Nash H. Anggahan is proud PUP Student with great skills and knowledge. Aside from having these two components of being a great individual, this talented artist also has the heart to let the public be aware of the society’s different issues through his work of art. With perseverance and dedication he has come up with a documentary masterpiece he entitled iskWATER.

This documentary won the grand prize in the South East Asian Documentary Award as part of the Science Film Festival 2010 held in Bangkok, Thailand-making us not only PUPians but also all the Pinoys very proud.The said documentary is solely directed, written and shot by Mr. Nash Anggahan himself. The documentary iskWATER is a film showing the lives of informal settlers alongside the Pasig River. These informal settlers came from different provinces that came here in Manila with the hope of having a better life. The documentary also showed how people living under the bridges in the Pasig River make income out of garbage they get from the River.

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The documentary also depicts how much Pasig River is polluted.It also tackles about the feelings and opinions of people living alongside river; about their relocation, the experts view on them and the actions the government is implementing in order to address the problem of Pasig River’s ‘inhabitants’. Watching the documentary produced by Mr. Nash Angghan truly amazed me. First, I was amazed by the quality of the video.

It is very easy to watch because of its high resolution shot or as Mr. Anggahan would say, it is in HD (high definition).Second, I was surprised to know that the documentary film was solely made by him! He said that he was the one who shot the documentary, the editor, and the scriptwriter. I felt really proud knowing that he represented our country and won grand prize at an international event.

What saddens me is that the story that made us win is the story that we all have been waiting ang aiming to solve-poverty. Nevertheless, this event was very inspiring for us to aim for a better future. I felt bad for those informal settlers living along the Pasig River.I know that they did not wish to live there but poverty leaves them with no choice.

It is so sad seeing little children being at risk everyday by the dirty water running through the Pasig River. The documentary is an eye opener to all of us. Let us not wait for governments actions. We as an individual can also make a change.

I hope each one of us will be devoted in taking part at protecting ang reviving the beauty and life the Pasig River have lost. I also hope that someday, no more documentaries will be made depicting the ugly side of our country.