A. Plot1.

Setting- In the actuality. Australia in their work office. train or public coach. room in his house. public route and a park.

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2. Mood- humurous3. Protagonist- Jason* Physical attributes- 25-30 old ages. white an Australian race. good looking and elegant adult male. * Social attributes- educated. professional. individual4.

Conflict- One individual against himself.5. Rising Action- The minute when Jason glimpses at Tracey through the window of his office

6. Turning point- There are many turning points.* When she confesses the secret that she is watching foremost. * Climax- When he wants to run into with her.

but he have fear to ask for her to the first day of the month.
7. Resolution- When they foremost meet.B. SymbolismC. Obviously all the short movie is a symbolism because they express their feelings by marks Irony* Situational Irony‘’So near and so far’’ . The locale is the infinite between the two edifices.

There is a disagreement because he is enduring for her and he can traverse the street. travel to the edifice and ask for her. D.

Poetic Justice

* No found in this short movie.E. Foreshadowing* Musical – The movie has no duologue between the two chief characters. merely a soundtrack. Changes in the tune line and great path at the terminal of film ; in this instance the music shows us the emotions of the supporters. F. Thesis Where do you happen love? If we knew.

we would all cognize where to look. Sometimes all you need is a mark G. Improving the narrative and the film * What scenes would you add? A scene with the life of her for knows what sort of people she is.

* What scenes you leave out? Modify? I will non modify any scene. * How would you modify the scene. the supporter. the other characters. the duologue? No modify * How would you alter camera angles in different scenes? Yes. in a portion to see what she sees.

* Other alterations? I would alter all the concluding portion. The scene would be a perfect romantic brush.