Last updated: July 28, 2019
Topic: Health
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An example that I saw on my practicum was with the Care Aides, that because sometimes there is just one care aide assigned for 15 residents. Some of them are two persons assist, but they have to do their care by themselves, because there is no enough staff for all the residents. So, Care Aides have to get all the resident ready for breakfast at 0830 even when sometimes they don’t have time to perform a proper technique for peri care for the residents. They just want to have the job done without care about the consequences for the residents. Also, sometimes the nurse has to give medication to all the residents that in so many occasions, she doesn’t have the time to wait and make sure that some of them take their medication, she just wants to finish with all the medications that she has to give.

In my opinion, this model has a positive effect for the staff members such as less costly to implement. Example, when we are working in a long-term care facility, sometimes we have to give medication for many patients and we don’t have the enough time to do other responsibilities such as vital signs taking. With this model, we may have the opportunity to assign the task to another nurse, but it can be risky, on the other hand, because of the possibility that the other nurse may forget to report or may get busy on their own responsibilities. This is where miscommunication may start and the patient quality of care is at risk. Also, in the way that its focus on the task instead on the client, the staff may focus on the job done without care about the patient’s condition. Another disadvantage of this model is that, it does not ensure patient’s needs are met. And as a nurse our first goal is the client needs, in this model the quality of care is compromised.

This model focuses more on task instead of patients. Staff are assigned according to their qualification, abilities, and the task required (Perry, Potter 2015).  So, as nurses our first goal is the patient health. When we are caring for our patients, the first thing is that we must act on is to be approachable and demonstrate sincere care and concern for the patient. In that way we can establish good rapport and nurse-patient relationship.