Last updated: August 17, 2019
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Apart from that, “I Can See Your Voice Malaysia” is an ear-catching
music entertainment show with a mystical twist which is come from Korean
format. A variety of mystery singers insist that who are good singer also known
as real vocalist. Regarding on three rounds of clues, the guest of artiste has
to differentiate good singer from the role players. Every round, singing skill
will be revealing by the mystery singer who has been eliminated. After three
rounds, the guest artiste performs a duet with the final mystery singer.

      On the other hand,” Sing! China” is
a Chinese reality television singing competition broadcast on Zhejiang Television. It is a rebranded version of “The Voice
of China “from “The Voice
of Holland” .The concept of the series is to find new
singing talent for solo or duets in order to aspiring singers drawn from public
auditions. The winner is selected through the way of votes cast by a media
judging panel and live audience. They receive a record deal with various labels for winning the
competition .The series hire a panel of four coaches who critique the artists’
performances and guide their teams of selected artists. They also compete to
ensure that their group can win the competition in a good situation, thus
making them the winning coach.

        Furthermore, the genre
among both of the TV show is reality talent show. The reality shows also known
as programs that report on or re-enact something that actually happened in the
real event. It is the medium provide to the participant show their talent. It
is the program participate by the individuals or unknown who typically not a professional
actors and show their singing skill. For this kind of genre, it is in an unscripted real-life situations and sometimes unknown

in the show of “I Can See Your Voice Malaysia”
is hosted by Natalie, Wind, both of them also are 8TV 8864 program’s host and YinYin
who are the One FM DJ. Besides that, the reality show of “Sing! China” is
hosted by Hu Qiao Hua who had previously hosted
the finals in the last season and replaced Li Yong, who left after just one
season. He is also known as fastest host in China.

this kind of TV show will frequently criticized by society because not accurate
reality at all? How program production can avoid this type of criticizing? What
the effect if the individual participant show in this programme with poor skill
and untalented at all? Who is the final winner in this year 2017 for both of
the TV show which is”I can hear your voice Malaysia” and “Sing! China”?