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Taking into history the suite of motive that young person has when practising touristry, it can be said that the young person travel takes extremely diverse signifiers. These signifiers are educational touristry, voluntary plans and “ work and travel ” , cultural exchanges or athleticss touristry and escapade travel.

In this article, we identified and analyzed in item the chief signifiers of young person travel both internationally and in Romania. We besides illustrated for each signifier of touristry the specific touristry merchandises aiming immature people and their preferable finishs.

In general, merely like touristry, youth travel takes many signifiers determined by the highly varied motives of immature people. The undermentioned signifiers are among the most known: educational touristry, voluntary plans, “ work and travel ” plans, cultural exchanges, athleticss touristry and escapade travel.

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Educational touristry aims to better the instruction procedure, to enrich the educational experiences by offering scholarships abroad, travel bundles that include cantonments, trips, foreign linguistic communication classs for any cognition degree, including preparation in any field ( medical, legal, touristry, direction, etc. ) or any class of involvement ( manner, design, humanistic disciplines, theater, dance, etc. ) . Educational touristry besides includes summer schools organized at pre-university and university degrees, and subject cantonments organized at national and international degrees.

The offer of travel bundles is highly varied and includes plans for kids and young person, every bit good as for their parents and grandparents, for students, pupils, graduate student pupils, PhD campaigners, immature employees, and provides academic surveies and readying plans for admittance to esteemed universities all over the universe, every bit good as integrating within an synergistic, extremely qualified environment and international acknowledgment of completed classs. Furthermore, the plans allow options to pass leisure clip, to take portion in variously cultural and fun activities with the group of co-workers of other nationalities in attractive locations.

This signifier of touristry is progressively developing in Romania besides, sing the demand imposed by society to cognize at least two foreign linguistic communications and to go familiar with assorted civilizations.

The current signifier of educational touristry has evolved at the same clip with the development of civilisations, the outgrowth of new engineerings and the demand to absorb them. Afterwards, the desire for self-education exterior of the school and university environment has created the premises of a new signifier of touristry – originative touristry – defined as being related with participative activities in the civilization of the host state through synergistic workshops and informal acquisition experiences.

International cantonments are the best schools for kids and young person because new information is assimilated like in a game, easing the acquisition procedure through similarity, imitation and repeat. The participants of these plans can be accommodated in university campuses, at households selected by the school, in pupil flats or inns and hotels, depending on age, penchant and type of plan. The plans include educational, societal, cultural activities, athleticss and trips, and may be achieved through intercultural exchanges, intending the host state will form these plans in the state of beginning of immature people besides.

The demand for language-learning touristry is turning ( over 2 % of immature tourers are chiefly motivated to go to larn a foreign linguistic communication and pass for these types of vacations about 3.300 $ ) and the mean age of immature people who travel for this intent is worsening. The mean length of stay for language-learning travels is 5-6 hebdomads, and the tendency is heading towards even longer corsets. Great Britain is the most of import finish for language-learning touristry, foregrounding the laterality of English on the market, but new finishs have started to emerge, such as: USA, Spain, Australia, Japan, Germany, France or Brazil. The providers of such type of touristry services signal the being of convergence points between the merchandises provided by them and other sectors of young person travel, such as supplying work experiences, escapade travels, cultural experiences and voluntary work.

In some states of the universe, more strict statistics are kept for a certain signifier of young person travel, viz. student touristry, either because the ground of travel is to analyze in the state of finish or because universities keep records about the figure of foreign pupils. Therefore, in New Zeeland, the figure of travels for educational intents grew by 60 % between the old ages 2000 and 2005, making over 50.000 reachings per twelvemonth[ 1 ]. The figure of immature people who travel for work during the vacations registered an addition in recent old ages besides. The United States Department of Commerce collects statistical informations about the touristry practiced by pupils through the “ I-94 traveler ” plan, a plan that identifies travelers, which monitors all types of visas. In 2004, the figure of visas for pupils who came from abroad was 492.000, higher by 3.5 % than in 2003 ( this figure excludes pupils from Canada and Mexico, because they do n’t necessitate a visa to come in the United States of America ) .

Volunteer plans represent another of import signifier of young person travel. The activity period as voluntaries may change from a few hebdomads to a twelvemonth, during which the participant is provided with adjustment, repasts, conveyance and pocket money. These plans do n’t include work licenses in the host state, because it is a voluntary activity. Young people will besides profit of linguistic communication classs, wellness insurance, a few twenty-four hours off each month, etc. A recent survey[ 2 ]shows that the volume of the voluntary planetary market is 1.6 million people per twelvemonth, with a value between 1.7 and 2.6 billion dollars.

Young person volunteering is an of import market for some states, and the countries where it can be practiced are varied: environmental protection, humanistic disciplines and civilization, activities with kids, immature people or aged, athleticss and diversion.

In Romania, due to the fact that non all immature people have entree to an equal instruction, assorted voluntary organisations are acquiring involved in forming categories on different topics ( foreign linguistic communications, IT, environment, etc. ) . Therefore, the Youth Action for Peace Romania association organizes with the aid of its voluntaries a series of free categories for disadvantaged young person that purpose for immature people to get new cognition about linguistic communications and IT.

Volunteer cantonments represent chances to research the possible offered by an international group of immature people who work together to implement a undertaking, to develop duologue, to hold merriment and to interact with local communities.

In order to consolidate and advance civil orders which stimulate volunteering, the European Union declared 20011 the European Year of Volunteering.

Tourism practiced by immature people with the intent of deriving work experience, viz. “ work and travel ” plans, represents a market niche that is turning continuously at planetary degree. It is the type of touristry with the most emphatic moral force within independent travels on the young person travel market. Most “ work and travel ” plans originate from young person exchanges organized in the states that have signed partnerships of this sort, being popular in parts like North America, Western Europe and Australasia. By far, the most known finish of this type of plans is the United States of America, followed by Australia, Canada, Great Britain, France, Spain, Greece, etc. Harmonizing to surveies, over 7 % of the planetary young person travel market is related, in one manner or another, to working abroad, and these tourers spend an norm of 3.200 $ /trip[ 3 ], but over 40 % of the entire cost is gained by working at the finish. Most immature people who participate in work & A ; travel plans take the determination to go and work abroad based on the information gathered from friends who have experienced such plans, and the mean length of such trips is about 6 months. The chief advantages gained by immature people who participated in such plans are:

Deriving work experience in a different cultural environment ;

Bettering a foreign linguistic communication ;

Establishing contacts with people from all over the universe ;

Visiting other topographic points ;

The chance to show freely and to hold fun with other immature people ;

The chance to gain a important sum of money.

“ Work and travel ” plans are chiefly aimed at immature pupils, but besides at immature alumnuss who take “ a twelvemonth off ” between high school and university. It is estimated that touristry practiced by young person who have a “ sabbatical twelvemonth ” is quantified around 1-1.5 million travels per twelvemonth, and most travels of this type are independently organized.

Cultural exchanges, as a signifier of young person travel, have considerable impact over the attitude of immature people, bring oning them the spirit of cultural tolerance and apprehension, the feeling of interpersonal trust and designation with planetary jobs. In other words, the direct benefits achieved by immature people from take parting in such exchanges are materialized in: the development of the ability to better understand the civilization of other people, their ain personality and individuality, every bit good as the feeling of belonging to the common fate of humanity.

As stated, cultural exchanges among young person have started to develop instantly after the Second World War when the first organisations whose chief end was to facilitate meetings among young person of different nationalities in order to avoid future struggles started to emerge. The factors with the biggest influence over the development of the intercultural tolerance spirit are the direct contact with immature people for the local population and with other young person and the positive practical experience.

Of class, exchanges of this type are straight influenced by the aims of the young person policies adopted by the authorities.

Another signifier of young person travel is athleticss touristry and escapade travel. These types of holidaies are an of import manner of run intoing the demands of immature people to pass leisure clip in an active mode, in the bosom of nature. We should stress the importance that athleticss and escapade travels have in footings of determining young person ‘s personality, the chance to detect new parts, new civilizations or ways of life or, merely, to accomplish a rich life experience.

Adventure travel means more than traveling out-of-doorss, it means a small history, civilization or contact with local communities, more so than in traditional touristry.

Adventure and athleticss touristry is progressively more demanded by young person, deriving new “ stylish ” finishs, but particularly new activities with a high degree of hazard. For immature people today, who seek bangs, utmost athleticss ( at least they were utmost one time ) like bungee jumping, snowboarding or surfing in the ocean are non plenty any longer. The most “ voguish ” amusements are much more unsafe, and a top of them would include on the first places: vent get oning – a type of snowboarding on an active vent, and non on a white incline, drop jumping, AirKick – immature people are thrown in a pool filled with H2O by utilizing a slingshot, Zorbing ball – immature people enter a elephantine ball and axial rotation, etc.

The activities suggested for athleticss and escapade corsets take into history the development of squad spirit, of communicating and accommodating abilities by sing the specific accomplishments of each participant.

Presently, there is a turning importance of leisure-orientated touristry activities aimed at immature people with an active life style, who are the zealots of original and reliable merchandises focused, among others, on detecting nature ( vegetations and fauna observation – bird observation, contemplating landscapes – route trips, etc. )[ 4 ]. Because of huge beaches, sacred mountains and eco-friendly road-trips, Southeast Asia is and will stay the figure one finish for young person seeking escapade.

In add-on to these signifiers of young person travel, there are surely others with a bigger or lesser importance within the country of touristry.


The young person travel sector has been through a rapid transmutation during the last decennary in footings of a series of phenomena taking topographic point, such as: increased supply and demand, the outgrowth of new market sections, variegation, professionalism and greater recognition of this signifier of touristry by the authoritiess of assorted states. The young person travel market has certain specific characteristics, and the most of import is complexness and heterogeneousness in footings of the motives of immature people, which are reflected in the pattern of assorted signifiers of touristry, and in footings of the supply, which is highly diversified.