Last updated: August 12, 2019
Topic: ArtMusic
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Aphrodite is an extremely important and influential Goddess on Mount Olympus. During this project, I have gained an understand of how Aphrodite was portrayed in society, culture, and the ethos of the Greeks. I found it interesting to find that even know she is the Goddess of beauty, love and sexuality she is only really mentioned in most modern day stories as being sexual deviant. This was funny to me because she reminded me about how many girls can relate to her in high school.

I learned from Aphrodite it is important to make sure you behavior in the way you want to be scene even if you are the most beautiful and affectionate person. I also learned how the Greeks thought beauty and sexuality is important in everyday life. This related to me because girls are always trying to impress people, and Aphrodite clearly makes that noticeable. Throughout this project, I found it interesting how numerous art, and music references were solely about Aphrodite promiscuous side, or about how she is an extremely jealous goddess.

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I believe that even if Aphrodite did something productive the Greeks would only notice that she was “hot” while doing it. After finding this information out, I recognized this is too why I originally picked Aphrodite to do for this project. She was hot, fierce, and down to do just about anything. Now, I realize that being beauty, sexual, or loving can be an issue in today’s society. Aphrodite had some positive influences, however, pop culture only recognizes her negative ones such as being promiscuous.

Joey and I were extremely efficient when working on this project. Our process consisted of first doing research, second drafting out what to say in the movie, then finally filming. At first, finding information on literature was our hardest part, but with Ms. Joyner’s help we got all the literature pieces we need in order to complete the process. The reason I found this so difficult was Joey nor I knew anything written on Aphrodite beforehand. Also, I didn’t understand how to draw illusions from stories of Shakespeare to relate to Aphrodite.

Researching was extremely difficult also because at many times I felt rushed to find information that I was having difficultly seeking. At points of the week I did not felt allotted enough time for this project because of all our secondary work given. Never the less, Joey and I preserved through this to create an amazing video project. Second, when Joey and I worked on figuring out what to say, we would talk about the script, film it and see if we like how we sound, as well as, the information was accurate we were presenting.

During the filming process, Joey and I were extremely successful because we liked everything the first time it was shot. Our information was accurate throughout the entirety of the movie, and we defiantly had fun while doing so. The process of putting together the information was fun for myself because I felt we had actual control over this project, and was confused about what to do. After I have completed my video project on Aphrodite, I know feel better educated about Greek mythology, and its ethos as well as, who she was , why she is significant , and her influence on literature , art, and music.