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Nationality can be a potential barrier in health communication for several reasons. I believe the main reason is going to be the difference in their practices. Certain procedures and treatments we consider acceptable and part of our daily medical routine in the United States may be inappropriate or shameful to a person of another nationality. From blood transfusions to certain medications, each nationality may be different. Also, when different nationalities interact language can also be an issue.Translators are not always available and when they are certain words do not always translate properly.

This can cause major issues when it comes to health care and tending to someone and their needs. Something might be taken out of context and make the patient feel awkward or ashamed. A translator could help the patient feel more at ease though, and let them know that the physician does care about what they have to say and what their problems are. A person’s lifestyle can be a potential barrier in health communication by playing a major part in their treatment plan.If a physician does not understand their personal situation, such as patient’s finances, religion, sexual orientation or what their support system is like then the patient might have problems following their treatment plan. If a patient is low income then they might not be able to afford the medications and tests that need to be done. This can cause the patient to stress over going in debt or staying ill because they cannot afford the treatment.

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This might be something they are uncomfortable bringing up to the physician once he or she has decided on a treatment.And if a patient has no support system they might decide against a major surgery that is needed because they will not have help getting around once they are home. Health situations can cause potential barriers in health communication because a patient is embarrassed to discuss the true problem with their healthcare provider. There are many instances when men and women are uneasy about a problem they are having, certain health issues such as STD’s can go untreated because the patient cannot communicate with their physician about what is going on with their body.Sometimes it’s not a health issue they are having that prevents communication, many women give up on breastfeeding their newborns because they are having problems with the child latching on but are not comfortable enough to ask their physicians about it.

I believe educational status is one of the most common potential barriers in health communication because not everyone can afford to go to college. A patient does not always have the correct words to explain what is going on with their body.They might be embarrassed because they did not graduate high school, or maybe the patient cannot read or write. This is more common than many people realize because so many feel they have to hide the fact in case they are made fun of and shunned.

A physician might make the patient feel dumb because they do not understand what he or she is talking about and are afraid to ask questions in case it makes them look stupid. The patient might misread the directions or buy the wrong medication because they did not understand what the physician had told them about their treatment.