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America First Hand Essay, Research Paper

America First Hand. Robert D. Marcus and David Burner. Beacon Press, 1987, 223 pgs.

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The beginning of the colonial period was full of problems. America First Hand, by Robert D. Marcus and David Burner is written in distinguishable item about several histories by American settlers that are written and relay what it was like in the settlements during the first twosome decennaries. The histories depict how adolescents, work forces, and adult females, all in their ain manner, questioned society, faith, and authorities in order to better themselves and hold their ain effects on a changing county. Marcus and Burner comparison and contrast spiritual, political, and societal issues that were dealt with during the early 1800? s.

The writers examined the experiences of Hetty Shepard, Ben Franklin, and Eliza Pickeny. Three Americans from really different backgrounds who all had ideas, actions, and thoughts to break themselves and hopefully better their fellow adult male and society. They show that people should seek to better themselves based on his or her ain sentiments and thoughts instead than rely on those of others.

Miss Hetty Shepard was a Puritan miss life in New England at the tallness of colonisation and had problem with the Indians. She recorded a diary to depict the yearss as they went by. Besides along with her day-to-day recognitions, Hetty reveals private ideas and inquires that show her uncertainties and inquiries refering her rigorous Puritan beliefs. Marcus and Burner show passages from a diary written by Hetty Shepard about what some may name the rebellious head of immature adult female. Based on her Hagiographas, others may name her the beginning of the independent, or republican, adult females.

Work force of the colonial Ti

me period did non hold it much easier than adult females. Inventor, philosopher, pressman, and ladies? adult male extraordinary Ben Franklin was besides considered. He was a writer/printer from Philadelphia, and a individual who was interested in the scientific discipline of humanity. Franklin in the thick of the Age of Enlightenment, was a adult male concerned with his ain personal flawlessness.

Eliza Pinckney, ? A Republican Women? , was an extraordinary adult female of the colonial South. There were many exposures of Eliza Pinckney placed on pages 123-128. Throughout her life she knew how to fend for herself. She was educated and cultured ; she took on the duties of running several plantations, every bit good as the duty of raising two kids on her ain through long distance correspondence. She was in every significance of the word, independent.

All three of these people, Hetty Shepard, Ben Franklin, and Eliza Pinckney began their ways by stamp downing their natural ideas, urges, and emotions in order to carry through the demand society expected of them. America First Hand teaches a lesson because finally they all came to recognize that the manner to better them was to make what was best for them and their state of affairs. These three people are illustrations of what makes America a great state of independency. They show that you wear? Ts have to believe what you are told, and that you should make what is best for you as you see it. They show that no affair your age, sex, background, or credo, you can believe for yourself and assist to model our still and ever-changing state. The stuff that the writers present is good organized and easy to understand. I would urge it to anyone interested in larning about how other? s viewed us going an independent state during the 1800? s.