An Ethical Dilemna Essay, Research PaperDilemma-Taken from: Business Ethics & # 8211 ; Ethical Decision Making and CasesA Real Life Situation pages 62-63After three old ages with the company, Sandy was promoted to assistant works director. This was a large measure for Unity Welding and Construction, every bit good as for the industry ; Sandy was one of merely a smattering of adult females who had broken through the & # 8220 ; glass ceiling & # 8221 ; and made their manner into direction. She had proved to the work forces around her that she deserved the occupation, and she was now being toasted by helper directors from other workss across the state John, her foreman, had been her advocator with the company. He had personally lobbied upper direction in her behalf.Integrity Welding and Construction is a national house with 20 fiction workss, chiefly in the South. The company does contract work for other companies that require welding or fiction of metals into points used in the building of aircraft, ships, Bridgess, and constituent parts for consumer durable goodss. Each works caters to specific industries. Sandy & # 8217 ; s works produces parts chiefly for the automotive industry and is located in Arizona.

Arizona is perfect for Sandy because of her acute asthma jobs. As a adolescent, she one time visited relations in Atlanta and had to be hospitalized because of her reactions to the different workss and leaf. Sandy & # 8217 ; s physician told her at the clip that she would hold fewer jobs with her asthma if she resided in one of the waterless parts of the United States.

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Six months had passed since Sandy & # 8217 ; s publicity, and her first public presentation evaluation from John was first-class. John told her that if she continued this type of public presentation, she would likely be a works director in three to six old ages.Sandy developed some advanced ways to increase productiveness during her six months on the occupation. For illustration, she successfully implemented a & # 8220 ; squad construct, & # 8221 ; which gave duty for certain undertakings to the workers on the works floor.

She offered inducements if they could diminish occupation times and increase profitableness. John gave Sandy his full support, and the pro-gm was working good. Worker salaries on these particular undertakings jumped from an norm of $ 15 per hr to $ 24 per hr, yet the company & # 8217 ; s bottom line continued to better.

Workers in the works began viing to acquire on particular undertakings.With the increasing competition, Sandy noticed that the workers were get downing to cut corners. Minor worker hurts began to increase, and Sandy was concerned about how some of the workers were disposing of toxic wastes. She informed John about her concerns, and he said he would compose the undermentioned memo:Attention: Workers on Particular UndertakingsIt has come to direction & # 8217 ; s attending that minor hurts are on the rise. Please reexamine the Occupational Safety and Health Administration guidelines to do certain you are in conformity. In add-on, there are rumours of improper disposal of wastes. Please read once more the statement from the Environmental Protection Agency. Finally, congrats to Special Project Team Wolf.

Profitability on your occupation increased 8 per centum with an addition of $ 4.50 an hr for each member of the group. Great occupation! !Shortly after John sent out his memo, the recession started to hit the car industry hard. Some of Sandy & # 8217 ; s workers were to be laid away. Sandy went through the records and found that her most productive workers had been selected for expiration. She went to John with the job, and he said he & # 8217 ; vitamin Ds take attention of it.

By naming in some favours, John was able to salvage the workers & # 8217 ; occupations, and no pink faux pass were issued at the works. Within a hebdomad the workers knew John and Sandy had saved them.Two months subsequently, in November, the particular undertaking squads were working particularly hard.

Sandy noticed that the squads with the highest hourly rewards were besides the 1s that were cutting corners the most. Sandy ran a topographic point review and found major quality jobs with the merchandises, every bit good as pollution jobs. Additionally, she learned that several squads had & # 8220 ; procured & # 8221 ; package from the competition to cut down their production times. Sandy realized that something needed to be done rapidly, so she went to John.& # 8220 ; John, we & # 8217 ; ve got some major jobs, & # 8221 ; she told him. & # 8220 ; Quality has decreased below our contract & # 8217 ; s specifications.

I & # 8217 ; ve got workers cutting so many corners that it & # 8217 ; s merely a affair of clip before person truly gets hurt. And to exceed it all off, some of the particular undertaking squads have gotten a clasp of our rival & # 8217 ; s package. What are we traveling to make? & # 8221 ;John looked at Sandy and said, & # 8220 ; Nothing. & # 8221 ;& # 8220 ; What do you intend, nil! ? & # 8221 ; asked Sandy.

& # 8220 ; Let me explicate something to you, & # 8221 ; John answered calmly. & # 8220 ; We & # 8217 ; re in a recession. The lone ground 20 per centum of our workers still have occupations is that our costs are down and our production is manner up.

I know quality is down ; I & # 8217 ; ve doctored some of the quality study forms myself. I besides know about the package. Sandy, the lone ground we & # 8217 ; rhenium still working is because of the particular undertakings concept you implemented. And I & # 8217 ; ve got intelligence for you & # 8212 ; production orders are traveling down in December. If we lay off the productive workers, we cut out the thin and salvage merely the lazy workers we can & # 8217 ; t fire because of their senior status. Plus, have you of all time fired person around Christmas clip? It & # 8217 ; s non a reasonably sight.

& # 8220 ; So I & # 8217 ; ll state you what you & # 8217 ; re traveling to make. Sandy, you & # 8217 ; re traveling to bury about OSHA, the EPA, and the package, and you & # 8217 ; re traveling to sophisticate up the quality-control studies & # 8212 ; because if you don & # 8217 ; t, we & # 8217 ; re both out of occupations. Have you of all time tried acquiring a occupation during a recession? With your wellness jobs, even if you did acquire a occupation, insurance would ne’er cover your asthma interventions. You owe me, Sandy. Don & # 8217 ; T concern. When the recession goes off, we will unbend things out, & # 8221 ; said John.Sandy left John & # 8217 ; s office and idea about her options.

& # 8220 ; Moral doctrines refer to the set of rules or regulations that people use to make up one’s mind what is right or wrong. & # 8221 ; ( Ferrel & A ; Fraedrich, 1997, p. 61 ) In this essay I will discourse the different moral doctrines and explicate how one quandary could hold so many possible results.

By analyzing these assorted moral doctrines, we could see how Sandy weighs her options between what is ethically right or what she believes is morally incorrect and why.The first doctrine I would wish to discourse is Teleological ; this doctrine stipulates that Acts of the Apostless are morally right or acceptable if the result is good for the good of one, or the good of many. Two such doctrines are Egoism and Utilitarianism.Using the Teleology doctrine, I will first expression at the Dilemma in the Utilitarianism position. If Sandy were a Utilitarian, she would make precisely what John said to make which is nil. A individual with a Utilitarianism position & # 8220 ; is concerned with maximising entire public-service corporation, or supplying the greatest benefit for the greatest figure of people & # 8221 ; ( Ferrel & A ; Fraedrich, 1997, p.

61 ) . By making nil, Sandy will hold to overlook the addition in hurts, and the improperdisposal of toxic wastes. If you were to look at this quandary in this point of view you will hold to state that overlooking everything would profit about everyone involved. Sandy will hold to sophisticate up the quality-control studies, but this is considered acceptable in the Utilitarianism point of view because she will salvage many peoples occupations.

If Sandy does modify the quality-control studies, she will be back uping John who has helped and supported her calling when no 1 else believed in her. This determination would besides profit the good of the company because they would non hold to layoff their most productive workers around the Christmas vacations. If they did put off their most productive workers, the company would be left with the least productive and lazy workers because they have the most senior status.

Sandy acted out this manner because it benefited about everyone involved.Using the Teleology doctrine, I will now look at this quandary from the Egoism position. An Egoist & # 8220 ; believes that they should do determinations that maximize their ain opportunism & # 8221 ; ; egotists are of course unethical. ( Ferrel & A ; Fraedrich, 1997, p.

54 )Sandy would once more, overlook the addition in hurts, and the improper disposal of toxic wastes. She would besides hold no job with altering the figures on quality-control studies, or with the fact there were squads utilizing & # 8220 ; procured & # 8221 ; package from a rival to cut down their production clip. She would overlook all of these things, but for a different grounds ; As an Egotist, Sandy is out for herself and is truly non worried about John or the production workers occupations. She is worried that if she loses her occupation, she will non be able to happen another one because of how difficult it is to happen work during a recession. Plus, with Sandy & # 8217 ; s acute asthma jobs, she does non desire to go forth Arizona to happen work.

Even if she were able to happen a occupation in Arizona, it is possible she would non happen medical insurance that would cover her asthma interventions. Even though Sandy has come to the same determination as the old position, Sandy is moving out this manner merely because it is in her best involvement.Looking at this quandary in an Enlightened Egotists perspective, Sandy would hold to overlook the addition in hurts, and the improper disposal of toxic wastes. An Enlightened Egoist & # 8220 ; takes a long-range position and allows for the well being of others, although their ain opportunism remains paramount. & # 8221 ; ( Ferrel & A ; Fraedrich, 1997, p. 54 ) As an Enlightened Egotist she does non desire anyone to lose his or her occupation but more significantly she wants to maintain hers. Plus, Sandy does non desire to look bad. Up until now she has had an first-class public presentation record, and you heard John, he said & # 8221 ; if she continued this type of public presentation, she would likely be a works director in three to six years.

& # 8221 ; ( Ferrel & A ; Fraedrich, 1997, p. 62 ) If she does non modify the figures on the quality-control studies she will look bad as a supervisor, and the last thing Sandy would desire to make is destroy those opportunities for a publicity. So an Enlightened Egotist, Sandy will make what is good for everyone, but more significantly, she will make what will profit her calling.Looking at this quandary in a Deontological doctrine, which focuses & # 8220 ; on the rights of persons and on the purposes associated with a peculiar behaviour instead than on its effects & # 8221 ; ( Ferrel & A ; Fraedrich, 1997, p.

61 ) ; things would turn out much otherwise so in the old three positions. Sandy being a Deontologist has really high moral criterions, and can non overlook the workers cutting corners, or the particular undertaking squads stealing the competitions package. She can & # 8217 ; t overlook the fact that workers are disposing of toxic waste improperly, nor does she like the fact that the employees are bring forthing an inferior merchandise because they are cutting so many corners.

Even if this means that she will be one of many, fring their occupations. As a Deontologist, she has to make what is morally right, even if it means that the result will ache about everyone involved including herself. Sandy will hold to travel against Johns wants. She can non bury about Occupational Safety and Health Administration ( OSHA ) or the Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA ) . She will describe her findings to the proper governments. She will state John that she can non lie on company paperss because it is unethical. Sandy will make what is morally right, even if it means she will free her occupation and her wellness insurance.

Looking at this quandary in the Ethical Relativist position, Sandy would modify figures on the quality-control studies because this is considered common pattern at her house. & # 8220 ; Harmonizing to the Relativist position, definitions of ethical behaviour are derived subjectively from the experiences of persons and groups. Relativists use themselves or the people around them as their footing for specifying ethical standards. & # 8221 ; ( Ferrel & A ; Fraedrich, 1997, p.

59 ) In order for John to hold saved the production workers occupations in the first topographic point, person had to alter the figures on the gross revenues studies to demo that gross revenues have non gone down. It is besides common pattern for company & # 8217 ; s to take rivals package and usage parts of it as their ain. If this wasn & # 8217 ; t true, do you believe you would hold of all time heard of a company called Microsoft?As an Ethical Relativist, Sandy followed what she considered to be ethically acceptable behaviour, since modifying figures is common pattern at her house, she did non happen it to be immoral.

The last theory I would wish to discourse is Rule Utilitarianism. & # 8220 ; Rule Utilitarianism determines behaviour on the footing of rules, or regulations, designed to advance the greatest public-service corporation, instead than on an scrutiny of each peculiar situation. & # 8221 ; ( Ferrel & A ; Fraedrich, 1997, p. 56 ) As a Rule Utilitarian, Sandy must follow the regulations, which means she could non alter the figures on the quality-control studies. Even though it may be considered common pattern at Sandy & # 8217 ; s house, it is still considered unethical behaviour. Sandy can non modify the quality control statistics even if it means she will free her occupation, and she can non overlook the workers disposing of toxic waste improperly.

Even if this means that she will be one of many, fring their occupations. As a Rule Utilitarian Sandy can non bury about OSHA or the EPA. She will state John that she can non alter the information on company paperss because it is unethical. Sandy will make what is morally right, even if it means she will lose her occupation and her wellness insurance along with many other employees.

Looking at these assorted results from merely one quandary shows how otherwise a state of affairs can turn out because of person & # 8217 ; s ethical and moral doctrines. We all must do ethical determinations, and some determinations are much harder to make up one’s mind so others because of what is at interest. By looking at these different doctrines, I was non seeking to judge or make up one’s mind what is morally right or morally incorrect, alternatively I was merely seeking to convey to illume how a determination can hold an consequence on everyone around them.

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