To understand the barriers to learning it is important to understand how people learn only then can you try to maximise the potential for success.

The three main domains of learning are Cognitive – this is involved in the thinking skills and understanding. Psychomotor – this involves the practical skills needed and Affective – this involves people’s attitudes and beliefs. ( head, heart and hands).

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Good planning should ensure that you reach the appropriate learning domain.In any first instance of learning ground rules should be established to work to, these are not always set by the teacher but in some cases can be set by the organisation, I feel it is a good idea to set ground rules with th students if they are involved in the process they can take ownerships and are more likely to respect them. The rules are there to help people understand their limits in terms of what is expected of them. A potential barrier to learning could come about if rules were established at a later date in which the students had previously not been aware of.

Planning and preparation is essential in breaking down any barriers, challenges may arise through poor preparation and inadequate information being given to students. I always try to plan and prepare sessions to minimise any potential problems arising. Personal barriers can be overcome by addressing and taking into account that people have different needs this may be different learning styles which need to be accounted for or could be social or cultural values and beliefs it is the responsibility of the teacher to try to address these to make sure that individual students needs are met.