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In the conversational transcript, there are many uses of discourse structure. These include adjacency pairs, hesitations, false starts, conversational fillers, overlaps, interruptions, co-operative signals, discourse markers and phatic speech. Firstly, adjacency pairs are used in the conversational transcript as a way to build the conversation. The extract ‘H: //his mother? C: yeah everyone did// on his side,’ shows this due to the fact that the hairdresser is using the adjacency pairs to continue the conversation and to keep it flowing.

The purpose of this is to avoid awkwardness between the two speakers and to create a seemingly confortable atmosphere and to describe and explain the customers story. The audience in this conversational extract is entirely the two speakers. The context of this is that the two speakers are in a salon which would result in this conversation happening, as the two people attempt to have an easy conversational flow whilst the customer has their hair attended to.

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Secondly, the use of informal language is used throughout in the conversational transcript which shows that the two speakers are very confortable with each other and may possibly know each other. This can be seen from the extract, ‘C: we went on to have six (. ) H: six! ’ Also, the fact that the conversation about her cheating husband is taking place shows that the two speakers are not entirely close friends as this conversation would have taken place already.

Another thing to show this is that there is the use of time as the customer tells the hairdresser how she met her husband prior to his cheating. Following this, there are no uses of lexical fields in this whole conversational transcript. This is surprising as the two speakers are in a situation where this is needed. However, it could be suggested that the use of lexical fields have already taken place, when the customer had first walked into the salon.

This shows that the two speakers have been there for some while and the extract from the transcript is somewhere near the middle of the conversation due to the fact the language is so informal and relaxed. Lastly, the uses of taboo swear words show that the two speakers are again confortable with each other. This can be seen from the extract, ‘I think we thought we were the bloody Waltons // I’m not sure. ’ The purpose for this use of lexis could be to exaggerate the customers point and show her opinion towards the comment.