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Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great came into power of Macedonia being only in the age of twenty, but managed to accomplish so much that was named Alexander the Great. During twelve years of his reign Alexander conquered vast territories, which helped to expand the Greek culture to the non-Greek world. Furthermore, Alexander expanded Greek language, art, architecture and literature to the Near East. By the end of his conquest Alexander founded many cities and colonies named Alexandria having allowed Greek mercenaries to live around the world.

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The most praised accomplishments of Alexander the Great are in the political field. For example, Alexander took on the unimaginable and courageous task to challenge Persian army. His success began with his victory at Granicuz River in 334 B.C. Soon after that victory half of Asia Minor fell under Alexander’s power. Alexander was also witty and shrewd commander who contributed to the victory in Issus when he defeated the Persian Army in the narrow path. Alexander also went to Egypt where he was treated a living god.

Macedonian economy was shaky as that period was marked by wars which caused financial difficulties. However, when Alexander conquered the states one by one, the economy began to grow. The commerce expanded considerably after the conquest. Alexander helped to decrease political barriers and, thus, he managed to provide commercial traffic and to improve trade relations between the East and West. One of the major trade routes connected east with Mediterranean.

Summing up, Alexander the Great was one of the most famous Macedonians who contributed development and expansion of the Greek culture. Alexander the Great improved political and economic stability of Macedonia and expanded trade routs.