After comparing Athens and Sparta, I believe as a young woman living in Sparta would have been better for me.

As a woman in Sparta, I would have been taught to be physically fit, so I could have children and defend Sparta. I enjoy sports, so this would be fun. Although women wore no jewelry or makeup, it was okay for them to be strong and protect their home. Also in Sparta, I could speak freely and own my house.

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I also had the right to choose my husband. If my husband went to battle for too long, I could get a new one.Living in Athens, I would not be able to choose my husband. I would have to do all the housework. I would not be able to learn anything, but how to take care of a home. Also I would not able to really speak to my husband about my opinions. I could not own my house.

I would be spending all my time taking care of children and cleaning the house. In Sparta, as a girl I could help with farming. I don’t like slavery, but as a Spartan I could support the conquering of other people to become slaves.The slaves did the hard work and were treated harshly, but if they worked hard enough they could buy their freedom. In Athens, the slaves could have lots of jobs like tutors, but could never be free.

Also in Athens they used the sea harbors to trade to make money. Athenians’ land was not that good, so they could not farm as much. Athens had huge marketplaces called Agora, where they used coins to trade. Spartans like life to be simpler. They did not like to trade.

They made their money from conquering people and farming.In Sparta the government was ruled by two kings and twenty-eight other men for their entire lives. They were nobles with power to stop and make laws. I like the fact you know who is in charge.

In Athens, citizens were randomly chosen to serve for one year. The citizens could suggest laws. I don’t think I would like to serve in government. I rather do what I want to do. Also in Athens everyone has to vote on each law. I am really not interested in doing that.

I would like for the kings to do the work to figure things out.Mostly I think life in Sparta would give me as a woman more freedom, more fun, and free speech. I think I would like Sparta better than Athens. In Athens, I would just be a housewife with no say in anything and little rights. I really want to do more in my life than stay home and take care of babies.

I want to learn things and have a family. I also like being strong and physically fit. Sparta definitely has some bad things, but it has more good points for a woman.