In the movie Anne Frank it was very interesting. At first I noticed it really wasn’t the same as the book. The Van Danns had different last names and some people changed. I thought that the movie was good because I could see how everything was and I was able to have a picture in my head of what was going on.

I liked seeing how it was back then and what they went through. In the beginning of the movie and book Anne was pretty wealthy. Once the war started they went into hiding with the “Van Danns” and the dentist “Mr. Drussel”.

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After hiding for a while the war was soon about to end. Anne waited for this day for a long time. She couldn’t wait to see her friends again and she wanted to get her diary published.

Just before the war was over the Germans caught them. They were taken to a concentration camp. They thought it was ok and they kept their hopes up until they were all called to get sent to another one. This was a life and death situation now.

Were you going to live or die?When they arrived to this place they were thrown harshly off of the trains and onto the ground as they were separated. Anne was separated from her father Pim who she loved dearly. She went off with her mother and Margot. They were forced to take everything off of them.

They’re jewelry and clothes, and this after they were cruelly branded. I think that this was very mean. The overall movie was good though it was interesting and almost exciting to see what would happen to them next. I’m glad I got an opportunity to see both the video and read the book.