For any organisation, it is really of import to analysis its competitory scheme before explicating its strategic aim. The procedure of graduating competitory is really of import for all organisation in


In this Modern epoch, for any administration the sucess or failure many depends on its nucleus Competition.Competitive Startegy like any other stargey play a of import function for administration to acheive is Startegic Objective. Competivite scheme map is to establising a profitable and sustainable place an any industry against all forces in the environment like competitors.For any scheme that should go sucessful, it should understand all factors like internal environment, external environment, macro environment etc. Having the cognition about these parametric quantities, which helps the administration to where and how to vie, where to place its merchandise and services and whom to aim etc with the available resources in the administration.

They are assorted method used to analyse and find the competiviteness of an organisation like,

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General Electrical Stoplight Strategy

BCG Matrix

Mckinsey ‘s Industry Attractiveness / company Strength Matrix

Net income Impact of Market Strategy ( PIMS )

Scenario Planing

SPACE Matrix

On the above conventionally methods we have some restrictions which are indicated in the literature. Now we are traveling to analyse a technique which is used to get the better of the restrictions of the above methods, called SPACE Matrix ( Strategic Position and Action Evaluation ) .

When we compare the SPACE matrix with the others like General Electric portfolio and Mckinsey attacks, we found that in that above two methods, one axis in the matrix represent the overall attraction of the industry and other represents the administration ability to vie in the completive market infinite.

SPACE Matrix or Strategic Position and Action Evaluation matrix is a tool used to explicate the administration scheme and besides used to happen its competitory place in the Environment.

SPACE matrix technique uses another two dimensions apart from the one which we discuss supra, like industry ‘s stableness and fiscal strength. All these four dimensions are assessed and evaluated by several factors. Thus a figure of factors help the trough to place the right alternate strategic from the options available, for improvement of the administration.

On analyzing, we found that this SPACE matrix is non good known by administration in many states. Though Space matrix is holding some literature reappraisal in the history, many of them did n’t happen the existent advantage of this matrix. In this article we discuss about the importance of the SPACE matrix and a conjectural instance survey for our apprehension.

Four Dimensions

Using the SPACE matrix method we find the strategic position/posture of an administration. We have analyzed four dimensions in this method ; two contribute to the internal dimensions and the other two to external dimensions. The internal dimension includes competitory advantage and the fiscal strength which are the major factors to find the strategic place of any organisation. The external dimension includes the industry strength and the environmental stableness which is used to place the strategic place in the industry. By measuring these four dimensions, we result in four different strategic positions viz. ,

Aggressive Strategic Position

Competitive Strategic Position

Conservative Strategic Position

Defensive Strategic Posture

After placing the appropriate position of an administration, which in bend helps to place the administration generic competitory schemes. This leads to specify the strategic push for the concern. Afterwards the troughs or the top degree direction of the administration can take the appropriate scheme in which their administration needs to concentrate to accomplish the strategic aim and end. The four strategic includes,

Overall cost leading scheme

Differentiation scheme

Focus scheme

Defensiveness scheme

Now we will understand the key factors which afters these four dimensions i.e. aggressive strategic position, competitory strategic position, conservative strategic position and defensive strategic position.

The factor which affects the environmental stableness of an administration are technological alteration, demand variableness, rate of rising prices, monetary value scope of the competitory company merchandises, competitory force per unit area, monetary value snap and entry barrier. The factors which influence the Industry strength includes growing and net income potency, engineering cognize how, capital strength, resource use, easy to come in in to any new market, productiveness or capacity use and fiscal stableness. Next the really acute factors which affects the competitory advantage includes Product quality, market portion, merchandise replacing rhythms, merchandise life rhythm, perpendicular integrating, technological knowhow, competitory capacity use etc. The factors which influence the Financial strength dimensions are ROI ( return on investing ) liquidness, purchase, capital required or capital available, portion holder wealth, runing net income hazard involved and issue from the market.



Environmental Stability

Rate of rising prices

Technological alterations

Demand variableness

Price scope of merchandises

Entry barrier in to the new market

Price snap of demand



Industry Strength

Growth possible

Fiscal stableness

Net income potency

Technology cognize how

Capital strength

Ease of entry

Productivity use

Capacity use





Competitive Advantage

Market portion

Product life rhythm

Product quality

Customer trueness

Replacement rhythm

Rivals capacity

Vertical integrating

Technology cognize how


Fiscal Strength

ROI – return on investing



Cash flow

Capital required

Capital available

Hazard involved ( concern )

Exit from market


The Four Strategic Postures

The four positions i.e. aggressive strategic position, competitory strategic position, conservative strategic position and defensive strategic position are show below in the SPACE matrix chart.

Aggressive Strategic Position:

This is typical in an attractive industry where the economic system is under really stable conditions. The industry or organisation take full advantage of chances in ain or related industry, for new amalgamations and acquisition, increase the company market portion. In this position it is hard for any new entrants.

Competitive Strategic Position:

This is typical in an attractive industry where the economic system is under unstable conditions. The company will get competitory fiscal resource ; increase its market portion and push. Increase its gross revenues force and besides better or extends the merchandise line.

Conservative Strategic Position:

This is in typical low growing and stable market. They focus on fiscal stableness. Cut cost, prune the merchandise lines, cut down the work force, hard currency flow betterment, NPD ( new merchandise development and entry in to new and attractive markets.

Defensive Strategic Position:

The feature of this position is in an unattractive industry. Here the critical factor is the rivals. They lack in fiscal strength and competitory merchandise. The organisation program for the cost decrease technique, reduces its new investing etc.


SPACE matrix strategic direction tool illustration

Therefore we can state the SPACE matrix will assist the administration to explicate its strategic end and aid to place its competitory place in the market infinite. If we need to do determination based on two or more strategic, so we need to travel for the other tool called Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix ( QSPM ) .

The McKinsey / General Electric Matrix:

Now we discuss about the McKinsey GE Matrix. When the General Electric Company has found that the BCG matrix has non cope up with what the GE expects, the GE consult the Mckinsey for the solution. The Mckinsey Company formulated the matrix called McKinsey GE matrix or 9 box matrix or concern strength matrix. The basic alterations that are made to BCG Matrix are, foremost the market growing is replaced by the Market attraction. Then the market portion is replaced by the competitory strength. Thus the McKinsey General Electric matrix is used to happen the competitory place of any administration.

The GE /McKinsey Matrix is used to analyse the concern portfolio of an administration as portion of strategic planning.

Factors – Market Attraction

There are assorted factors that affect the market attraction of any administration. They are listed as follows,

Market Size

Market Profitableness

Market Growth

Pricing tendencies

Competitive competition / strength

Hazard involved


Market Cleavage

SCM – Distribution portion

Factors – Competitive strength

There are assorted factors that affect the Competitive strength of any administration. They are listed as follows,

Strength of competences

Strength of assets

Market Share

Cust trueness

Cost construction V rivals

SCM ( strength of the distribution concatenation )

Technology cognize how

Fiscal resources

In GE Mckinsey matrix, each variable has some given some weight age, so that the overall attraction of any industry can be calculated.

The Formula is given below,

Industry Attractiveness = AF11 + AF22

Where AF11 = Attractiveness Factor 1 Value by Factor 1 weighting

AF22 = Attractiveness Factor 2 Value by Factor 2 weighting,

Similarly, the concern unit strength can be calculated as

Business Unit Strength = SF11 + SF22

Where SF11 = Strength Factor 1 Value by Factor 1 weighting

SF22 = Strength Factor 2 Value by Factor 2 weighting,

The nine block matrix which is formed by two dimensions, one is concern units strength and the other is the industry attraction, the matrix is shown below,

Industry attraction

High Medium Low

Investing and


Selective Growth


Selective Growth







Medium Low

From the above matrix we can reason that, if the Industry attraction and the Business unit strength are high, so we can put in new undertakings and can see the growing. Where as if the Business unit strength likes high and the industry attraction is average so we can see there is a selective growing in that peculiar industry. But if both the Industry attraction and the concern unit strength are low or medium, so the industry should be really selective in taking any scheme or investment. The last phase discuss that if both the dimensions, industry attraction and Business unit strength are low, the industry must be really careful in the scheme planning. That is it should follow the Harvest and Divest method, thereby it can prolong in the competitory environment.