Last updated: July 20, 2019
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Alejandra Espinoza, fifteen years old, missing for the past week. Nobody knew or had any clues to her whereabouts, except her older cousin who kiddnapped her. Her family was terribly worried, especially her father wondering when his baby girl would return home. The family had done various interviews, desperate for help, still nobody had a clue, yet nobody would give up.The day before Alejandra disappeared it was just a normal day at her house. Her sisters arguing about something irrelevant, as always. Her mother in the kitchen making breakfast before work, and her father already working. The Espinoza’s where a very hard working and well known family.  Her and her sisters were honors students, just months apart from each other. Alejandra was the youngest of the two, just a freshman . Her sister Desiree, the middle child, was a sophomore, and the the eldest, Ava was a junior. They lived a very comfortable life, her father had just gotten a promotion and the family wanted to celebrate Mr. Espinoza’s success. “It’s going to be perfect!”, Alejandra exclaimed “It better be, I’m trusting you Ally, you better not mess it up”, Desiree replied”You already know I won’t”” I know, I just want to make a good impression, it’s our first time meeting most of our family. I don’t wanna embarrass ourselves or the family, dad would kill us , and you know it””Okay I know, but you always underestimate me just ’cause I’m the youngest. Honestly I’m-“” ENOUGH!”, their mother yelled , “You know your father will be proud of you guys and more than thankful, now hurry and go, all of you. You guys need to take the bus today.”The sisters started walking to the bus stop, still talking about their fathers surprise party. How great it’s going to be with their parents co-workers, family, and friends. The girls arrived at school and Alejandra went about her day. She had three important tests that day , and was stressing out like crazy, as always . ” Ready for that test today?”, her best friend, Aleena asked.”Which one” , replied alejandra, jokingly “English , you know with your ‘favorite’ teacher”