Last updated: February 22, 2019
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Hey my fellow children, let’s talk about allowance. Do you get a weekly/ monthly allowance or do you only get money when your parents think that you have done well with your studies or your chores? How much money do you if you get allowance? Is it a whole lot of money or is it enough to get your needs satisfied from a day to day basis? From whichever way that you look at it, there is allowance given whether it is for a good deed done or just your time to get paid. But there is one thing that I would like to say and that is parents should give their children allowance monthly rather than for when they do good.

Although giving children money when they are behaving good sounds very appealing, I believe that parents should give their children allowance monthly because children need to learn how it would be to get a monthly income, not every child is perfect, and children should get the best from their parents. I believe that parents should give monthly allowance because sooner or later that child is going to become an adult. When that child becomes an adult, hopefully, they would have a job. Since that adult would have a job, they would be getting money from their job either monthly or every two weeks on average.

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When they acquire this job money, they would need to have a plan on how to balance their money that they get, which money would go to food, bills, savings, etc. If that adult would have gotten a monthly allowance from their parents when they were little, they would already be ahead of the game with organizing their money like which money for food, savings, and extras like clothing. With this kind of earl on training, I think it would make a person more balanced and that is one reason why I think that parents should give their children a monthly allowance.

My second reason that parents should give allowance to their children a monthly allowance is because children are not going to be good every single second of the day. If a parent just gives their child money only based on their attitude, grades, or chores, most children would never get allowance. I know this first hand because my parents do not give us allowance at all because one of the three components is not up on the good side. I know if a child has an attitude than it is a bad thing, but they do not need to void them of any money. They should just lower the amount of allowance that the hild is given. If they allowance was monthly, this would make this system easier to apply because the parent’s child would not be as made at them as they would be because they do not have to go around begging and annoying to get money from other sources. Finally, my last reason that parents should give their children a monthly allowance because they are your children. I know that most parents want to see their children to become successful, but on the other hand they want to make their children experience the best childhood that they could possibly have.

One way they could do that is by giving a monthly allowance. It does not have to be a huge sum of money or exactly every month, because most people know that with the way the economy is, there is no way that could happen. But, once the child knows that the parent is trying to help with their childhood experience. I am pretty sure they would appreciate their parents more. I am pretty sure no parent wants to hear their child ever say to them that they never was given allowance or did anything for them. I know this because my mother tells me this all of the time.

In conclusion, I believe that parents should give their children allowance monthly, not by how their children acts, or does their chores. They should give them monthly allowance because children need to someday be ready for managing their money, they cannot always be good, and they need to have a fulfilling childhood. Because of these three factors, monthly allowance should be allowed. I would know that in the far near future, I would have children and give them a monthly allowance even if it was small. Now, what would you think because I could ask anyone and they would agree that my idea of monthly allowance is the right way to think?