1. What are Bahrain Bay’s four foundational philosophies, and how might they be used as marketing tools ? As a commitment to establishing and maintaining a new urban standard, Bahrain Bay has created four foundations that define our philosophy. Focusing on Scale and Aesthetics, Social Equity, Community Fabric and Tomorrow’s Environment, helps to ensure that Bahrain Bay becomes a holistic, sustainable place for generations to come.

As the development becomes realised and further evolves, these foundations will guide us to achieve the high standards and attention to detail Bahrain Bay has set for itself.Bahrain Bay recognises the importance of sharing and protecting our environment. We are committed to helping develop a commercially sound and ecologically viable approach to development. With respect towards nature, we seek to create intimacy among our site, the environment and its residents and visitors. By re-establishing the natural landscape, implementing ecologically sound buildings and design, requiring conscientious construction methods and establishing pride in the community, we aim to respect and nurture the development and the world around us.In ratifying this foundation principle, Bahrain Bay understands that best practice requires us to consider future generations and learn from our past. 2.

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What is the MIPIM, and why was it important for Bahrain Bay to target is potential cutomers, investors, developers, and retailers ? MIPIM is a trade show that its organisers describe as a “market for international property trade”. It takes place annually in Cannes, France in March. Where the marketing teams for the project were attending the exhibition and Seeking additional investors and developers.In March 2008, Bob Vincent, the chief executive of Bahrain Bay, said “This news confirms that International and regional developers and investors are committed to our vision of creating a new waterfront community for the rapidly developing north short of Manama, the vibrant hub of Bahrain’s Business district. As the economy of Bahrain grows and diversifies, a new community will be created that will offer a way of living and working designed for the 21st century. An excellent opportunity to market its vision of setting a new standard for urban living in the GCC region by creating a modern metropolis that will become the driving force for the re-development of Manama’s city waterfront.

With much of the leading thinking in real estate currently coming out of Asia, we’re confident that Bahrain BayBahrain Bay ‘s vision will find additional interest from forward-thinking Asian developers and investors, such as our current partners, CapitaLand. ” 3.Why might the Kingdom of Bahrain be an attractive location for overseas investors ? Bahrain joined the United Nations and the Arab League in 1971. Since 1981 it has maintained close ties with its five neighbors – Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar – in the Gulf Cooperation Council, or GCC. With its well-managed economy and large expatriate community, Bahrain is the ideal springboard to the GCC for overseas investors.

Also Bahrain is investing heavily in its infrastructure, through a number of large-scale projects.The government is focusing on establishing industrial estates to attract investors. The petrochemical, textiles and aluminium sectors in particular offer good growth potential. Foreign investors have been able to compete for local and international fixed voice and data services licenses since July 2004. Bahrain has a strategic location as a gateway to the rapidly expanding telecom markets of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, making it particularly attractive to investors.

4. What are Bahrain’s closest competitors for inward foreign investment ? Qatar and United Arab Emirates