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Chapter I
An Online Reservation for Beauty Salon
A. Introduction

Over the old ages. the cyberspace has greatly changed the manner people use computing machines and communicate today. Many Internet footings have become portion of people’s mundane life. By the bend of the century. information. including entree to the Internet. will be the footing for personal. economic. and political
promotion. Internet find you the latest fiscal intelligence. browse through library catalogs and many more. You can besides interchange information with friends ; Internet is besides the tool that will take you beyond information about our milieus and it besides gives cognition to other people.

Modern day’s web sites seem to be one of the beginnings of information today. Website is a typically written in a field text but because of our engineering. it can be seen as a faculty in the cyberspace. Website can be used for personal intents. concern intents and it can besides be used in giving some information.

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Beauty Salon can do a web site for their other concern intents. The first thing to get down in taking a salon is to measure what needs to be done. A client who merely wants her hair trimmed might travel to a beauty salon. If a adult female wants her hair cut quickly she might be see a walk-in salon and seeking to happen her regular stylist. For other sort of services. a adult female wants to believe about a full-service in by-appointment-only beauty salon. This signifies that she will hold a stylist that knows what she wants to be done. Other than that clients can hold a job while they were travel to the nearest salon. sometimes the stylist they want are non available so they will wait for it and for some ground sometimes clients are truly impatient so they will travel to the other Salon and do their hair intervention at that place. Traditional reserve of a Beauty Salon is a manner that the clients are traveling to the salon and have a agenda for a intervention and for scheduling an hairstylist. While the on-line reserve for a beauty salon you can reserve a intervention and taking a hair chest of drawers that the clients truly wanted. It’s easy to hold an online reserve than walking to a salon to hold a reserve. It can salvage clip for those clients with a feverish agenda.

The chief aim is to develop a system for an on-line Reservation of a Beauty Salon. This survey aim specifically the followers listed below:
1. To salvage adequate clip going about than looking other salon’s that
is full of client. 2. It is easy to hold an on-line reserve for adult females and other adult male that are excessively busy making things and they don’t have adequate clip to pass merely for waiting in the Salon. 3. Having an on-line reserve of beauty salon can derive more clients because of the singularity of it. 4. Customers can hold trim clip and they can take what yearss they can hold a intervention in the Beauty Salon. 5. They can take a hairstylist that they truly wanted than holding a new one because of the handiness of the hairstylist.

Significance OF THE STUDY
The followers will profit from this:
* Customers: They can derive good services in the beauty salon and besides they will non travel at that place at beauty salon to acquire some reserves. They can take their ain hairstylist if they wanted. * Beauty Salon: They can derive more clients as they use an on-line reserve for the clients.

The research includes some information about the Beauty Salon. Website Reservation. and Customers Agenda in the specific salon. The restriction of this system is it merely covers the reserves of the clients. How they can acquire a reserve and the handiness of the stylist they want.


Chapter II

A beauty salon may merely offer hair attention & A ; hair titling services. or nail services. manicures and pedicures. Most concerns classified as beauty salons offer a combination of hair styling and nail services. In add-on. beauty salons may offer tegument attention services performed by estheticians. including seventh cranial nerves. exfoliating scrubs and anti-aging techniques. Many beauty salons besides offer decorative services such as make-up application. oculus beautification. and general makeovers and decorative direction.

( Salas. Mega manner magazine. 2013 ) says that when people talk about beauty. certain things come to mind-makeup or interior decorator outfits or skincare line-limiting the construct of beauty to something superficial. Beauty icon Audrey Hepburn. nevertheless. differ when she said that the beauty of adult female is non in the apparels she wears. the figure that she carries. or the manner she combs her hair. True plenty. many will hold that existent beauty comes from someplace deeper than tegument. Life Science believes in precisely that.

Online Appointment Scheduling is an optional characteristic that is included with all bundles of package. Your concern can hold its ain. customized web site and your clients can book assignments and see your business’s information such as services offered. specials. location. over the Internet. This besides gives the research worker a background sing the facets which have been studied and non yet studied.

Patricia McLaughlin ( 1990 ) . over 26 million of people visit a beauty salon. and 68 of them choose their ain hairstylist or stylist for psychological grounds. Some of clients speaking with their hairdresser for their ain jobs and many of the clients believe in the advice of the stylist. McLaughlin states that “Too much advertisement and you may hold overspent” . One of the biggest challenges of salon proprietor is acquiring the selling mix right. Over the old ages. salon’s proprietors learn how to publicize their concern in a proper manner. a small manner and they besides making a tests and mistakes.

Rather than that Beauty salons may hold some troubles in handling some customer’s. Marissa Gold ( 2013 ) noted that “communicate reasonably clearly” . She says that she wanted to hold a bantam trim for her hair but unluckily the stylist do andhours subsequently her hair cut an inch. And in the other clip the other stylist threaded her superciliums and so she believe that traveling to salon without a proper stylist is such a waste of clip.

Tune McCloskey ( 2013 ) as a former director of online content at Current Television. The San Francisco get down up helps consumers find and book a hair stylist. aesthetician. make-up creative person or other beauty professional online. McCloskey stated that “The whole procedure was so cumbrous. ” McCloskey wants to reexamine
sites and read another reappraisals. Finding a stylist is hard because oftentimes they weren’t available so you will wait for the following twosome of hebdomads. Feeling frustrated is a manner when you non happen the best stylist.

Having an on-line salon can hold a different tactics in footings of concern industry. ( Alexei Kouleshov. 2011 ) . Harmonizing to him booking for the salon has greatly improved to the universe. In the yesteryear. clients will travel to the salon and personally look into the agenda of coveted salon stylist and interior decorators so you can do an assignment. Harmonizing to him now the advantage is you can do picks of the services offered made by the salons. On his article there are several options of reaching a salon. One is the phone engagement for salons which you can utilize your phone in reaching a specific salon. and the other one is the online engagement system its utilizations a World Wide Web because of the cyber universe many concern proprietors recognize how effectual the cyber universe or cyberspace is.

The procedure for booking in the online salon is non complicated. You merely log in in the specific informations that they wanted to cognize. the clip of your handiness and the stylist that you truly wanted. Having an online is such a truly advantage of some concern proprietors. Advertising through cyberspace is a manner to pass on with other people like Netizens. StyleSeat Salon ( 2011 ) used an on-line engagement for their clients. Customers can do assignments online. StyleSeat has booked more than 2 million assignments. adding up to more than $ 100 million in concern for beauty professionals. Veronica Belmont. stated that in Style place “It’s much more convenient for my agenda. ” an on-the-go engineering and bet oning web picture host in San Francisco. She used StyleSeat to happen a hair and make-up creative person for her nuptials last autumn and to hold her hair done before a tech awards show last month. Aileen Lee agrees on what Belmont says. She said that “People are acquiring used to convenience and entree. ” make up one’s minding to acquire your nails done or your hair cut. you can merely merely log-in through cyberspace and book your assignment at that place. It merely takes 30 seconds and you can hold this reserve on you. Anita Chan. a accredited aesthetician. opened her skin care studio about three months ago in San Francisco’s Japan town. Previously. she had operated her concern out of her place while – for about two old ages – she
besides juggled a occupation as an international flight attender. Through the usage StyleSeat. she has been able to travel beyond Facebook to hold a presence on a beauty-specific site. She besides uses StyleSeat to pass on with clients and do engagement assignments easier. Chan besides said that “It saves me so much clip. ”

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Chapter III
This chapter presents the description of the research method to be used. a description of the respondents. the instruments to be used. the processs and statistical intervention utilized in analysing the information that will garner. This besides discusses the point of position of the respondents about holding a online reserve than making it manually.

A. Research Design
The research worker gathered some information about holding an on-line reserve for a beauty salon and about making it in traditionally manner. The research worker gathered some background information and some of the ailment. suggestions of the clients.



The expression that was used in this survey is:
* Sloven’s Formula- to find the sample population. The border of mistake is 2 % .

n = N
1 + Ne?
1+1700 ( 2 % ) ?
1+1700 ( 4 % )
=35 – the figure of responses

D. Tools and Techniques
The research worker is traveling to utilize study questionnaire technique. Using this technique. the information will be gathered. analyzed. and taken. The computing machine which is an electronic device that is capable of executing arithmetic and logical operations are the tools for the research. Using the computing machine. the research worker will be able to garner more information and compare the idea of others researcher. D. 1 Instruments

The participants will be given some clip to finish the study questionnaire upon petition. After roll uping the questionnaires. their responses will be tallied. computed. analyzed. and recorded. * Online Research- it is a method utilizing the cyberspace for informations assemblage. * Library Research- a really common method for research and informations assemblage utilizing books and other resources. * Survey Questionnaires- a method utilizing questionnaires that are given and to be answered by the respondents.

Tocopherol. Statistical Instruments

The research worker uses the expression below in order to acquire the per centum of each and every inquiry given: P= Percentage
N=Total No. of Students

In acquiring the per centum. the frequence is divided to the entire figure of