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Directions: Complete the “Atheistic Existentialism” column in the tabular array below by make fulling in the cells from information provided in the text edition. Atheistic Existentialism / REALITY The lone world for an AE is the 1 they create for themselves…everything is matter – everything is connected as some signifier of affair or energy and in a cause and consequence relationship Atheistic Existentialism /

KNOWLEDGE The lone cognition comes from our ain senses. Atheistic Existentialism / HUMAN NATURE To an AE – worlds are allowed free-will. personalities and scrupless – but don’t have any ground to make anything with it Atheistic Existentialism / HUMAN PROBLEMS Their job is that they can’t trade with the fact that they have human personalities and inclinations – but don’t know why. or what to make with it Atheistic Existentialism /

SOLUTIONS TO HUMAN PROBLEMS Humans entirely have the lone solution to their job and the more they evolve the better they’ll be at repairing them. so unrecorded as if your inner desires do hold some significance and attempt to do an impact on the universe. Atheistic Existentialism / HUMAN VALUE Truly there is no ultimate value of a human life. but Humans can hold value because they create their ain world by doing their ain picks – good or bad.

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Atheistic Existentialism / HUMAN PURPOSE Our merely aim – harmonizing to an AE is that of doing yourself into who or what you wish to be. otherwise there is no intent. Atheistic Existentialism / ETHICS Ethics – Schmethics…As long as you make a scruples pick to make something – good or bad – you are finding what your moralss are. non populating by the Torahs of adult male. or any other usher. Atheistic Existentialism / SUFFERING Nothing good comes of it – there is no intent for it – so don’t do it. Atheistic Existentialism / MEANING OF LIFE.

There is no existent significance – each person is able to find what life means to them by their picks to be or non to be. make or non make. etc. Atheistic Existentialism / HUMAN DESIRE Kill it! Don’t be led by your inner demands. wants. voices. it is absurd to follow these “accidental causes” of development – because you don’t necessitate anything more than the rudimentss to last. Personal Contemplation Directions: Briefly sum up your personal contemplation on the information that you have entered into Tables 1 and 2 in this assignment.

It is interesting to see the “evolution” of these 3 worldviews. From the Naturalist who views everything as natural in it’s being – you exist based on your senses and experiences entirely to the Secular Humanist with their realisation that worlds are fantastic – great animals with personalities and findings. but it doesn’t matter…to the Atheistic Existentialist ( AE ) – who eventually realizes that the innermost feelings and desires we have as worlds do be. but would be better off “killed” or cut out than to be nurtured and followed.

To me – It is merely man’s manner of non desiring to give recognition where recognition is do! So many people feel they have to “give up” so much to follow God. The lone manner Satan can “win” is to hold more psyches in his ground forces than God. He finds our failings and nothings in on them to maintain us from recognizing the truth. Man’s self-importance and sense of ego is historically his ruination. It’s easy to see how in these yearss. these 3 positions – all devising humans the lone thing that affair and by traversing out God. Satan is able to take many astray.