Australia Essay, Research PaperDid you know that Australia is its ain state and continent? It is besides the universe s smallest continent and largest island with an country of 7, 671, 930 sq kilometer. It is said to be the oldest state in the universe, but it was discovered last. Australia is one of the most interesting topographic points on the Earth, because it has everything.

One can happen different species of trees, workss, and animate beings that are found no where else on Earth. This is because Australia is an island, and for many old ages was isolated and untouched by worlds.It has three distinguishable geographical parts ; Great Western Plaeu, Centeral Lowlands and Eastern Highlands ( Great Dividing Range ) . The Western Plateau cover 1/2 of the continent and is most level waste land, and comeuppances and outbacks. The centeral Plains are lowlands that fertile dirt and alot of belowground H2O.

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The Eastern Highlands consist of long mountain scopes and alot of tropical rain forests.Australia is made up of 6 provinces: New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia, and 2 districts: Australian Capital Territory and Northern Territory. Australia has a population of 18, 338, 000 ( 1995 ) . Its official linguistic communication is English. The largest metropolis in Australia is Sydney, and the capital is CanberraAustralia lacks saddle horseains, and is one of the universe s flattest land masss.

Australia & # 8217 ; s clime is really different from ours and varies greatly. It ranges from tropical in the North to temperate in the South. The tropical portion takes up 40 % of its entire country. It has two seasons, a hot, wet season, and a warm, dry season. The temperate portion has four seasons with hot summers and cool winters.

Unlike Regina, the hottest months are January and February with highs of about 50-57 C. The coldest months are June and July acquiring depressions of merely 10-15 C. Although the Australian Alps freezes and gets temperatures below 0 C.Whether you are a golf player, skier, adventurer or even surfer, Australia offers it all. This is why Australia is a great topographic point for tourers. One can travel to the Southeast to ski twelvemonth unit of ammunition, in the Australian Alps. Or you could travel surfing in the Northwest twelvemonth unit of ammunition.

Not merely does Australia & # 8217 ; s clime vary from topographic point to topographic point, but so does its land characteristics. One forenoon one could make up one’s mind to acquire up and travel mountain mounting, and the following you could make up one’s mind to take a walk through the hot desert or tropical rain forest. Australia & # 8217 ; s land besides consists of caves, jungles, rain woods, and heritage Parkss. Even the wildlife attracts many tourers with animate beings such as the warrigal, kangaroo, kangaroo bear, lizards, serpents, wild hosieries, and birds and fish of every colour.