Last updated: July 19, 2019
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Imagine Jill, a human, was born into a world where she can’t enjoy her life. She is constantly being tested on and tortured for the sake of other beings that she does not even know. They try to tell her that it’s beneficial to the people in the environment. However they’re gradually killing her by smearing poisonous wastes on her body, exposing her to toxic fumes, suffocating her, etc. Is it really beneficial? And who exactly is benefiting from her torture and death?

That is what millions of animals go through each year so that women can use that new eye liner that they want so bad, or that brand new foundation that commercials say will make women look flawless. Before purchasing a product such as makeup, females should check the back to see if it has been tested on animals. Women should not buy Cosmetic products tested on animals because testing on animals is an outrage. Women could argue that testing on animals is better than testing on humans, however testing on animals is hurting them when it’s not necessary.

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There are other methods of testing that would not require hurting animals or humans at all. Unfortunately, most companies put very little money into figuring out alternatives. They do that because they are not motivated to stop what they are doing. There are different alternatives to animal testing. There are things such as cell and tissue cultures (cosmetic testing). Also the technology we have today could replace animal testing, there are computerized structure activity relationship models. They could even take the corneas from human eye banks for test involving animal’s eyes.

Using these other forms of testing would be more reliable, and more humane. Females could also argue that not all beauty product companies test on animals. Some beauty product companies have stopped testing on animals but there are still many that haven’t. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) they do not require cosmetic companies to test on animals, they themselves choose to run these cruel tests. There are several companies like Avon, The Body Shop, and Mary Kay who distribute make up that has not been tested on animals that women could buy products from and still be satisfied(Allen).

The Companies besides bringing in a profit are actually not benefiting. It has been said that cosmetic testing on animals is very expensive. Not only is it expensive but it is not as reliable as it would be testing on something else because it is an animal, and each species reacts differently to various substances (Newkirk). Companies could actually save money but instead choose to make these animals suffer. Testing Products on animals is an outrage. Webster’s Dictionary defines an “outrage” as an act of cruelty or violence, or any gross violation of law or decency.

All outrages have certain characteristics and criteria. An Outrages criteria or characteristics would be that it’s something that strongly offends or insults. It could include protests and riots from people who are strongly against the topic. It intentionally afflicts pain in one way or another. An outrage is any form of abuse. An Outrage is a public outcry. Animal testing is an Outrage. It is an outrage because it is intentionally hurting and killing animals for selfish purposes. When scientists are conducting these experiments, the animal is either killed during it or subsequently euthanized (Animal Aid).

Research has been carried out stating that most tests are not needed and therefore could save 15,000 animals per year (Lin). It is an outrage that women could support the killing of so many animals all for a makeup product that they like. The numbers of animals in the US being tortured and killed in experiments varies widely but is in the millions. Females need to realize that by buying these products, they are enabling what those companies are doing. It is an outrage that companies that are not even required to test on animals still do it, showing that they show no concern for any of those animals well being.

Women should not buy cosmetics that have been tested on animals. Imagine women being tested on such as animals are. Frightened and slowly going blind from a cream the scientists have smeared into the women’s eyes. They then begin to run a different test where they suffocate them with toxicating fumes. Now there are women dying. There’s no one to stand up their life. No body to help them in this time of need. No body to speak on women’s behalf. There are just scientists watching them die, and people waiting for the company’s product to be put on sale.

Before purchasing a product that has been tested on animals think. Animals feel emotions and pain just like humans do. They bleed like humans do, they cry like humans do, they want a chance at life like humans do. They cannot speak up for themselves. They can’t tell someone when they are in severe pain, like humans can. Think about being forced to live life like they are. Think about the pain and suffering those animals go through for women’s benefit. If females stopped buying beauty products that have been tested on animals then companies would be losing customers.

Sales would go down and they would not profit as much as they are now. Then maybe companies would take a second look at why so many people do not want to buy their products and stop testing on animals. Women could save millions of animals by just making wiser decisions when it comes to choosing the beauty product they want. What could it hurt? What do women have to lose? Here’s what females can gain. They can gain the rewarding feeling of doing something good for someone else and knowing they saved an animal’s life.