Last updated: August 14, 2019
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Apple Inc., founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1976, is a multinational technology company that has become very successful and popular within the last decade. From the first iPhone to the most recent, ‘iPhone X’, Apple has managed to keep Americans on their toes by making drastic improvements with each phone that comes out. The iPhone X is the newest Apple product, which seems to be the beginning of a new generation. However, it is the most expensive iPhone that Apple has ever produced, ringing in at a whopping $1,000. So, while the iPhone X may have endless advancements and capabilities in comparison to past iPhones, including the higher pixel ratio, the portrait mode with new effects on the camera, and the lack of a fingerprint activation, critics and myself wonder if the cost is worth it.         “The screen is bright and colorful and appears to be laminated tighter than previous iPhones, so it looks like the pixels are right on top. Honestly, it does kind of look like a 3D model…” (Patel, 2). The iPhone X pixel resolution is incredible, being 2436-by-1125 at 458 PPI, which is a huge improvement from the last iPhone. This causes the contrast ratio to go up from 1,400:1 to 1,000,000:1, which was made possible by switching from an LED display to an OLED display. An OLED display is an organic light-emitting diode, which unlike The LED display, uses small-point light sources causing colors to be brighter and essentially more illuminated (OLED Basics, 1). This makes it easier for the owner to see what is on the screen in dim or bright lighting. Not only is the pixel ratio of the iPhone X far more advanced than past iPhones, but its camera has also been updated.             The new and improved iPhone X camera has an array of new features that people are raving about. With its true depth camera, it can capture just about anything. The widened aperture and new image signal processor, which brings forth better textures and colors, make the iPhone X extraordinarily unique, setting it apart from all other phones. Pictures are more saturated, offering very vivid colors and a dynamic range (Parker, 3). A man named Max Parker from “Trusted Reviews” says:There isn’t really a situation where I haven’t been impressed by the camera on the iPhone X. In low light it produces clean, crisp images with minimal noise, and it doesn’t resort to overexposing light sources.It’s great for portraits, too, especially with the vastly improved secondary camera and the constantly evolving Portrait mode. The wider aperture and added OIS mean you can now take portraits even when the light isn’t great, with excellent results. (5)The portrait mode enables you to create a depth-of-field effect along with different Portrait lighting, including natural light, studio light, contour light, stage light, and stage light mono. These different effects allow the user to change the lighting depending on their environment, giving the picture a certain desired look. The camera’s capabilities do not end there though, it also houses the most sophisticated technology that Apple has ever developed: sensors that enable Face ID.        The iPhone X is the first ever Apple phone to have no ‘home button.’ Instead, it uses Face ID, which unlocks the phone using light scans and infrared to identify the user’s face. This unique attribute provides an intuitive and secure authentication that maps out the geometry of the user’s face, keeping anyone else out. In comparison to the Touch ID on past iPhones, I believe the new Face ID is more promising, bringing more security to the table and a faster activation to unlock the phone. Touch ID, meanwhile, fails to work if your finger has been altered in any way, such as being too dry, wet, dirty, having a cut, or even being sweaty after leaving the gym. Conversely, Face ID works under each of those circumstances, including whether or not you have sunglasses on, are wearing a hat, or have any sort of makeup on (AppleInsider Staff, 4). Therefore, I believe the removal of the home button was a brilliant idea in setting the iPhone X apart from anything Apple has ever invented.         With all that the new iPhone X has to offer, I truly believe the more expensive price, in comparison to past iPhones, is worth it. The iPhone X is capable of so much and is the essence of a new generation. Furthermore, it is authentic and exciting. With its brighter and better screen, ability to capture the perfect picture, and its unique Face Identification, the iPhone X proves to be a remarkable invention that is worth the money Apple is asking for.