Last updated: September 12, 2019
Topic: EducationTeaching
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Assessment Methods:


Because there are
theoretical and practical parts during our study, ways of teaching methods assessment
are differed. The theoretical parts are assessed mainly with
written exams. For every subject we have a mid-term exam that represents 30%
of subject grade and 10% for two quizzes and 60% for the final
written exam. The written exam consists mainly from multiple choice
questions, true and false questions and short answers questions
sometimes. These questions are covered by almost all the
subject’s topics.

The assessment methods move to their practical
part witch is the clinical performance; there are student’s logbooks with a
chick list for every subject. The student records her clinical work
with their supervisor’s signature daily at the assigned clinical area,
all students’ logbooks collected by the end of the semester, and tutors assess
their performances. 20% is given for that and 30% for the final
exam’s case. 40% for written exams and 10% for end term case study presentations.
All of these methods are acceptable but not measuring student performance
accurately. We need to improve our
assessment methods in a sequence with the constant
improving of the educational methods nowadays. One of those methods that I
think its valid and productive is Portfolio in which the student gathers evidence about the aspects of her competence and it helps in continuous self-learning and independency
by collecting reports, projects, articles, presenting case study
and the results of their assessment. portfolios are most effective
when they are used to evaluate student learning progress and achievement, when
portfolios are used to document and evaluate the knowledge, skills, and work
habits students acquire in college, tutors can use them to adapt instructional
strategies when evidence shows that students either are or are not learning
what they were taught. In other hand the traditional assessment method the
student will wait for her results without any participation
in any self-assessment but she will only have the chance to
discuss her competence and reflection with the tutor
which is considered as mentor/coach.


In conclusion, Effective
teaching requires structural changes that can only be brought about by academic
leaders.  there is marked contrast between traditional and modern methods
in both instructional and assessment due to the constent development in he educational
theotries and tools. Tutors and students could follow the method that obtains the
best results and give the educational process the opportunity to change in the
light of what is new in the field of education. From the time I graduated, I am
sure that more modern education methods have been developed.The main strategy of modern education should focus on the student’s
independent activity, the organization of self-learning environments and
experimental and practical training, where students have a choice of actions
and can use initiative as well as flexible training programs where students can
work in a comfortable rhythm.