Australia Essay, Research PaperAustraliaAustralia is the universe & # 8217 ; s smallest continent and sixth-largest state.

Withproportionally more desert land than any other continent, Australia has a lowpopulation denseness. Liing wholly in the Southern Hemisphere, Australia isbounded by the Indian Ocean on the West and south and by the Pacific Ocean onthe E. These oceans merge on the North in the Arafura Sea between Australiaand Indonesia and New Guinea, and on the South in the Bass Strait. Thecoastline length, estimated at 19,200 kilometer ( 12,000 myocardial infarction ) , is unusually short for sobig an country, a consequence of the comparative deficiency of indenture. Major recesss otherthan the Gulf of CARPENTARIA and the GREAT AUSTRALIAN BIGHT are few.A autonomous member of the Commonwealth of Nations, Australia celebrated itsbicentenary in 1988z. It is a federation of five mainland provinces ( NEW SOUTHWALES, QUEENSLAND, SOUTH AUSTRALIA, VICTORIA, WESTERN AUSTRALIA ) and one islandprovince ( TASMANIA ) , every bit good as two districts ( AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY,NORTHERN TERRITORY ) . The state & # 8217 ; s name derives from the Latin terra australisincognita, intending & # 8220 ; unknown southern land, & # 8221 ; which resulted from a confusionbetween Australia and Antarctica on early universe maps.

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In many ways Australia is unusual among continents. It lacks major alleviationcharacteristics and has a high proportion of dry land. The continent & # 8217 ; s isolation fromother landmasses histories for its alone assortments of flora and carnal life,and for the being of a Paleolithic ( Old Stone Age ) civilization among theNatives. Except for Antarctica, Australia was likely the last continent tobe inhabited by worlds and the last to be explored and settled by Europeans. Itis the lone continent consisting a individual nation-state.Dutch adventurers foremost sighted Australia in the early seventeenth century. Capt.

JamesCOOK explored the east seashore in 1770 and claimed the land for Great Britain. In1778 the first colony ( SYDNEY ) was founded at an first-class seaport on thesou’-east seashore. British inmates played an of import function in the district & # 8217 ; searly history. The find of gold and other ores attracted immigrants, butAustralia remained a chiefly agricultural state until World War II.Subsequent industrialisation has been rapid, and today Australia ranks as one ofthe universe & # 8217 ; s most economically developed states, although huge countries of theinterior, known as the Outback, remain all but uninhabited.