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Army Ants Essay, Research Paper

Army Ants

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Anthony Palmieri

November 20, 1996

Contemporary Science Subjects

A quotation mark made by Lewis Thomas, & # 8220 ; Ants are so much like human existences as to

be an embarrassment. They farm fungus, raise aphids as farm animal, launch ground forcess

into war, utilize chemical sprays to dismay and confound enemies, and exchange

information endlessly. They do everything but ticker television. & # 8221 ; I am traveling

to concentrate this study on the portion of the quotation mark, & # 8220 ; ..launch ground forcess into war.. , & # 8221 ;

which sets a metaphor of emmets and our ground forcess in today & # 8217 ; s society. Ants have many

tactics, so to talk, that are similar to the manner our ground forcess have when traveling to


Ants have many different functions in their society. One of the chief functions

that army emmets or soldier emmets have is that they forage in multitudes for nutrient.

These multitudes of emmets travel together and are able to get the better of and capture other

societal insects and big apes, they may on occasion kill larger animate beings

but they do non eat them. As the demand for nutrient for the larvae additions, nutrient

garnering foraies go more intense.

The hunting foraies made by emmets are carried out by & # 8220 ; ground forcess & # 8221 ; of 1000s

of emmets and set out from the camp in assorted waies. They form two or

three parties traveling out at the same time in different waies for 100 paces or

more. In the U.S. ground forces we attack states in different countries to weaken the

force we are assailing. We send out 1000s of military personnels in assorted waies

and seek to environ the beginning of the location being attacked. For case, if

there are several locations that needed to be attacked to weaken the enemy, like

their arm storage or air force base, we send several sets of military personnels to assail

each single location. This is really similar to the manner army emmets set out on a

runing foray. They will direct out 1000s of emmets at one time in two or three

different waies.

When emmets go out on their foraies, a subgroup called Dorgline emmets, walk

along borders of the trails as though protecting the smaller persons in the

centre. Dorglines are big soldiers that broaden the trail where it follows a

narrow shelf of bark and branchlets or smooth the way where it crosses a unsmooth home base

and they do this with their ain organic structure. They do this because picking for the big

emmets is better along the borders than in the thick of heavy mass of scampering


When the ground forces Washington

National Trusts to occupy or busy a county, they normally will put

up aircraft bearers in the surrounding oceans and put up air forces in

neighbouring states. They do this to protect the inside forces of military personnels and

clears out a root for them to assail. They did this type of tactic during the

Iranian Gulf War when we sent aircraft bearers into the Persian Gulf and the

Mediterranean and set up air forces and military personnels in the adjacent states to

set up an onslaught. We subsequently launched sea and air onslaughts to weaken the forces in

Iraq. We need these forces environing the country to establish missions to kill or

harm the powerful beginnings and so we send in the military personnels to tack attention of the

remainder, like taking sureties or capturing any of our sureties.

When the emmets are sent from the camp, the taking emmets have no olfactory property

for others to follow. They frequently hesitate and hold back an progress but the

force per unit area built up from behind forces on side of the front line to pouch frontward.

As this motion slows down because of the alleviation of force per unit area behind it, a new

bump develops and extends frontward in another portion of the forepart. The consequence is a

series of progresss of different parts of the forepart which suggests flanking

motions. A presence of quarry will speed up the progress but the gaining control will

decelerate down as the quarry is dismembered. So in bend, insects that emmets come upon

are attacked really rapidly by the mass of emmets hotfooting upon them. Their pieces

are brought back to the biouvac for nutrient and other beginnings of energy.

As the United States Army is sent from the fatherland or base, they are

really similar to the manner ground forces emmets behave. The Army sends a front line, as bash

emmets, which is normally made up of armored combat vehicles and armed military personnels. As they advance closer

to the site of the onslaught the forepart line slows down till a backup force of a

2nd and 3rd line reaches the site. This is really similar to the emmets & # 8217 ;

flanking gesture. A presence of the enemy will speed up the onslaught from the

multitudes of military personnels and armored combat vehicles that were formed. When the enemy has control of the

onslaught slows down and it brings any sureties or injured military personnels back to the place

base. The ground forces emmets have a really similar maneuver in the presence of quarry.

Both the ground forces emmets and the United States Army have many of the same

military tactics when traveling into war. It is astonishing that emmets and worlds have

some of the same manners of establishing wars and yet we are really different in

physical properties.