As a
middle school student, I recall the thrill when I first came to know about the
concept of the password. However, a fear surmounted my then childish mind: the
fear of someone having complete control of my social media accounts. I realized
that like me, many others grappled with a similar fear. Growing up, this fear
morphed into a firm decision to become an expert in cybersecurity. After all,
cybersecurity is an aid to protect humanity from the threat of cybercrimes.
This is where, I feel, my knowledge and skills would contribute to safeguarding
sensitive data. However, I still have a long way to go since there is a lot to
learn and I can only do so by enrolling in a Master’s degree in this field.
(After I finished my Bachelor’s degree in computer science, I see myself as a
forensic computer analyst in either a solitary firm or in one of the government
organization. I gradually increased my interest in the area of cybersecurity
while learning subjects like Cyber Forensics, Information Security, Data Transfer
Security, and Networking during my bachelor’s program.)


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completing my studies, I wish to have a career in computer forensics. I
developed a keen interest in the same during my college where studying Network
Security, Information Security helped me and developed my interest further to
research and develop. Therefore, I want to continue my studies further in the
computer forensics and have a future in the same.)

I was in eliminatory school. I came to know about my computers because of my
mother. My mother is a keen learner to learn new technologies. So she joins
computer classes while she does practice at home. I also developed an interest
in computers. Firstly, I started with a paint tool which helped me in
developing my interest more in computers. As I came to middle school, I used to
write code in BASIC on my Commodore computer. As my interest developed in
coding. I started creating a maze game. I struggled a lot with its design &
functionalities but finally, I completed this game. I struggled a lot with the
stark and unwavering logic of a computer. While struggling with the errors in
the code I also learned to be extremely logical which helps in further in my
career. In this way, I developed my keen interest towards computer programs.

I have broadened my ken of classroom concepts through my academic projects.
Given my tryst with cybersecurity, I submitted my major project on Suspect
Recognition. It involved assessing the records to perform facial recognition to
catch a suspect. It can be used in legal and medico-legal cases to administer
justice on the basis of concrete evidence. Our major obstacle during the
project was how to ameliorate the accuracy of face recognition. To overcome
this, we increased the training images data and also used similar kind of
images. This project got selected for Smart India Hackathon, which is a
nation-wide non-stop digital product development competition, where problems
are posed to technology students for innovative solutions. The other
fascinating project I worked on is Streaming Twitter Data Analysis using Apache
Spark. It aimed at incorporating the search function in Twitter feeds, which is
currently not present on the social media platform.

broaden my knowledge, I attended a few training programs during under
graduation. In my first year, I was a part of C and C++ languages workshops
from Universal Informatics, Indore. Then I took part in J2SE, J2EE (Servlet,
JSP) learning workshop organized by Techmen Compusoft, Indore. I completed a
training in Recruitment Processing Outsourcing Web Application from TekPreneur
Info Systems. With each training program, the different concepts of computer
technology fit together and my predisposition towards cyber security helped me
in understanding things lucidly.


only do I enjoy engaging in academic activities, but I also do quite a few
extracurricular activities. In the year 2009, I participated in a school-level
dance and mono acting competitions. In our college’s annual tech fest, I
organized many technical events which improved my communication, management,
and teamwork skills. Apart from this, I also worked as a volunteer and
coordinator in Robo Swim which is a tech event in which participants build
robots that can swim and then maneuver them to complete a race course with
various hurdles in a pool of water. Participants with the shortest track time

I am
convinced that being a part of the master’s program under the able guidance of
the distinguished faculty members at (name of the institute) will be of utmost
benefit to me in the pursuance of graduate studies. I am aware that
post-graduation comes with its own hardships and I’m mentally prepared to
dedicate myself to overcome these trials.

this juncture, I am inclined toward the (name of university) to enhance my
existing knowledge and skills to fulfill my professional aspirations. The
global repute for academic excellence your university holds suffices my purpose
to apply. I seek admission to receive a world-class education in the finest
academic milieu that will help me excel academically and professionally. I hope
the small but significant steps I have taken towards my interests convey my
enthusiasm towards learning from the experts in the field.

hope to use what I have learned from the undergraduate and what I will be
learning in my postgraduate studies in my future endeavors. The field of
computer science is ever growing and it gives me great pleasure to think that
one day I would be part of innovations that are yet to come.