In 2002, Anhui Jinhe Industrial Co.

, ltd was established, by a amalgamation of Wandong Jinrui, a chemical technology company and two other companies ( Anhui Jinhe Industrial Co. , ltd ) . This company is located at NO.127 on the east street in Lai an County, Anhui Province. Through about 10 old ages of development, Anhui Jinhe Industrial has become a big specified chemical endeavor which has ”billions of Yuan in entire assets and about3000 employees ” ( The Booklet of Anhui Jinhe Industrial Co. , ltd ) .

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This company insists on beef uping direction and optimising the construction of the merchandises harmonizing to the market ( Anhui Jinhe Industrial Co. , ltd ) . Because of its proper scheme, the end product and gross revenues gross have increased by a big border.

Even in 2008, a twelvemonth which all of the companies suffered under the economic crisis, Anhui Jinhe Industrial Co. , ltd earned ”1.45 billion Yuans ” , which was ”0.

39 billion more than its gross in 2007 ” ( Financial Report Analysis, 2 ) . This company now is able to bring forth ”25000 dozenss of ammonium hydroxide,150000 dozenss of carbamide, 2000 dozenss of grocery class spice and kernel,1500 dozenss of linear agent for nutrient, 100000 dozenss of azotic acid and 100000 dozenss of methanal ” during one twelvemonth ( Anhui Jinhe Industrial Co. , ltd ) .

Because of its monolithic end product and outstanding gross revenues gross, it contributes to the local revenue enhancement gross and besides promotes the development of the local economic system. What is more, this company has acquired a batch of concern endeavor natural intelligence awards such as ”Model Unit ” , ”Famous grade in Anhui Province ” and many other certifications for direction ( The Booklet of Anhui Jinhe Industrial Co. , ltd ) .The dominant merchandises of this company can be divided into 3 parts: chemical fertiliser, nutrient additive, and cardinal chemical industrial stuffs. Chemical fertiliser includes urea and ammonium hydrogen carbonate. Food linear contains acesulfame K, natural maltol, ethyl maltol, and vanillin. Liquid ammonium hydroxide, azotic acid, methanal, ethanal ” cyanuramide, industrial Mg oxide, neopentyl ethanediol, and Na formate are the cardinal chemical industrial stuffs this company produces ( Sun ) .The fabrication procedure of the undermentioned merchandises: ammonium hydrogen carbonate, urea, azotic acid and cyanuramide will be explained in item.

As ammonium hydroxide is needed to bring forth all of the above, the first procedure is to synthesise ammonium hydroxide. This company uses the Harbor ammonium hydroxide procedure to synthesise ammonium hydroxide ( Sun ) . Hydrogen gas and N gas are the starting stuffs. Hydrogen gas ”is colorless, nonmetallic, and tasteless and it is extremely combustible ” . It is unsafe because ”if Hydrogen gas is assorted with Oxygen gas or Chlorine gas, there can be an detonation ” ( Hydrogen Wiki ) .

Nitrogen gas is besides colourless, nonmetallic, and tasteless, but it is non combustible ( Sun ) . In general, it is inactive therefore it is safe. To synthesise ammonium hydroxide, the reaction should be under ”200atm at 500 ” , utilizing ferrous oxide as catalyzer ” ( Sun ) , by heating Nitrogen gas and Hydrogen gas together, and so ammonium hydroxide is synthesized.

The Chemical equation is:N2 ( g ) + 3H2 ( g ) =2NH3 ( g )Ammonia gas is an alkaline gas which is highly ”easily to be dissolved in H2O ” ( Sun ) . ”It is colorless but is an thorn, and it is toxicant and this makes it really unsafe for people ” ( Sun ) . The following measure is to bring forth ammonium hydrogen carbonate. Dissolve ammonium hydroxide into H2O to do ammonia solution. ”Then set C dioxide into the solution, therefore C dioxide reacts with it and the crystal of ammonium hydrogen carbonate will be separated out ” ( Sun ) . The chemical equation of this reaction isNH3+CO2+H2O=NH4HCO3The followers is the fabricating procedure of Urea. Urea is synthesized by ammonium hydroxide and C dioxide gas straight.

Carbon dioxide is besides a ”colorless, odorless, nonmetallic, and tasteless gas ” . It is ” non able to back up burning ” ( Carbon dioxide, Wiki ) . To bring forth urea, the reaction occurs in a urea synthesis tower in which the temperature is between ”186~188 ” and the force per unit area of about 200 standard pressure ” ( Introduction of the procedure of Urea, 6 ) . This chemical equation can explicate this fabrication procedure:2NH3 + CO2 = ( NH2 ) 2CO + H2OThen, divide the liquid carbamide from the mixture of liquid and gas produced during the last procedure. ”Spray the liquid carbamide from a high topographic point, which cools the liquid carbamide and solidifies it ” ( Introduction of the procedure of Urea, 6 ) .

In this manner, farinaceous carbamide is made, and used as a fertiliser.Urea is the natural stuff to bring forth cyanuramide. Urea is a ”solid which can be dissolved in H2O easy ” ( Sun ) . There are two different methods to bring forth the cyanuramide.The first 1 is high force per unit area liquid-phase method, in which the reaction occurs at 370-450 ” and under the force per unit area of 7-10MPa.

And the 2nd 1 is catalyzed gas-phase method, in which the reaction takes topographic point at 390 ” and under a force per unit area that is less than 0.3MPa ” ( Melamine, Wiki ) . This company uses the 2nd method. The followers is the chemical equation for this reaction:6 ( NH2 ) 2CO = C3H6N6 + 6 NH3 + 3 CO2In the fabrication procedure of azotic acid, the first measure is to blend the ammonium hydroxide gas and the air, so the ”ammonia reacts with the O gas in the air at 860 ‘ & As ; aelig ; ?± ( Introduction of the procedure of the azotic acid, 2 ) , therefore N dioxide and H2O are produced.

Here is the representation of this reaction:NH3 + O2 ” NO2 + H2ONitrogen dioxide is a ”reddish brown gas which is toxicant and an thorn ” ( Nitric acid Wiki ) . The following procedure is fade outing nitrogen dioxide into H2O when O is needed. In this manner, azotic acid is produced. The chemical equation of this reaction is:4NO2 + 2H2O + O2 = 4HNO3The merchandises introduced above drama a important function in agribusiness and industry. Ammonium hydrogen carbonate is one of the chemical fertilisers that are widely used in agribusiness.

It provides N to the workss and harvests. This compound can besides be used in ”plastic industry and gum elastic industry ” ( Ammonium bicarbonate Wiki ) . Urea is besides a popular chemical fertiliser.

Its map is similar to ammonium hydrogen carbonate. Both of them provide nitrogen to the workss and harvests, but urea is ”more stable than the former 1 ” ( Sun ) . Melamine is used to ”produce cyanuramide rosin, a really lasting thermosetting plastic which is widely used in kitchen utensils ” . Melamine can besides be used to bring forth ”melamine froth, a polymeric cleansing merchandise ” which is really utile in our day-to-day lives ( Melamine Wiki ) . Azotic acid is besides a utile chemical compound.

It can be used to clean nutrient and other dairy equipment as ”it is able to take precipitated Ca and Mg compounds ” ( Nitric acid Wiki ) . Besides, it besides plays a really of import function in ”manufacturing explosives, aroma, drugs and dyes ” ( Uses of Nitric Acid ) . The monetary value of the ammonium hydrogen carbonate is 640 Yuan per ton, the monetary value of the carbamide is 1570 Yuan per ton, and the monetary value of the cyanuramide is 9600 Yuan per ton and the monetary value of the azotic acid is 3243 Yuan per ton. They are all non really expensive ( Sun ) .To reason, Anhui Jinhe Industrial Co. , ltd is a company keeps traveling.

The end product and gross revenues gross both increase annually assuring a bright hereafter for the company. This company gives fiscal AIDSs to those hapless pupils to assist them travel on their farther surveies every twelvemonth, lending to the development of local instruction. However, as it is a chemical industrial company, it does hold some bad effects on the environment. Anhui Jinhe Co.

, ltd is expected to pay more attending to cut downing the air and H2O pollution.