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Annie Proulx’s Brokeback Mountain is a tragic narrative of out love. It chronicles the love affair between Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist. two cowpunchers who fall caput over heels for each other in the spring of 1963. Their relationship endures for twenty old ages. ne’er to the full resolved. ne’er to the full allow travel of. and ever surrounded by fright. confusion. and above all. by love. Brokeback Mountain depicted a narrative that was both accurate in its portraiture of oddity in the scene of its narrative. and in doing it relatable to queerness and homosexualism today. Subsequently. when turned into a film. it broke even more barriers. and furthered its societal effects on Hollywood and Society.

Brokeback Mountain accurately describes the attitudes of society towards homophiles in the 1960’s. specifically of those that live where the narrative took topographic point. In the 1960’s. constabulary foraies of homosexual bars were everyday. and highly violent. The stigma associated with even the thought of being homosexual was stultifying. It was considered a disease. and looked down upon badly. But eventually. the homosexual rights motion was deriving its terms. During this clip. influenced by the theoretical account of a hawkish black civil rights motion. the “homophile motion. ” as the participants dubbed it. became more seeable. Militants. such as Franklin Kameny and Barbara Gittings. picketed authorities bureaus in Washington to protest prejudiced employment policies. But the South. the scene of Brokeback Mountain. was really different.

Although these were great stairss towards equality. many provinces in the South and west were really far behind. The interventions of homosexuals shown in the narrative were distressingly accurate. At one point. when Ennis and Jack reunite after four old ages. they fear what would go on if they got caught. Ennis tells Jack the narrative from his childhood. stating: “There was these two old cats ranched together down place. Earl and Rich- Dad would go through a comment when he seen them. They was a gag even though they was reasonably tough old birds. I was what. nine old ages old and they found Earl dead in a irrigation ditch. They’d took a tyre Fe to him. spurred him up. drug him around by his gumshoe until it pulled off. merely bloody mush. What the tyre Fe done looked like pieces a burned tomatoes all over him. intrude tore down from skiddin on crushed rock. ” ( 29 )

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Incidents like this were non uncommon in the 60’s. and every bit horrifying as it seemed to read this transition in the book. what made it worse was the Proulx was in no manner overstating. but instead relaying the rough truth of the events that would happen during this clip. Brokeback Mountain is still relatable to by many people. particularly by those that can place with the characters in the narrative. Wyoming. the province where Ennis and Jack met. is in an country of the United States that is still non wholly supportive of the homosexual rights motion. In an article published in The New York Times in 2005. after the release of the movie based on Brokeback Mountain. many people who identified as homosexual came frontward to talk about their experiences. They grimly spoke about the intolerance they still face. and Derrick Glover. a 33 twelvemonth old homosexual rancher said. “Where I live. you can’t truly travel out and be yourself. You couldn’t travel out together. two cats. as a twosome and of all time be accepted.

It wasn’t accepted in the yesteryear. it’s still non. and I don’t believe it of all time will be. ” Glover came from a household of ranchers. and his household had herded the lands around their place for coevalss. He grew up “herding. stigmatization. culling and haying. Equus caballuss hobbled on lookout lines and calves pulled forcibly from their mother’s organic structures during spring calving. ” and every summer he would put out with his brother in a panel truck transporting their two one-fourth Equus caballuss. to vie in calf and maneuver lassoing competitions. His tale sounds merely like that of Jack and Ennis. turning up and cognizing nil but being a cowpuncher. but merely like Jack and Ennis. he would ne’er hold been accepted for who he was. Because of this. he was go forthing his place and traveling to an country with more people and more tolerance. This state of affairs. curiously evocative of Stephen in “The Well of Loneliness. ” is something that occurs shockingly frequently.

At one point in the narrative. Ennis declares. “I ain’t fagot. ” despite the fact that he had sex with Jack. He refused to admit that he could perchance be a homosexual. and that somehow. possibly. he could be falling for another adult male. Ennis is more masculine of the two. and in declaring his homosexualism. even to himself. he would be losing an facet of his maleness. Ben Clark. another adult male who spoke of being turning up on a spread and being homosexual. said of it. “”But I had no thought what to make about it. of all time. I was raised in a ranching. rodeo universe – brawling. packing Equus caballuss. siting bucking stock. working in runing cantonments – but ever with the sense that I had to hide who I was because cowpuncher could ne’er be cheery. ” Cowboys have ever been seen as work forces who are unsmooth and wild. who face nature with austere faces and no fright. work forces whose maleness was literally one of the chief kernels of their being. and this stereotypically cowboy image is what hinders the credence of so many homosexual work forces in the West. Of this image. Mr. Clark said. “”I could non accept being cheery because of the stereotypes that were drilled into me…Gay work forces are emotionally weak.

They are non existent work forces. They are similar adult females. ” This sentiment. unluckily. is echoed throughout much of the United States. and the remainder of the universe every bit good. By demoing that these macho. strong. spread custodies and cowpunchers could be gay. Brokeback Mountain rejected the normative thoughts of what is considered “queer” and “gay. ” It showcased two homosexual work forces as regular work forces. and didn’t effort to suit them into the stereotyped. emasculate image of cheery work forces. Homosexual work forces used to be seen as deviants. work forces who merely wanted to hold sex with other work forces. but Brokeback Mountain destroys that thought. It shows oddity and homosexualism as what it genuinely is- love. It showcases the intense fondness one individual can hold for another. regardless of their gender. In 2005. Brokeback Mountain was turned into a film. and was met with great blessing. Staring Jake Gyllenhall and Heath Ledger. the film went on to have many awards. including three Academy Awards for Best Director. Best Adapted Screenplay. and Best Score every bit good as four Golden Globe awards for Best Motion Picture – Drama. Best Director. Best Song. and Best Screenplay and four BAFTA Awards for Best Film. Best Director. Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor ( Jake Gyllenhaal ) .

The movie besides received four Screen Actors Guild nominations for Best Actor. Best Supporting Actor. Best Supporting Actress and Best Ensemble. more than any other film released in 2005. It was a hit. More than that though. it reached 1000s more people than it did as a book. What was one time merely a short narrative by a Pulitzer Prize winning writer was now a major gesture image being shown all over the United States. It opened up people’s eyes. it started treatments. and it helped interrupt down barriers in the normative stereotypes of what cheery work forces were. Alternatively of merely imagined characters. Jack and Ennis now had faces put to them. and these faces were good known histrions. Leonard Maltin. a movie critic and historiographer. said that Brokeback Mountain was “… in some chartless Waterss. because it shows what it’s like for two work forces to experience that sort of yearning and passion for each other. and people aren’t used to that…No one film is traveling to turn things around. but they can be constructing blocks.

That could be this movie’s bequest. ” The film helped in trying to wipe out Hollywood’s homosexual stereotypes. and to raise consciousness of homosexual rights. Gay rights groups instantly embraced the film after it came out. The Gay and Lesbian Alliance against Defamation ( GLAAD ) established on-line resource ushers for the film. The ushers had links to both articles and support groups for cowpunchers and ranchers who identified as homosexual. and who frequently felt baffled and entirely in the battle with their sexual orientation. The Human Rights Campaign besides joined in. publishing “Oscar Party Kits. ” with postings of Brokeback Mountain. and cards that read “Talk about It” to promote the treatment of homosexual rights. Brokeback Mountain put a new spin on cowpuncher narratives.

It showed the life of two fagot cowpunchers. who could ne’er to the full give in to their love. It created a narrative that could hold been plucked straight out of Wyoming in the 1960’s. through its truth and effectivity. It was natural and existent. and it was unapologetically showed the battles faced by homosexual cowpunchers and ranchers. both in the 1960’s. and even today. The film of the same name attempted to interrupt down barriers in Hollywood. and it spread the narrative of Jack and Ennis even further. opening more people’s eyes to the world of curious relationships. and how they don’t ever fit into certain casts. Brokeback Mountain is a authoritative piece of fagot literature. one that will go on to be both reliable and relatable for old ages to come.