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Antigone Essay, Research Paper

Antigone was a altruistic individual with pride as a strong feature of her personality. She perchance had feelings of solitariness and choler from the manner society has looked upon her household from their yesteryear. It took a strong willed individual who has no fright of the reverberations to stand up to a male monarch as she did. To do everything all the worst she stood up to a male monarch who was her Uncle and she being a female back in those clip, standing up and talking out for herself was non heard of.

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Having already been through public shame, when her ain male parent, Oedipus found out that he was to carry through a prognostication ; he would kill his male parent and get married his female parent, and this caused Antigone to be full of bitterness toward her metropolis. Both of her brothers die in a conflict and, Creon, the male monarch of Thebes forbids the entombment of one of her brothers, Polynices. This must hold driven Antigone to follow her moral jurisprudence. Sing the love she had for her household every bit good as her God, she felt that you react upon ethical motives non upon the Torahs of adult male. That morale jurisprudence was to honour her brother and give him the respectful and proper entombment that he deserved merely as her other brother was given. The love she had for her household was the lone thing she had left to honour. Ismene, Antigone s sister was more fearful of the male monarch s jurisprudence so the manner her bosom was taking her. Her values were somewhat distorted.

Creon finds out that Polynices was buried and this disgusted him so much that his choler was likely bubbling up in the cavity of his tummy as if he was on fire. How could anyone withstand him? What happens with the regard he deserves from his land? He knew in his head if something sever was non done about this ; his land would non look up to him as he should be looked up to. Where would he stand in societies oculus? He sent an order to happen this individual and convey him or her dorsum to confront the punishment of decease.

Antigone was caught and decease was the monetary value to pay as ordered by Creon, non to her surprise. Death to Antigone seemed wanted, it was the lone thing left as award for her. Hydrogen

aemon, the boy of Creon and Antigone s fianc has adequate regard for his male parent that he does non interfere with Creon’s determination to set Antigone to decease. Alternatively, Haemon uses rearward psychological science to acquire through to his male parent, that what he was making was non looked upon as a proper penalty to the people. Respect for the dead was deserved for anyone. I was a spot surprised by one of Haemon’s remarks to Creon, no matrimony could of all time intend more to me than you, whatever good way you offer. I realized that he was merely dulcifying him up so that he could open his eyes and his head to the truth of his bosom. This gives the reader a spot of understanding for Creon because his eyes were closed to world of life.

Finally when Creon realizes that he may perchance be incorrect it was to late. I think the fright overwhelmed him into his determination to alter his penalty. He was told of these atrocious things that would go on to him if Antigone were to decease. By the clip he had changed his head it was a small to late Antigone had killed her ego. The hurting she felt

must hold taken a great toll on her. The idea that God would take her and clear her of all the shame she has felt through her life must hold gave her a glance of hope in decease.

Haemon killed himself when he found that Antigone was dead. He likely could non populate with out her or possibly could non bear to look to his male parent once more for the hurting he had put Antigone through. He had lost his true love. His female parent Eurydice had over heard the treatment of her boy s decease and this created a hurting in her bosom, as it would in any female parents bosom. Losing a boy, how could she bear it? She could non, so she ended her ain life.

In the terminal, Creon has created a Domino consequence because he was excessively proud. His pride took from him the of import things in life ; all he had left was a land, which in return may ne’er look up to him as a King. He was brought down from the highest point in his life and he took everyone he loved with him. He hit a rough world that a male monarch does non have his land but the land keeps a male monarch, a male monarch.