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Athena Essay, Research PaperThe Goddess AthenaAthena was the goddess of wisdom, pureness, and ground. She was the first to learn the scientific discipline of Numberss every bit good as cookery, weaving, and whirling. . An olive tree and an bird of Minerva symbolize her. These are symbols of wisdom. She was besides considered the goddess of war.

Unlike Ares, the God of war, Athena would settle struggle with mediation over conflict. Athena was the girl Zeus, the King of Gods. It is said that Athena had no female parent, but harmonizing to Hesiod & # 8217 ; s account Athena & # 8217 ; s female parent was a adult females named Metis. The narrative goes that Metis was about to give birth to the Goddess Athena when an Prophet of Gaea ( Mother Earth ) prophesied that Metis & # 8217 ; first born would be a miss but her 2nd Born would be a male child that would rob Zeus of his kingly rank.

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This led to Zeus lead oning his pregnant married woman and get downing her. After some clip Zeus began holding terrible concerns. They decided that what must be done is to divide open the skull of Zeus with an axe. When Hephaestus split unfastened Zeus & # 8217 ; s skull out leaped Athena, already an grownup, dressed in her armour. Athena is besides one of the most recognizable of all Gods. She has ever been depicted with her helmet and lance. Being Zeus & # 8217 ; s favourite girl she would be allowed to utilize his arms and armour, including his auspices, shield, and even his bolt of lightnings.

In the most ancient histories Athena was regarded as a fierce warrior that would support the native land against outside enemies. Above all, Athena is the protectress of civilised life. She gave the persons a bridle used to chasten the Equus caballuss given to them by Poseidon every bit good as invented the cornet, flute, the pot, the profligate, the plough, the yoke, the ship, and the chariot. Athena is the virgin goddess of mind and innovation.

She is one of three who can defy the appeals of Aphrodite. She was the head between the three virgin goddesses and was called Maiden, Parthenos. The Greeks honored Athena by constructing a temple called Acropolis.

In the centre of Acropolis is a temple to Athena called Parthenon. This shows that the Greeks to a great extent believed in idolizing the Gods.At the Trojan War Athena, descended from Olympus and strode between the two ground forcess. She convinced a Trojan to hit an pointer, which injured Menelaos and caused the peace to be broken.

After the war ended Athena caused Odysseus and his crew to blow off class on their manner place. She was outraged because a Grecian Warrior attempted to ravish Cassandra in Athena & # 8217 ; s Temple. This was a sacred topographic point and was desecrated by the Greeks. Now Odysseus has been imprisoned on Ogygia by Calypso and off from place for the last 10 old ages. At the beginning of the heroic poem & # 8220 ; The Odyssey & # 8221 ; , we see Athena pressing the Supreme beings to liberate Odysseus from Calypso. She sees the hurting and agony that Odysseus & # 8217 ; s boy and married woman are digesting in Ithaca.

She is the defender of province and when she sees what is go oning at the place of Odysseus she feels that she can liberate Odysseus so that he can protect his place. Athena besides feels that she can assist Odysseus & # 8217 ; s boy Telemachus. She disguises herself as Mentes, an old friend of Odysseus, and advocates Telemachus. She gives Telemachus the assurance to stand up to the suers and to seek more information about his male parent.

Telemachus senses that Menes is truly Athena and calls for an assembly the following forenoon. Athena so disguises herself as Mentor and sets off with Telemachus to happen out information about his male parent. She does this because with her counsel Telemachus must larn to go a adult male and warrior. Athena assumes the form of work forces, adult females, and kids to steer Odysseus place. She uses her camouflages to promote Telemachus and her visions to quiet Penelope. Once Odysseus arrives place to Ithaca she provides a mist to cover the land so that she can change his visual aspect. She so disguises him as a mendicant so that he can derive information without being recognized.

In the interim she guides Telemachus past the suers ambush so that he can be reunited with his male parent. To reunite male parent and boy Athena one time once more alterations Odysseus’s visual aspect. This clip she makes him more beaming and resemblance of his former ego. This is so Telemachus can acknowledge his male parent. Now the two devise a program to kill the suers. This is done with their religion in Athena and Zeus. The dark before the onslaught on the suers Athena appears to guarantee Odysseus of a vindictive triumph. The twenty-four hours comes and with the intercession from Athena, Odysseus kills all the suers and wins the twenty-four hours.

Athena intervenes two more times before the heroic poem ends. She first prolongs the morning to give Penelope and Odysseus more clip to be together. The last intercession comes when a big contingent of work forces comes to avenge the suitor’s deceases. Athena once more appears as Mentor and stops the struggle and calls for peace. Odysseus is eventually home after a long journey and the godly intercession of Athena.Athena & # 8217 ; s intercession plays a immense function in Odysseus & # 8217 ; s travels.

Many times Odysseus would put out on a ocean trip praying for good luck from the Gods above. Athena positions Odysseus & # 8217 ; s place as a province and the suers are the foreigners occupying. This is why she sides with Odysseus to avenge the suers for what they have done to his place. This proves the importance that the Gods played. Athena compares herself to Odysseus in book 13 & # 8220 ; We both know fast ones, since you are by far the best among all work forces in advocate and narratives, but I among the Supreme beings have renown for humor ( Metis ) and tricks. & # 8221 ; This comparing shows Athena & # 8217 ; s regard for the mortal Odysseus. Athena uses camouflages to pull strings the state of affairss in favour of the household of Odysseus. She changes Odysseus & # 8217 ; s visual aspect so that he can softly look into the suer & # 8217 ; s jokes.

Her intercession is indispensable but she still allows the worlds to gain their fates. She would step in merely plenty to promote Odysseus and assist turn the tide, but so she would fall back and allow the persons be winning. Athena & # 8217 ; s chief function was of defender and usher of Odysseus and his household.1 ) Rieu, E.V. ( 1946 ) , The Odyssey,Middlesex, England, Penguin Books2 ) Segal, Charles ( 1994 ) , Singers, Heroes, and Gods in the Odyssey,New York, Cornell University Press3 ) George, Roy ( 1998 ) , The Goddess Athena [ Online ] ,hypertext transfer protocol: // ) messagenet ( 1996-2000 ) , Greek Mythology [ Online ] ,hypertext transfer protocol: //