending money on this sport if you are planning on playing it frequently. Airsoft guns can cost hundreds of dollars, and bb’s always have to be purchased over and over again. Also, events have an admittance price.

The Hellfish usually pay around $20 per person per game. Even so, the price is worth it if you want to have some fun. Less expensive airsoft guns are not as accurate as their more expensive counterparts, but you can still have loads of fun with them as well.