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Arc Welding began in the 19th century. Acetylene was
discovered in 1836. Arc Welding is a very common process for different types of
welding. It is used on a very common basis. The intensive heat of an electric arc fuses metal by joining the parent metal to a
joint using an electrode. In this paper the reader is going to be informed about many different
topics such as the basic welding circuit, how to arc weld, the steps to handling the arc rod, powering arc welding, and also information about
robotic arc welding. Read forward to learn what all arc welding consist of and what it takes to be an arc welder.   


While Arc Welding might seem like a very
difficult job for some, it can be challenging but rewarding at the same time.
Looking at an informational article discovered on the web called “Basic
Welding Circuit” informs you about many sources of information the reader
would like to be educated about or has questions over. This passage gives the reader an
outlook on the basics of the welding circuits. The article states “The arc produces a
temperature of about 6500ºF at the tip. This heat melts both the base metal and
the electrode, producing a pool of molten metal sometimes called a ‘crater’. This shows the basics
of Arc Welding to many different people. There are many different procedures to arc welding
other than just laying the rod on the metal and striking a arc and going at.
To be successful at what you’re doing you half to take your time and make
small circles, or do a back and forth rotation while striking your arc. As you are
running your bead in any direction they want you to run it, you half to watch your
puddle while welding. If your electrode gets to hot or too cold you will not get
the penetration you need to have a successful weld. To have a perfect penetration as your
welding you want your puddle to follow your rod at about the width of your rod
if not a
bit wider. (Johnson)  

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While you are beginning to start welding, you
first need to find out all the information that you will need to begin arc
welding. In this paragraph I will be talking about how to arc weld. First what
you will need to do is prep every bit of your metal that way it has a great
connection to begin your strike. Make sure you have all your welding gear on
before striking your arc. As you start the process of overlap welding you will be striking your
arc, then continuing to weave your way through the whole piece of metal. As your welding you
will us a zig zag pattern. While using a zig zag pattern it will give more
penetration to the pieces of metal to combine for a stronger weld. After you
get done welding your piece of metal you will begin to chip off the slag. After
you get done chipping off the slag, grab a wire brush and clean the metal really good that
way it has a clean shine to the metal. After you get done cleaning your metal
you will begin to run your other pass on top of your root weld. After you get done
welding on top of your root weld chip our slag once again and clean it really good with a wire
brush, once you do all that you can
cool it off and then flip your piece of metal over and check and see if you got
penetration on both of your welds. If you didn’t get good penetration then you might as well throw that one in
the scrap box and re-do your whole project, because if you didn’t get penetration
you will not get a good grade because if you are doing it for a grade that is
what the teacher looks for in the weld.  (Johnson)  


While you have learned about the start of arc
welding you need to know about the different positions you can use while handling the arc rod. If you are welding
horizontal I like to hang my metal about face height in front of me and then start
from the bottom and work my way up to the top. As you are welding horizontal you really half to take
your time. This is not a speedy welding task. If you are not careful you will
get a lot of slag build up and it will cause you to not get any penetration at
all. There will be a lot of slag that gets throwed everywhere in your welding
both while welding horizontal. Always make sure you have all of your safety jackets, glasses, gloves,
helmets, leather boots, and blue
jeans or any pants that will protect your skin at all times. You will always
need to make sure every bit of your skin is covered up while arc welding.
Another kind of arc welding I do is called flat welding. Flat welding is where
you take your metal and lay it flat down on your table and go at it. This would
be your easiest kind of arc welding is the flat, just because all you’re going to do is run your
zig zag route or do your rotation in circles. Although you will half to be
careful because if your welding machine is not set correctly you will burn a
whole in you metal you are welding on. As you go through welding you will keep
an eye out behind the rod and watch your puddle as it grows closer and closer
to the rod as you strike it. There’s also another way of welding I like to do and it’s called vertical welding. If you are
going to vertical
weld you need to get your plates how you want them and then also tac them together.
Once you tac them where you want
them you will take your metal and lay it sideways on the table, once you lay it
sideways, stand it up on its side and tac weld it to the table. As you are prepping your metal go
ahead and do a dry pass and get to feeling on what your about to weld. After
you get to feeling about what your about to weld go ahead and get comfortable
and begin your process. Make sure you get the penetration you need to get a
good grade. (Johnson)  


The next process I’ll be talking about is the powering of the arc
welding. You will half to have a special
powering source to run any welding machine. There has to be a path for the electricity
to follow through and also a ground wire to start the arc. It’s just like an ignition to
starting a car, as soon as the key turns over to start it sends electricity to the power
source which would be the welder. It will all become heated like a ground wire
will do. There are different types or current you can use such as DC current or AC
current. You will half to have your ground clamp to your table your welding on
to get either current you’re going to be using. Direct current is a unidirectional flow of electricity. You will use direct
current in a lot of resources such as batteries, or any power supply’s. There will be multiple
sources using direct current at all times. Direct current is electricity that
flows in all sorts of ways. There is also another current that you will be
using and it’s called Alternating current. Alternating current is current that is reversed in its direction. It
travels in opposite directions than direct current. (Worx)   


While you are in the process of learning about arc welding,
you can also be benefitted by learning about Robotic Arc Welding.
Robotic Arc Welding was established in the 1980s it has become a great advancement to
enable better protection for workers during dangerous tasks. The technology of these robotic machines is very advanced; so much
that the system can mimic a humans arm movements also has the ability to place the torch where it
needs to be. In big industries they will use the robotic arc welding machines.
The reason they will use the big robotic welders is because it’s a lot faster for the
project. Humans can do just as good as a job as the robotic, although it’s not
as nearly as fast at the robotic arc welder. The robotic arc welder is made for
speed, and that does the job correctly. Robotic arc welders weld are more in depth with the
welds. They provide higher quality welds than human welds. Robotic welder can
help with decreasing humans’ health hazards. Here is how the robotic arc welding system is defined, the brain
to the robot is the controller. It’s what controls what the robot does while it’s in the process of
welding different metal in multiple positions. The robotic arc welder can weld
many different sizes of metal. All you will half to do is type it in your
computer and it sends it to the controller to the robot. After that it will
determine itself how long of the weld needs to be, or how much in depth it will
need. It will also determine if its needs to be more than one root pass. Robots
don’t take up near as much room as you would think. Some can be smaller than
others depending on the size of metal, or company they use them for. (Worx)  


The most important thing to welding is safety.
One safety hazard I will be talking about is Electric Shock. Electric shock is
nothing you ever need to play around with. Electric shock can cause death or
serious injuries. The higher the voltage on the welder is turned up the faster
it could possibly kill you instantly. For example, if your friend is sitting
there welding and you decide you’re going to go in there and pull his ground clamp off his welding
table that could give you an electric shock if you are touching the metal table
he is welding on. Direct current won’t hurt you as bad as alternative current.
To dis
secondary shock you will need to be sure to wear dry gloves that have no holes in
them, make sure you don’t ever touch the electrode, and always make sure you
have absolutely nothing wet on at all or it will shock you very bad.
Another way to prevent from getting shocked is to check your electrode for any
cracks in the metal, or your rod you will be using, and also the cable that
runs to the electrode handle just in case the wire is loose as soon as you
strike your arc it doesn’t cause it to shock your whole hand and it will lead
into your body very fast. Never try to operate on the welder when it has been welded with in
the past hours. Just in case some parts are still hot it can still send a shock
through you with all the voltage
running through. There are a few more safety  hazards such as fumes and gases.
These welding fumes can affect your health in any ways. If there’s any way possible don’t
stick your head really close to what your welding to prevent from breathing in
all the fumes you will breathe in. In every welding shop there should be some sort of
ventilation to keep all the fumes and gases out of your welding area. If there
is no ventilation anywhere in the shop go get a fan and put in your booth with
you where it blows air out and sucks your fumes and gases right out of your
welding booth. You half to be very careful with fumes and gases because they will stop up you air
holes and cause you not to breathe. More to the safety hazards is fires and explosions. As you are welding you
are creating the heat to rise and rise every second you think about it. It can
be really easy for a fire to get out when you are welding. You will always half
to make sure you have on tight clothes, and not loose clothes. That would be
the first thing for a spark to catch. If you have anything that can explode
around your welding area you need to move it as soon as possible before you
start welding. Even if you have paper, or cardboard or anything that can catch
fire in any way. There will be a serious amount of sparks flying with the electrode. At all
times you will need to know where your fire extinguishers are. Always know where your welding and what’s around you as you weld.
Any little spark can cause a fire in any situation. (Worx)  


There are many different types of arc welding such as
flux-cored arc welding, gas metal arc welding, gas tungsten arc welding, plasma
arc welding, shielded metal arc welding, and also submerged arc welding. The
first type of arc welding I will be talking about is flux-cored arc welding.
This type of welding is electrodes full of flux. This type is not as brittle as
the SMAW electrodes. These fluxes mix with the arc from the air, and the gases.
The flux-core is very common when welding very thick metal because it’s not as brittle as the
SMAW electrodes. (Weld My World)  


Gas metal welding is used on very easy projects. The
metal can be thin just because the setting on the gas metal welder can be set
very low. It’s a plus in some situations. It’s a very easy process to weld
with the gas metal. (Weld My World)  


Gas tungsten welding is very common on your
smaller projects. It takes a little more time than the other welding processes,
although it is a very neat way of welding.  Gas tungsten welding is
controlled by the foot control of the welder. You can control the heat of the
arc with the foot controller. All you half to set is the welder at the right temperage you need on
whatever you are going to be welding. The temper age can go so low you can weld two razor blades
together with no problem if you’re a decent welder. (Weld My World)  


Plasma welding is joined with ionized gases to
produce the heat that it needs. It is a very fast way of welding. As you use
the plasma welder it gets to extreme temperages. The plasma cutter
is authorized by a computer that is synced to the plasma welder. As you control
the whole plasma cutting by the computer you will always need to be sure
nothing gets hung up on all the cords or nothing gets wrapped around because it
will throw all the sparks one way and could damage anything around you or could
cause someone to get hurt especially if someone is watching without safety
glasses on it could damage you eye sight. During the process of cutting you
will always need eye protection on, as well as the proper clothing, and also
absolutely no loose clothing. (Weld My World)  


Shielded metal welding is one of the oldest welding
methods around. You will use this type of welding in different welding ways.
There is all different positions using this type of welding. This welding is
used in any welding job out there. Shielded welding is the first type of
welding that came out. It is actually the longest holding welds out there. You
will use it on any construction site at any time you need to. (Weld My World)  


Submerged welding has a thicker flux layer and
is completely covered at all times just like an insulator. This type of welding is very
good for horizontal welding. It’s so thick and hard for it to go everywhere and
just sink down the welding rod. It’s called a fast fill rod. Submerged is
4-10 times better than shielded welding. (Weld My World)  


Welding is a opportunity for a
great cause. People have the ability to be a great welder. There are many
people out there for the right job. People work so hard for what they have.
They work so hard for their welding career. If they have the ability to work
their butts off an weld for their job then they are risking their lives on
getting hurt. Welding isn’t just for anyone, every day they go to work they are
risking something. There’s a lot of fear in welding that goes on every day.
Even though you work hard every day doesn’t mean that you are going to succeed
on every weld. You will always half to practice to do better every day you
weld. If you start something new one day then practice on it a few days then
work your way up every day you weld.  


 Throughout the many obstacles of arc welding,
there are many different areas you can arc weld in. There are many different
jobs in the world for arc welding. Throughout many days there are always
welding jobs out there that are open. There is all kinds of different jobs for
arc welding. There will be places that need an extra hand every now and then
for arc welding. Many different people that weld are finding out every day that
there is a lot of money in welding. Different jobs will pay different according
on how long you have been welding and also owe good you are at your job. If you
are a very good arc welder the owners will bump your pay up tremendously
according to how good you are at your job. Arc welding is not just for anyone
out there on the streets. You have to be determined on what you do every day
for the rest of your life if you are happy with what you do. Some other welders
will start out just because of the great money in welding but find out that
welding is not there passion they want with the rest of their life. If that is
the cause its whatever you want to do then go for a different job. There’s
always going to be welding jobs that go on every day that spots will be open.
You can never have enough welders in this world. There are many different arc
welding practices every day that opens up. If arc welding is your passion then
go for it!!