Autumn A Magnificent End Essay, Research PaperAutumn, in a deeper sense, is a brilliant stoping to an epoch. Although all the foliages autumn and the Sun fails to reflect for every bit long each twenty-four hours as it did during the summer, the decease of the rhythm of the life seasons is dramatic. It brings vivacious colour, tolerable conditions, and the promise that it will return once more in the spring. Like life, people spend most of it populating and taking in all of the fantastic experiences that they encounter along the manner. In the terminal, when a individual & # 8217 ; s life rhythm is over and it is his clip to travel, his decease is a brilliant event because for all he has lived he is allowed to go forth with pride, award, and the promise that he may return in the hereafter.

The first mark that the terminal of natures annual rhythm, fall, is nearing is when the foliages begin to alter their colour and whither. Even though they are altering colour because they are deceasing, that idea is dismissed from the head because of the beauty in that event which the oculus beholds-with worlds it should be the same thing. Peoples should non experience sad seeing their senior loved 1s change their colourss and whither but instead rejoice from the cognition that they lived a brilliant life and their decease is simply the start of a new beginning.After all the foliages have fallen, and the land is littered in seas of huge colour, the really construction that carried the foliages remains-the trees. They live on long after the foliages have fallen and died and remind us that no affair how long, cold, and terrible the winter is a new spring will come. Even though loved 1s die and go forth the Earth behind the memory of them still remains deep-rooted steadfastly in the psyche of the household. Finally after the winter of hurting and sorrow is over a new realisation occurs that they have gone on to a better topographic point and that they will see them once more.

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Following the complete dismissal of the foliages from the trees, they still bring approximately good to the land. The foliages decompose, go forthing new soil full of foods for the tree to shack in, making a stable foundation. Even though people can decease, their ways of life and the memory of them will ever stay. This creates a stable foundation for households to transport on and stay a household, ne’er burying the ways of the yesteryear.Even though fall is a season of decease it is still a beautiful show for the oculus to lay eyes on. The decease of all seeable living nature in fall is hidden by the beautiful colour of the foliages raining down.

In life, many people view decease of their senior loved 1s as a sorrowful event, which brings them much heartache. Death should be perceived as a approval for he that has passed on because in decease it brings ageless felicity, and when each individual & # 8217 ; s clip is up besides, they will acquire to bask the same pleasance excessively.