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As Friar Lawrence expeditiously ran to the tomb where Romeo and Juliet both laid dead, he aurally perceived a perturbance. When he got there, he found the Prince, Lady and Lord Capulet, and Lord Montague. The prince verbalized with him. ¨What transpired here? Romeo Montague dead in a tomb, with Juliet by his side dead.

¨How is this possible when juliet died two days ago?¨ the Prince ranted. The friar looked horrified. He would have to tell them the truth, but he could be sentenced to death for this. So he verbally expressed, ¨I will tell you everything, if you promise not to cerebrate of me a lesser man.¨ The Prince visually examined him with a curious stare. The Prince verbally expressed ¨If you tell me everything, there will be no penalization. We just need to ken to truth¨. As lady capulet sobbed into her husband’s shoulder, and Lord Montague looked into space with horror, the friar verbalized.

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¨When Romeo went to the Capulet party, he met the fair juliet. They fell in love at first visual perception, they met later that night, on juliet’s balcony. There is where Romeo asked the maiden Juliet to espouse him. The next morning, he came to me asking for a favor of me. He asked me to espouse him and Juliet. At first, I mentally conceived it was a deplorable conception, with the two families feuding, but then I got the conception that if i did espouse the puerile couple, it might lighten the tension between to two families.

So they came to me by noon, and there I espoused the two. They orchestrated to have a honeymoon that night, but disaster struck when puerile tybalt was slew by Romeo. Tybalt, who had killed Mercutio was dead on the floor, and Romeo proscribed, never to optically discern his Juliet again. So he came to me for avail. He wanted death over life without juliet, and she identically tantamount. I authoritatively mandated him to go and comfort her, and they had their wedding night.

The next day, Lady Montague came to her daughter telling her that she was to be wed to the county Paris that Thursday. She came to me for avail, as Romeo had additionally. I told her that there was a solution that was like death, but wouldn’t kill her. I authoritatively mandated her to peregrinate home and pretend she was blissful to espouse Paris, to bamboozle her parents and the nurse. The night afore she was to espouse Paris, she was to ask to slumber alone, without her mother or nurse. And when she was solitary, she was to imbibe the potion i gave her. This potion imitated death, made her seem dead.

The nest day, the County Paris was to wake her up and find her dead, By that time, I was supposed to send Romeo and letter letting him ken the orchestration. When He got the letter, we were supposed to go to the tomb and pick juliet up.  Then juliet and Romeo we supposed to go and live together.

In this orchestration, multiple things went erroneous. Lord capulet, over here, transmutes the date to a day earlier, leaving me with less time to tell Romeo about the orchestration. I sent another friar to Mentua to alert Romeo. He got trepidation of being quarantined because he would pass people with the ebony death. The letter never got to Romeo and afore i could send another man, Romeo friend ran to him with the news that juliet was dead. Romeo didn’t ken what to do. Life without juliet was unbearable to him.

So he peregrinate to his friend, off to Verona. He purchased a vigorous poison from an apothecary that I do not ken of. Afore Juliet could wake, he had drunk the poison. Juliet, not wanting to live her life without Romeo, stabbed herself to rid herself of the pain.

Of the county paris, I don’t ken how he died. This is everything i ken. Please do not celebrate lamentably of me¨. The looks on the face families of Romeo and Juliet were of pain and woebegoneness. But the look on the Princes face was of hope and vexation. They just ambulated away celebrating about everything the friar has told them. The Friar looked up in the welkin, with an expression of woebegoneness. Then with a doleful look towards the two families, he verbalized, ¨That’s the terminus of Romeo and Juliet.

¨Romeo awoke with a startling cry. What is this? He cerebrated to himself. ¨Would the stars we so envious, to take away my Juliet, and leave her without her Romeo? No, they would not.

They couldn’t break a love as vigorous as this. But I, do believe this dream was a designation. All  the mistorfunes could not be brought on two families. But i conjecture if we don’t transmute our ways, it could transpire. But I never want to lost my Juliet, fair, perspicacious Juliet. Oh my! What if i missed her sender? No, it is only 8 o’clock…..too anon.

But her sender will be here anon enough. I should get ready¨. Romeo hurried and washed up. He had already verbalized with Friar Lawrence that morning, so all he had to do was tell his lady’s sender to tell Juliet to meet at the altar that afternoon.

He put on his favorite outfit, and he was out the door for remotely of fresh air. When he out there, he ran into Benvolio and Mercutio, who had been probing for him all morning. Benvolio ambulated up to Romeo,¨good morning cousin, where have you been?¨ Benvolio asked. Mecrution stepped up and verbalized, ¨of course he’s been with Rosaline, you hound! Tell us of this time!¨ Romeo just rolled his ocular perceivers and verbalized with the rationally, ¨I have been with a lady yes,¨ Mecruction snickered, ¨ but it is not the lady you suspect I have fallen out and the in love again¨. Mercutio Called so loud, crows flew away in terror. ¨What¨ verbally expressed Romeo? ¨How can you fall outta love so expeditiously, and then fall straight back in? And who is this lady you verbalize of?¨ Benvolio stepped in. ¨I’m sure it is none of your business Mercutio.¨ Mercutio stepped down, but something told romeo that Mecution wasn’t done yet.

 Romeo spotted a familiar face. He apperceived this lady as Juliet’s nurse. ¨What does Juliet verbally express? Tell me good lady, please.¨ The nurse smiled saccharinely and verbally expressed, ¨She ask if you are to be espoused, when and where? Let me tell you though, if you hurt her in anyway, do erroneously, I still have your head.¨ Romeo optically canvassed her with a thoughtful yet worried expression. Finay the adolescent man verbalized ¨Gentle nuse, I would never cerebrate about hurting juliet, not even past a million years, but tell my lady, my saccharine pulchritudinous juliet, that if she has time to come to the shrift today, there is where i will make her a jubilant bride.¨ He smiled and optically canvassed the ecstatic expression upon the nurses faxe.

She took Romeo into a hug, ¨Oh, she will be so ecstatic! I will go and tell her of this jubilant news! Goodbye gentle Romeo, goodbye!¨ He optically canvassed the nurse leave with her coadjutant at hand. He visually examined the nurse leave with her auxiliary at hand. He couldn’t avail but wonder if she should tell benvolio and mercutio about this. Would they understand? He mentally conceived to himself. ¨I conjecture I better tell them, they would understand better than anyone.¨ He gradually ambulated back towards Benvolio and Mercutio.

He told them everything. They had expression of commixed emotions. Romeo knew that even if they didn’t agree, they still wouldn’t tell anyone.Juliet sat in her room wondering where her nurse was.

When people get old they authentically do move gradually. If she was marginally younger i’m sure she would move a lot more expeditious. Oh here comes the lady now! What is this expression on her face? Oh me…..what to do with her? Juliet got up from her seat by the fountain , ¨Nurse! Why have you took so long? What does my lord verbally express? Is it good or deplorable news? Please good nurse, gentle, sagacious nurse, tell me, what does Romeo verbally express about the espousement? The nurse could not avail but lwt out a smile. Then she cheered and hugged Juliet.

¨Your considerate handsome reverent man verbalizes thatr if you have time to go the shrift today, there you two will we and be blissful!¨ Juliet? face lit up effulgent, she could not avail but cry out in jubilance. “What wondrous day it is! Oh my Romeo, saccharine sweet Romeo, how I dote you dearly!” verbally expressed Juliet blissfully. The nurse verbalized, “Juliet, come on, let’s get yare to go to the shrift.” The nurse and Juliet went off to get yare.Romeo was waiting with the friar for his lady to come. He paced back-and-forth. Hey commences racing in his head, and the times going by gradually.

He optically canvassed the Friar, “Friar Lawrence what time is it?”  the Friar smiled and verbally expressed do not worry it is virtually afternoon, your lady will be here shortly.” Romeos smiled and commenced pacing again. He couldn’t avail but cerebrate about that nightmare, where he where he had killed Juliet’s cousin Tybalt, not hours after she and him were espoused.

He had been ostracized in this dream. Juliet feigned her death and Romeo didn’t get descried. He himself in her still living arms. And and she stabbed herself not moments after. This dream has been haunting him all day. Then he got a very good plan. He decided to tell the Friar. “Fryer I have a conception I had a very vivid nightmare this morning and it invoked me and Juliet dying.

I optate to avert this what do you verbally express about availing me and Juliet absquatulate to Mantua?”. The Friar got a look of comprehension on his face. he verbalized to Romeo “I cerebrate it is an orchestration worth looking into. I will cogitate it while we wait, and I will explicate it to Juliet it will have to be done in secret, so it will be arduous. But I cerebrate we can manage it just fine.

This dream you tell me about worries me withal, so I will do what I can to obviate any of it from transpiring.” Romeo looked up when he aurally perceived the doors of the church close. Juliet face lit up when she visually perceived him, But Friar Lawrence obviated him from going near her until the ceremony. He went and explicated the orchestration to her.

Juliet looked a little apprehensive but he told the Friar he was disposed to do anything to be with Romeo. They went forth with the ceremony. When Romeo and Juliet were espoused they determinately osculated and held each other jubilantly.Then that is when they commence orchestrating. The first step was for Juliet to peregrinate home and asked to slumber alone because she was in a deplorable mood. Them when the clock struck midnight, Romeo would knock at her window and they could both climb down the fence. They would have to jump to Orchard, well Romeo had experience on that.

When they were out, they would have to run into the shadows and stick to back roads and alleyways until they got to the Friars cell. When Romeo and Juliet got there, they would meet up Friar Lawrence, he will dissimulate them so no one could agnize them on the road to Mantua. The Friar will provide Romeo and Juliet with a horse and mule and supplies on it. They will bring enough mazuma to buy a diminutive place to live and they will be kenned as Romeo and Juliet Givoncia. A prevalent last name in Italy, and no one would ever ken who they authentically were.

Romeo and Juliet will live on their lives blissfully together in Mantua.Romeo that long about this orchestration. Just as anon as he decided it was good, Juliet verbalized “I like this orchestration I have enough mazuma in my savings to buy two scintillas of property”,Romeo verbalized “And so do I but we have to keep it more diminutive because if we buy anything too extravagant people might get suspicious”. The Friar nodded in accedence “Now peregrinate home and you leave afore It gets tenebrous, Romeo will be there by midnight to get you by midnight.” Juliet ambulated up to Romeo. He prehended her in his arms and osculate there when they parted he whispered in her auditory perceiver, “see you at midnight my love “,she blushed and osculated him again,and was out the door. Romeo optically canvassed the spot where she had just stood smiled to a himself and was off back to his house to get a few things yare for that night. As he was packing up his mazuma Lord Montague ambulated in to the room.

“Son I have a proposal for you. An adolescent woman by the denomination of Moran, is in desideratum of a husband she is 17 years of age same as you, and she emanates from Rome, which is a city full of pulchritudinous women like her.” Romeo got a countenance of discombobulation. He verbally expressed to his father “I will consider this offer; you verbally express she’s comely, I hold a woman who is resplendent, close in my heart, so she is a fortuitous woman.

Father I require some time to contemplate this and I will let you ken by tomorrow.” His father nodded ecstatically and left the room.Later that evening Romeo moved within the tenebrosity towards the Capulets mansion. He climbed over the wall to the orchard and climbed up to the ladies window, where she was waiting for him.

“My lady, my wife, I do dote you and so let’s  us hence to Friar Lawrence cell”. Juliet blushed and verbalized “Alright my Lord let’s hurry so we won’t be seen”. They expeditiously climb down the wall and climbed up the orchard wall and were out in the street, where they expeditiously went to the Friar’s cell. When they got there Friar Lawrence was waiting patiently for them “I visually perceive you’re right on time” verbalized the Friar. He smiled at the couple and verbally expressed “Let’s get to work he said”. He set off habiliments them and making them look different. He put on a wig on Juliet and he messed up Romeos hair.

He dressed them in apparel of middle-class. The Friar gave them a horse and mule to keep their supplies on and they were to Mantua. As they rode off Friar Lawrence optically canvassed them patiently, until he could no longer optically discern them.The next day everyone was in a state of dolefulness, for their children of Capulet and Montague had gone missing. People sent out search parties but no one ever kenned what had become of those children of these noble families.

Meanwhile in Mantua, after five months, Romeo and Juliet were living life jubilantly Juliet was enceinte, and no one knew who they genuinely were.