Allegory in literature is an excellent way to write. It’s an imaginative way of writing, but it’s not just plain and simple it gives emphasis on the mortal of the story. It’s rhetorical and implies meaning that is not literal. In allegory a symbol or character may be consider symbolic of a concept like a person, fortune or reason. Although not everyone who writes uses allegory in their writing it is very effective. One example of an allegory in literature is Animal Farm, written by George Orwell in 1945; it reflects events leading up to the Stalin era and just before World War II. Wikimedia Foundation, 2011). Manor Farm, where the animals and the story take’s place, is symbolic for Russia and the Soviet Union, but it’s also just the human society in general. (Spark Notes, 2011) Through out the story it comes to mind that some of the characters resemble someone in real life. For example, Czar Nicholas II was by far the worst king compared to western kings and cruel but sometimes kind, Mr. Jones in the book was irresponsible, cruel to the animals, but also can be sometimes kind (Political Allegory, 2011).

Animalism and Communism also appear to be the same. In animalism there is no owners, no rich but no poor, workers also get a better life, all animals are equal and everyone owns a farm. In communism, they too have people as equal and the government owns everything and the people own the government. (Political Allegory, 2011). As you can tell there are similarities throughout the book, so we gather the idea that Animal farm is an allegory. Additionally, The Wizard of Oz by Frank Baum is a well-rounded example of an allegory.

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The dreadful twister that took Dorothy and Toto to the Land of Oz can be considered as the confusion of the Great Depression, and the Stock Market crash (The Wizard Of Oz- Allegory, 2011). When you think you about it the twister makes since to stand for what it does because a twister does a lot of damage, and after, it takes time to clean up the mess; as it did with the depression and the crash. The yellow brick road is said to be symbolic for finding whoever stole America’s gold.

Following the trail will lead you to the theft (The Wizard Of Oz- Allegory, 2011). Given that most of the things in the book have an importantance there’s proof to show that not only are they symbolic, but that the Wizard of Oz is allegory. In addition, allegory is an effective way of writing. It’s imaginative, rhetorical, and implies meaning that isn’t literal. There are different ways of writing allegory and different allegory examples. Two great examples of allegory are Animal Farm by George Orwell and The Wizard of Oz by Frank Baum.