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There are several issues being faced by assorted organisations but one of the major issue is the “ Motivation ” issue, today maximal organisations have human resource directors with them to pull off the issues associating to it but the major concern is to cover with the motivational portion as it plays a critical function in the smooth running of the organisation but about all the human resource directors do non take the motivational portion as their precedence. Organization ‘s are confronting large challenges in maintaining the religion of its employees in it, there are major issues in keeping the proper motivational factor ‘s for its employees because of it the work inefficiency and deficiency of satisfaction among the employees is seen due to which they are unable to keep the proper balance amongst the on the job people and their efficiencies.

Introduction – The Indian Hotels Company Limited ( IHCL ) and its subordinates are jointly known as Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces and is recognized as one of Asia ‘s largest and finest hotel company. Incorporated by the laminitis of the Tata Group Mr. Jamsetji N. Tata, the company opened its first belongings, The Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Bombay in 1903. The Taj, a symbol of Indian cordial reception, completed its centennial twelvemonth in 2003. ( taj hotels,2011 )

Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces comprises 93 hotels in 53 locations, including 25 Ginger hotels across India, with an extra 16 international hotels, From world- celebrated landmarks to modern concern hotels, idyllic beach resorts to reliable expansive castles, each Taj hotel offer an matchless merger of warm Indian cordial reception, first service and modern luxury.

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Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces is committed to retroflex its domestic success onto international shores with programs to construct an international web of luxury hotels, which will supply an model product-service combination and in the procedure create a planetary trade name. The current international portfolio includes luxury resorts in the Indian Ocean, concern and resort finishs in the Middle East and Africa, serviced flats in the UK, the first hotel in Australia and three a top-end luxury hotels in the US. Taj Hotels farther expanded its planetary footmark by procuring direction contracts at thenar Island, jumeirah in Dubai, Saraya Islands in Ras Al Khaimah, Aldar Group in Abu Dhabi, UAE Langkawi in Malaysia and Thimpu in Bhutan.The most important add-ons to the Taj portfolio have been The Pierre. the iconic landmark hotel on New York ‘s Fifth Avenue, Taj Boston, Blue in Sydney, the Taj Cape Town in South Africa and the latest Taj Falaknuma Palace in Hyderabad. In 1993, the company established the Indian institute of hotel direction in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, in western India. ( taj hotels,2011 )

Throughout the company ‘s enlargement, its authorization has been twofold: to inculcate a sense of Indian heritage and civilization within each diverse belongings, while besides expecting the demands and desires of the sophisticated traveller over the old ages, the Taj has won International acclamation for its quality hotels and its excellence in concern installations, services, culinary art and insides.

Indian Hotel Industry –

Grosss of Hotel industry on India during the fiscal twelvemonth 2006-07 was INR604.32billion, a growing of 21.27 % over the old twelvemonth, chiefly driven by foreign tourer reachings, which increased by 14.17 % . Presently there are some 1,980 hotels approved and classified by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, with a entire capacity of about 110,000 hotel suites. With touristry industry demoing first-class public presentation, in footings of foreign tourers reaching and demand outpacing supply, the cordial reception industry, is poised to turn at a faster rate and make INR826.76 billion by 2010. It is estimated that over the following two old ages 70,000-80,000 suites will be added across different classs throughout the state. In the Indian scenario, the study covers the current tendencies in the Hotel industry ( increase in foreign tourer reachings, MNC ‘S plundering into India, demand supply mismatch acquiring closer, rise in Occupancy rates and RevPar and strong recovery of the Indian economic system ) , its construction ( composing of hotels ) , cardinal consumer sections ( concern traveller, leisure traveller, & A ; air hose cabin crew ) and value concatenation. As a portion of the derisking theoretical account the companies in the Indian hotel industry are besides traveling up the value concatenation to direction contracts and co-branding. ( Business beginning premier,2011 )

Objective —

The aim of the study is to show the importance in the demand of the motivational factor of human resource as a large issue and to indicate out the assorted cringle poles in the bing motivational factors used and to give them suggestion and recommendations which helps in the betterment of the motive factor which are the most appropriate direction responses to them from us.

Literature reappraisal – The reappraisal is taken from the Article published in the EBSCO

Writers: Gaine, Graham S.1 gsgaine @

La Guardia, Jennifer G.1

Beginning: motive & A ; emotion ; june2009, vol.33 Issue2, p184-202,19p,2 diagrams,5 charts

Other than this besides taking information from assorted diaries, newspapers.

I hope to acquire all the relevant information from this article sing the motivational facets and will analyse the information and will acquire a solution for the company ‘s human resource job which could be recommended to the company. Among the content theories, maslow ‘s demand hierarchy, Herzberg ‘s two-factor theoretical account and alderfer ‘s ERG attack are really popular. Maslow believes that there exists a hierarchy of demands, and a individual gets motivated to fulfill them in order of the hierarchy. Mcclelland ‘s achievement motive theory is yet another content theory. The theory posits that persons are motivated by three needs-need for accomplishment, demand for power, and need for association. Of the three, need for accomplishment has a greater significance. ( motive and emotion,2011 )


Motivation is an of import construct that has been having considerable attending from academicians, research workers and practising HR directors. In its kernel, motive comprises of import elements such as the demand or content, hunt and pick of schemes, goal- directed behaviour, societal comparing of wagess, support and public presentation satisfaction.

The increasing attendings paid towards motive are justified because of several grounds. Motivated employees come out with new ways of making occupations. They are choice oriented. They are more productive. Any engineering demands motivated employees to follow it successfully. Ability refers to the accomplishment and competency of the individual to finish a given undertaking. However, ability entirely is non plenty. The individual ‘s desire to carry through the undertaking is besides necessary. Organizations become successful when employees have abilities and desire to carry through given undertaking. ( industry insight,2011 )


One ground why motive is a hard undertaking is that the work force is altering. Employees join organisations with different demands and outlooks. Their values, beliefs, background, life styles, perceptual experience and attitude are different, non many organisations have understood these and non many HR experts are clear about the ways of actuating such diverse work force.

Motivating employees is besides more ambitious at a clip when houses have dramatically changed the occupations that employees perform, reduced beds of hierarchy, and jettisoned big figure of employees in the name of right-sizing or down-sizing. These actions have well damaged the degrees of trust and committedness. ( ashwathappa,2011 )

Importance of motive —

motivated employee are ever looking for better ways to make a occupation. This statement can use to. Corporate schemes, and to merchandise workers. it is the duty of directors to do employees to look for better ways of making their occupations

2.A motivated employee, by and large, is more quality oriented.

3.Highly motivated workers are more productive than apathetic workers. An grasp of the nature of motive extremely utile for directors.

4.Motivation as a construct represents a extremely complex phenomenon that affects, and is affected by, a battalion of factors in the organisational surroundings. An apprehension of the subject of motive is therefore indispensable in order to grok more to the full the effects of fluctuation in other reactions as they relate to public presentation, satisfaction and so forth. ( ashwathappa,2011 )

The STAR system –

The STAR system ( Particular Thanks and Recognition System ) was the inspiration of martyris. The system was developed in conformity with Taj ‘s nucleus doctrine that ‘happy employees lead to happy clients ‘ . STARS, operative throughout the twelvemonth was unfastened to all employees across the organisation, at al hierarchy degrees. It aimed to place. Reorganize and honor those employees who excelled in their work. Stars were actively promoted across the group ‘s 62 concatenation of hotels and among its 18,000 employees globally, out of which 15,000 were from India. The Taj group had ever believed that their employees were their greatest assets and the really ground for the endurance of their concern. In 2000, to demo its committedness to and belief in employees, the Taj group developed the ‘Taj People Philosophy ‘ ( TPP ) , , which covered all the people patterns of the group. TPP considered every facet of employees ‘ organisational calling planning, right from their initiation into the company till their old-age pension. TPP offered many benefits to the Taj Group. It helped the company boost the morale of its employees and better service criterions, which in bend resulted in repetition clients for many hotels in the group. The STAR system besides led to planetary acknowledgment of the Taj Group of hotels in 2002 when the group bagged the ‘Hermes Award ‘ for ‘Best Invention in Human Resource ‘ in the planetary cordial reception industry. ( icmrindia,2011 )

Points were granted to employees on the footing of parametric quantities like unity, honestness, kindness, regard for clients, environmental consciousness, squad work, co-ordination, co-operation, excellence in work, new enterprise, trustiness, bravery and strong belief among others. Employees could besides gain points through grasp by clients, ‘compliment-a-colleague ‘ and assorted suggestion strategies. Employees could besides acquire ‘default points ‘ if the reappraisal commission did non give feedback to the employee within two yearss of his/her offering a suggestion for the improvement of the organisation. In such instances, the employee was awarded ’20 default points. ‘ Hence, in an indirect mode, the system compelled Judgess of the reappraisal commission to give feedback to employees every bit early as possible.

STARS helped employees work together as a squad and appreciate fellow employees for their Acts of the Apostless of kindness and excellence. It enhanced their motive degrees and led to increase client satisfaction. ( icmrindia,2011 )

Harmonizing to the figure of points accumulated, employees would have a star, which could be pinned on to their coat. When a certain figure of points were collected, employees received gift shackles, hard currency verifiers or a holiday in a Taj Hotel of their pick in India. The victors of STARS were felicitated at a map held in Taj, Mumbai. The victor ‘s exposure were displayed on a large screen at the map and they received awards given by the MD of the Taj Group. This awards ceremonial significantly boosted their morale.

The STAR plan had generated batch of attending among the employees at the Taj Group. During the initial stage, non every hotel seemed to be serious about following STARS, but after the first award ceremonial was conducted, every hotel in the group reportedly became really serious about the execution of STARS. Reportedly, client satisfaction degrees increased significantly after the execution of STARS. Commenting in the success of STARS, martyris said, “ After the run was launched, a big figure of employees have started working together in the true spirit of squads and this helps us value our human capital. Employee acknowledgment is, therefore, straight linked to client satisfaction. It is acknowledgment for the people, of the people and by the people. Stars were besides used by the group as an assessment system, in add-on to its regular assessment system. ( icmrindia,2011 )

Loopholes in STAR System-

This system was radical in the Indian hotel industry and it gained much involvement of many Democrats and HR experts as this system was used as a really good tool to utilize the employees efficaciously and besides at their optimal degree as they gave their best at their work to acquire more and more wagess but this system besides had some weak points which came out after its first twelvemonth of debut some of the employees started experiencing jealous of others in acquiring wages points and some doubted the disposal for non assigning right points for the occupation done this created fractions amongst the employees and another large drawback of this system was the internal employees or the workers who are the anchor of the organisation were unable to acquire the benefits of this system they were included in the system but as they are on the other side they were non able to acquire an interaction from the clients therefore they were non able to acquire the points and benefits of this system due to which they were unhappy to make all the needed for the organisation but were unable to acquire the wagess and awards of this acknowledgment system.

Summary –

STAR system introduced by the Taj Group to acknowledge its Employees is an effectual system but it has some loopholes to cover like, other employees who are the anchor of the organisation who did n’t acquire a opportunity to interact with the clients or who are unable to explicate their importance and their part in the organisation are led behind because of this ground and therefore they are unable to acquire the wages points because of which they lack on the race to acquire awards and therefore feels unhappy because of it. This job can be resumed if a feedback is taken from the client sing the inside or the nutrient what they liked and particular and If they want to give some points on that or is there something they felt particular about the organisation if they are asked so so certainly they are traveling to acquire a good feedback and the employees which were unable to acquire response will be happy with the response from the clients. Motivation is an of import construct that has been having considerable attending from academicians, research workers and practising HR directors. In its kernel, motive comprises of import elements such as the demand or content, hunt and pick of scheme, purposive behaviour, societal comparing of wagess, support and public presentation satisfaction.