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The intent of this assignment is to research the types of shocking available suiting to the conditions desired and the decisive factor prior to choice of any sort of shocking harmonizing to the demand of the floor. At the terminal I would give my suggestions and sentiments and legitimate grounds for his recommendations. In this essay the countries under considerations are, the Coffee Shop, Main Reception and the Employee cabinet room. For taking any sort of suited shocking some factors require high value of pre choice consideration such as the location of the hotel, weather conditions and the flow of invitees. As hotel is located near by the ocean so the conditions tends to be tropical as the winter stays mild but summer remains warm, so the people who wished to remain in hotel chiefly like to swim or to travel to bank of the ocean, as the hotel besides have two swimming pools in its premises. Peoples pass the chief forepart desk every clip in order to acquire in the hotel or to travel out of the hotel. Most of the clip they use bathing suits and one can anticipate from them the dripping H2O from their swimming costumes and the sand atoms along their apparels or places. Some may utilize java store in the same robe. As the staff is utilizing rare door for staff entryway merely so is less likely to go through through chief desk but in the event of rain it is most likely that staff besides carry a spot of H2O and sand with their apparels and places, even staff member change their uniform and utilize the cabinet room to set their properties. The cabinet room is situated near to altering room.

House maintaining is the section holding the chief responsibilities of maintaining the hotel clean non merely the work country but the guest country every bit good as the invitee suites. As this is the chief section, bring forthing gross for the hotel, advocates its duties and the significance of set abouting its operations within the federation. Bing an executive house keeper it becomes critical to choose the flooring by maintaining in position the lastingness, beauty, attraction and the insides of the hotel along with the fulfillment of the coveted intent in different countries of the hotel

With the altering clip and uninterrupted capriciousness of globalisation and the recent steep growing in cordial reception and touristry industry resulted in frequently visits in hotels where outlooks are high and high degree of comfort is desired by the clients. It has become ambitious and compulsory to fulfill client ‘s demands and to invent schemes at every degree of direction.

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Now I will discourse the types of different floorings which can be used in commercial and non-commercial mercantile establishments and at the terminal I will suggest the choice of the best flooring for those specific countries required.

What is shocking?

Floor is the general term, covering the floor for good or the work of put ining for the floor covering. It is a term to depict any finish stuff work applied over a floor construction and do it for walking surface. There are different sorts of stuffs can utilize for floor covering include wood flooring, rock, ceramic tile, terrazzo and assorted other seamless chemical floor coatings.

Shocking can do the attractive difference in the visual aspect on floor particularly in the hotels and besides contribute to the atmosphere of the hotel. Flooring plays a really of import function for the hotel visual aspect and besides has to fulfill many things because it needs to be attractive, lasting, and easy to keep and besides be the cost effectual. In these technological yearss floors have been updated to turn to the demands needed in hotel flooring. There are many sorts of floorings for the hotels ; eating houses and places there are some sorts of shocking manner from which to take for the floor.

Types of flooring

Rug flooring

Rug is a common pick for any hotel shocking particularly in the colder clime it is permeable therefore it can stain, but the luxury and warmth it provides still do and this is a popular pick. It is one of the best dielectrics against sound which is of import factor in a hotel puting. There are so many colorss, design and besides the assortment therefore rugs can be one of the least expensive for shocking option it depends the size and quality of the rug. The installing of the rug normally done in less clip than other options. Rug does necessitate alter more frequently that the other flooring but involves high cost.

Concrete flooring

Concrete flooring can be used in a hotel scene ; it is truly lasting but one of the more expensive and easy cleaned and will non be discoloured when used. The out stopping points many other picks of shocking such as tile, wool and rug. We can besides add the coloring material shades in concrete which make the more pick in adorning strategies.

Ceramic Tile shocking

It is another pick which offers lastingness and ocular value and easy to clean and retain. If broken, can easy be replaced by another. A ceramic tile adds a feeling of quality and worth of any room. A ceramic tile is one of the most expensive but it can be used longer and is besides available in different colorss and forms, offer options for any type of trappingss.

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl is other popular pick for hotel flooring. These are easy to clean, stain immune and lasting and besides function both the intents of practicality and aesthetics. These tiles have the immense assortment in designs and colorss. The imitation of natural stuff can offer an economical manner to hold appeared of a more expensive floor covering. This pick allows you to hold the expression of wood, slate, brick for a division of the cost of the existent thing.

Rubber Flooring

These types of tile are of course hygienic and water-proof. It besides offers the sound proofing, buffering and insulating belongingss to the suites of a hotel. It is stain-resistant, lasting and easy to clean. It is non the most gilded looking pick but it will fir in good when traveling for the minimalist expression that is popular in these twenty-four hours. It is sensible monetary value non to much expensive and can last longer than the other picks.

Bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring is one of the new flooring in shocking industry ; it is more environmentally friendly than hardwood because it is non wood it is really the grass therefore it is really graceful, lasting and flexible. The coloring material of bamboo flooring is of course fluctuations there it is alone and normally use in a honey brown coloring material or light sunburns.

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring are the fastest turning in America now a yearss it is non excessively much expensive than the hardwood flooring and easy to keep. It comes from Europe but is progressively popular in United States. Laminate flooring is about immune to fire, come offing and abrasions.

Cork flooring

Cork flooring used over a thousand old ages before but largely people think that it ‘s new. It is a of course harvested and comes from Portugal and Spain. It retrieved merely from mature braid and is harvested every 9 old ages, therefore it is really economical. It is available in different manners, sizes and colorss. It besides helps to insulate against sound and is rot-resistant and non-slip, even when it wets and besides soft and comfy to walk on every bit good as being warm underfoot.

Stone flooring

Stone shocking includes many options, such as limestone, marble and slate and besides has a monetary value valve out of most people ‘s monetary value scope. Naturally, it is immune to have on & amp ; rupture and wholly rainproof. It is really cold underfoot and besides hard. It is really slippy when moisture and particularly when Polish.

Shocking for hotel

Shocking for hotel and all other topographic points in hotel is of extreme of import it is non merely the affair of the tear and heavy pes traffic but it must besides be easy clean and maintain and besides stain immune.

In the yesteryear there was non the assortment of flooring and hence luxury hotel frequently had match the flooring such as marble and tiles but now a yearss there are so many types of flooring and because of it most modern and luxury hotels want more cost effectual options, to take the floor with the current tendency.

There are a batch of picks of floor when taking the flooring and it is besides an expensive portion of adorning the floor but the determination of flooring is really of import for the hotel because the right determination for shocking salvage the money and besides the long life. It is non easy to put the flooring for twice a twelvemonth because the batch of money involved in it and therefore determination devising is of import for make the life easier.

Rock, bamboo and cork tile shocking offering the natural beauty and tough erosion surfaces but laminate, resilient vinyl shocking easy to keep and suit for budget and ceramic tiles are hardwearing and authoritative.

Significant standards of choice

Now yearss every thing is bettering fast and in every thing there is a competition and particularly in hotel and touristry industries this industry is traveling frontward twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours hence in hotel every hotel have the program in every section before get downing the building of hotel. flooring is one of them before that there is no chief construct of flooring and every organisation and hotel used merely the limited type of shocking but now flooring is besides the chief facet because every it involve the high volume of pes traffic and shocking do the attractive force for any topographic point and people feel really easy to walk on floor.

There are so many topographic points in the hotel where a hotel can utilize the different types of flooring and these flooring can be different in every country harmonizing to the state of affairs because in the unfastened country like chief response, where the people came foremost on the front office for reserve flooring can be different from the hotel invitee ‘s room and besides the eating house, gym, bars, etc.

On the other manus kitchen flooring and employee cabinet ‘s room flooring will different for the other flooring. Locker room for the hotel staff is non really functional staff merely came to alter their frocks and maintain their other material therefore kitchen and staff cabinet room is the behind the scenes country and hotel anterooms, swimming pools, chief entrywaies is the good illustration of the forepart of the house. One more thing is of import for shocking in the hotel is that the hotel can take the different types of flooring in every section but it is of import that every floor should be match with each other in which manner, subject and coloring material because in my sentiment if these things are non match able each other that looks non the beautiful although hotel have the many picks for shocking therefore I should be considered that each shocking visual aspect looks the same like the other flooring.

Here I have the undertaking for the meaning standards of choice of shocking for the java store, chief response country and staff cabinet room. Coffee store and the chief response there are the topographic points where people come and go every individual minute specially in the java store where people non merely come but besides sit at that place for java and speaking each other but staff cabinet room where staff merely come to alter their frocks and largely they came there twice foremost when they start their occupation and 2nd when they finished. Therefore the hotel considers the some basic points before choice the new flooring. Now we will see these points for each of them

Main points for java store

Types of stuff which they will utilize

Capacity of the people

Nature of concern

Location ( where the hotel is it is located in the metropolis Centre or near the sea side )

Style of hotel


Colour ( which they used is the lucifer with design and manner of hotel )

Comfortable for walking

Easy to clean

Harmonizing to the budget

Guarantee of flooring ( shocking which will utilize how long it will )

Care after repairing

If the small harm in any topographic point easy to replace

Resistant against discolorations

If moistures but non slippery

Easy to dry

Main points for chief response

Main response and the java store as we discuss is the topographic point where people come and go in every clip the lone difference is that on the chief response people will non remain more than but in the java store people stay their to speak each other and besides for imbibing java therefore there is non to much different in these two country the chief points for chief response is



Easy to keep

Cost effectual

Easy to clean


Stain resistant

Floor does non melt

Not slippery



Water & A ; wet

Style ( formal & A ; informal )

Floor stuff & A ; status

Significant standards for cabinet room

As we know that the hotel is one of the fastest industry and hence hotel have the so many staff they came in the hotel in different clip because hotel is about 24/7 occupations and hence good standard hotel have the many employee and hotel provide their employee cabinet room installations to alter apparels and contain cabinet for the storage of their apparels and others stuff during the displacement. Locker room is merely usage for the hotel ‘s employee therefore it is non of import to pass the excess money on the flooring hence in this country the point can see before choice of flooring is that



Water cogent evidence

Long term lastingness

Resistant against discolorations


Coloring material


In my sentiment as the executive house keeper I will propose that sort of shocking which truly match harmonizing to the status of the Florida conditions status and the floor should be the long term lastingness and besides easy to clean and look more attractive for the hotel ‘s clients. It is besides in the budget of the hotel and coloring should be more beautiful for every clients. The flooring is affair of a batch of money therefore I tired my best as the executive house keeper to pass the less money and acquire the long period benefit.

Now I will urge the different types of shocking for java store, chief response and besides the employee cabinet room.

Shocking for java store

Ceramic tile

After front office and eating house java store is the 3rd chief section in the hotel to increase the hotel ‘s gross. Coffee store is that topographic point where people come with their friend, household, and kids, speaking each other and passing some clip on at that place.

As we know the conditions status of the Florida there fore we can non take the rug or rubber flooring for the java store because java store is the topographic point where batch of people come and travel every clip and besides the people come with their moisture apparels and H2O falling down on the floor hence if we will utilize the rug for the java store it will ever wet and look wholly rubbish at that place fore ceramic tile for my sentiment is the best suggestion for the java store.

As we discuss shocking is the affair of the batch money therefore we should to utilize that shocking which is besides if one of the interruptions it is merely to replace and java store is the topographic point where internal and external client semen and on the other manus if we will utilize the rug or rubber shocking it no affair a batch of opportunity of damaging and if the rug will damage of cut of any topographic point we can non replace it hence in my sentiment ceramic tile is the best for the java store.

Some advantages of ceramic tile

Choice of coloring

Easy to clean

Easy to dry


Stain resistant

Easy to replace one of them

Available larger and smaller size

Easy to keep

Use in hygienic stuff

Smooth surface

Shocking for chief response

Main response or front office is the most of import topographic point in the hotel because when the client comes in the hotel they come directly frontward on the chief response and from at that place they can easy think the ambiance of the hotel service criterion and besides the behavior of the staff. Therefore in the hotel the hotel should to do the well attractive and more beautiful chief response country for the hotel,

Resort hotel are that hotel where people comes to pass their vacations and want to bask every minute and resort hotel in Florida where the conditions status is wholly different in each season the pick of floor should be given the same consequence for both season.

As the executive house keeper I would propose the vinyl tile for the forepart office because it is a small spot unsmooth on the top of the floor and it is available in many design and coloring material. We can non utilize the rug or wood en type of flooring and besides the marble tile because the marble tile is the slippery and people come on the forepart desk with wet apparels. Rubber tile is besides the non good because the status of the conditions is non good for the friction flooring and gum elastic flooring tile is non good in the hot conditions but the vinyl tile is better in hot status and every bit good as in cold conditions. It is made with the drape type of rock that keep the care of the tile in every conditions. It is besides available in broad scope and has the batch of assortment.

The chief advantages of that tile are that:

Huge assortment

Lot of coloring

Easy to keep

Easy to clean

Not slippery

Stain resistant

Elegant visual aspect

Low-cost cost

Comfortable under pes

Shocking for cabinet room

Locker room is the topographic point where the hotel employees come to alter their frocks when they come on the occupation and complete at that place work. As we know that the hotel is the turning fast industry in the whole universe and hotel besides provided the best installations of their clients every bit good as they provides the installations their staff as good therefore the hotel maintain their criterion they provides the best installations of their staff.

As the hotel standard staff cabinet room should be the clean and tidy because if the staff cabinet room will clean it creates the good impact on staff public presentation and besides the staff cabinet room should be the harmonizing to the authorities jurisprudence wellness and safety jurisprudence.

As the executive house keeper I would propose the rug flooring for the cabinet room because the cabinet room is the topographic point where staff non to utilize excessively much and non for the other two topographic points where the client comes with wet apparels but in cabinet room employees merely come and travel hence in my sentiment I will propose the rug flooring for the cabinet room.

The advantages of rug flooring are

Huge assortment


Lot of coloring material

Easy to clean

Easy to cover

Not to clean every twenty-four hours

Safety and comfort

Steam cleansing

Easy to keep