Analysis of Events of the Beautiful Game Most openly accessible soccer statistics are constrained to accumulated information, for example, goals, shots, fouls, cards. While surveying performance or building predictive models, this basic aggregation with no specific circumstance, can be misleading. For instance, a team that delivered 10 shots on target from long range has a lower possibility of scoring than a team that created same measure of shots from inside the penalty box.

The derived measurement from this straightforward tally of shots will similarly asses the two teams. A soccer game creates significantly more occasions and it is imperative and interesting to consider the setting in which those occasions were produced. This dataset should keep soccer fans and enthusiasts conscious for extended period as a lot of questions can be answered by this analysis.This dataset provides 11 types of events, and additionally the primary and secondary player involved in those events and numerous other statistics.

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The dataset gives a detailed view of 9074 games, totalling 941, 009 events from the top 5 European soccer leagues: England, Spain, Germany, Italy and France from 2011/2012 season to 2016/2017 season.There is a huge amount of questions that can be answered from this analysis. For instance,·         What is the likelihood of a shot being a goal given its shooter, area and assist method.·         At what point of the game are the teams more likely to score?·         Which team or player make the best utilization of set pieces?·         In which league are the referee more prone to give a card?·         How to players perform when they shoot with their weaker foot as compared to their strong foot?·         Distinguish distinctive style of plays (shooting from long range versus shooting from the penalty box, crossing vs passing the balling, use of headers)·         Which teams create chances from the flanks?