Born Robert Anthony Rodriguez. June 20. 1968. in San Antonio. TX ; boy of Cecilio ( a cooking utensil gross revenues director ) and Rebecca ( a nurse ) Rodriguez ; married Elizabeth Avellan.

c. 1991 ; kids: Rocket Valentino. Racer Maximiliano. Rebel Antonio. Education: University of Texas at Austin. B.

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A. Taking do-it-yourself methods to animating extremes. Robert Rodriguez helped revolutionise low-budget filmmaking with El Mariachi ( 1992 ) before finally recalibrating the impression of independency as a one-person author. manager.

manufacturer. editor. composer. and particular effects adult male. With El Mariachi Rodriguez used innovation to overcome apparent restrictions ; ironically the restrictions of the narrative hampered that film’s big-budget remaking Desperado ( 1995 ) . On Four Rooms ( 1995 ) Rodriguez worked with Quentin Tarantino ; he so filmed a Tarantino book. From Dusk Till Dawn ( 1996 ) .A rote Hollywood science-fiction film.

The Faculty ( 1998 ) . sent Rodriguez in the other way. doing films tantrum for childs.

including his ain. get downing with Spy Kids ( 2001 ) . and its three subsequences. Rodriguez so set up store in Texas at his ain studio-ranch production company. working on Once Upon a Time in Mexico ( 2003 ) . a movie that served as a testing land for the competently named Troblemaker Studios. His following undertaking.

the dark comicbook version Sin City ( 2005 ) . was Rodriguez’s most ambitious movie to day of the month. Shot digitally and made free from Hollywood intervention. Sin City created an about wholly computer-designed.

special-effects universe that allowed hiting on a shoelace budget around the busy agenda of the celebrated dramatis personae. Rodriguez besides famously dropped out of the Directors Guild of America because the organisation refused permission for comic-book creative person and Sin City Godhead Frank Miller to hold a co-directing recognition. Another childs film.

The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3D ( 2005 ) . followed before Rodriguez started work on another Tarantino coaction. Grindhouse ( 2007 ) . an court to the rubbishy genre movies they devoured while turning up.Overview of Robert Rodriguez’s 10 minute movie school:Robert Rodriguez’s 10 minute movie school Teachs amateur movie shapers ways on how to make a professional looking. low budget movie.

He gives his pupils tips. fast ones and techniques on the topic. Some of his tips are: ?Never pass excessively much money on your movie and larn to be resourceful with the things around you ?Be as originative and proficient ?A mistake for you may be art for person else ?DO NOT USE FILM! ?Be witting about illuming ?Zoom in to people’s faces during duologue scenes ?Experiment with shootings to see which changeable looks best ?You are a movie shaper